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I randomly managed to answer my own question.
The correct code is:

The follow on question is what is the t_object query that is the equivalent to .PropertyTypeName?

Flow Property is an element in the SysML Block definition toolbox. You use the Flow Property along with an Interface Block to set a port to transfer whatever type of data you want on that port.

I can access the fields in a Flow Property using the dot operator except for that one 'Type' field.

What is the correct .property that points to that particular 'Type' field?

Here is a code snippet of what I am trying to accomplish.

dim theFlowProperty as EA.Element
dim message
message = "Type: " & theFlowProperty.thethingIwant

I am trying to access the Type field that is on the Properties -> Property section of a FlowProperty element.

The end usage is to put that piece of information into a document I am making.
How do I access this field and pull the data out using using queries or scripts?

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