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Yes, that's my current solution, but the remembering part is a problem ;)

Hi EA pros!
Ist there any possibility to insert the version number of a custom MDG into a document generated with templates from that MDG?
I already tried inserting a project constant but these can be modified by users. But I need something that can be used to identify, which version of our custom MDG was used for generation of a document from EA without the possibility to be modified by users.

I was hoping for a possibility to get access to the baseline data via EA. The baseline comparison does this already but there is no interface to search for details in the results.


my Model is containing packages with requirements in them as a requirements spec. I am searching for an automated way to list all requirements that were deleted since the last baseline of that model document in form of a text to generate a history of that spec.
Via baseline comparison I tried the option "Show Elements that are In Baseline Only". With that option enabled EA lists all Objects that were deleted or had links (to other elements) that are now missing. That's close to the solution I am searching for. But this list can only be exported as a complex xml-file. This is not suitable to the needs of the users. Is there a possibillity to get a list that shows the deleted requirements like "Requirement 1: Name/Alias, Requirement 2: Name/Alias" and so on? Maybe via SQL search?

And one more time thanks to you Geert!

The never ending story continues.
Now I am trying to get the notes of the attributes into my document. The problem is, that in the notes formatting tags like <i> and <u> are used. When I get the notes from my sql query, EA does not convert these tags and leaves them in the text.

My next idea was to put a normal field {Att.Notes} into the template under the fragment that I use to get the values via sql. But now EA does not get the notes but only displays the name of the field (and only once, not three times, because there are three attributes in my class) in my generated document.

Is it possible to solve that problem?

That was the solution. Thank you Geert!  :)

Ok, I have created an SQL query to get the value an the text I want to display in the generated document:

SELECT IF(attribut.IsStatic = 1, 'Static', 'Not static') AS statisch
FROM t_attribute attribut
where attribut.Object_ID = #OBJECTID#;

I have put this in a new fragment as a custom section

And the fragment is now in the table of the template I use for generating my document. But now all fields are not active anymore and the text for the static property is shown mutiple times:


Generated document:

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you for verifying, Geert. I've sent a bug report to sparx. Hope they will read it, i've got no support license at the moment.

Working around the problem with sql will be the next step. Do you know, in which table theses values are stored? Could not find it in the database schema:

Edit: The Schema-image seems to be wrong, the property "IsStatic" can be found directly in t_attribute. But "Static" is also missing in the database.


I am trying to get the value of the property "Static" of an attribute into a document generated with a template in ea. The attribute object belongs to a class in the project browser.
In the template I have inserted the following table:

In the project browser there are three attributes, two have the static property set to true one has it set to false.

In the generated documents all attribute objects are shown as static.

As you can see in the first image, I have used the fields "{Att.Static}" and "{Att.IsStatic}". But the value of both fields is always "true" or "static" for all of the three attributes.
How can I get the value of that property into my generated document?

If I modify the results of an existing unit test of an element, EA automatically adds a text to the result, saying
"06.04.2020 - Pass
Run by:
Checked by"

Is it possible to deactivate that? Until now, I only found the possibility to modify the result in the notes window. Then EA does not add the text.

So finally i've got the same problem like geert but in a different context.
I want to modify the value of the status of all elements in the currently selected package tree in the project browser via a jscript. The project is stored in a mysql database.

The currently used script consists of a recoursivly called function that runs trough all packages, modifies the element and searches the subfolders for more subfolders and elements....and so on.

Now and then it seems to get into a deathloop and i'd like to do the same thing in an sql-statement.

I have tried the following:

Code: [Select]
var sqlQuery = new String;
sqlQuery = "select * from t_object where t_object.Package_ID in (#Branch#)";
var elements = Repository.GetElementSet(sqlQuery,2);

When executed EA throws a database error [0x00000c03] - Syntax error in 't_object.Package_ID in (#Branch#)'.

Has anyone found a way to use (#Branch#) in an sql statement inside a jscript? The Syntax should be correct, because in the modelsearch it runs as expected.

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: EA Runs the wrong Jscript
« on: September 13, 2019, 12:09:43 am »
Hi Geert,
do you also call other scripts from within a script? At the moment, I think this could be a possible cause for the problem, because it has only happened until now, when we're not calling them directly.

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: EA Runs the wrong Jscript
« on: September 12, 2019, 10:08:38 pm »
I've got the same problem, but with different EA versions.
Yesterday a colleague asked me about a scipt that was always working in a different way than expected in his EA V.13. I tried it on my pc and experienced the same. I called the script via context menu of a package in the project browser but EA always runs the script that is shown above (in the context menu) the one i wanted to run.

Restarting EA get's it to execute the right one again. We've tried EA V.13 V.14 and V.15 but with the same result.
Is this maybe an issue caused by calling a script from another? We use "!INC scriptfolder.scriptname" to call the one that shall be executed from inside anoter script.

Great, one more reason to use V15  :)

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