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Version: Enterprise Architect 12.1.1227 (Build 1227)

Actions performed:
1. Select a Package (My Package) where the XSD to be imported
2. Select "PACKAGE>XML Technologies>Import XSD"
3. On [Import XML Schema] Window populate the following fields:
           a. Package: My Package
           b. Directory: The XSD file location
           c. Following import Options ticked:
                    (i) Import referenced XML Schema(s)
                    (ii) Create Diagram for XML Schema(s)
                    (iii) Import XSD Elements/Attributes as (o)UML Associations
4. Click [Import] button.
5. The XSD imported succesfully.

However, the documentation for attributes with multiple <documentation> tags under <annotation> in the original XSD are not completely imported. Looks like on ly the first <documentation> tag is imported. The rest are ignored.

Original XSD:
         <xs:element name="WCA" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1" type="xs:string">
               <xs:documentation>**Description** Wireless Cell Area</xs:documentation>
               <xs:documentation>**Business Rules** CR001</xs:documentation>
               <xs:documentation>**Xpath** /LocatedAtAssignedTechnologyBoundaries/WithinBoundary/name [../DefinedByBoundaryType/ID = "WCA"]</xs:documentation>


Imported Annotation of the attribute:

**Description** Wireless Cell Area

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