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General Board / Re: Functional question from possible future user
« on: December 14, 2016, 03:27:58 am »
Thx Geert,

Sounds promising and something I will look at when I installed the Trial version.

Important though is that there is already some kind of relation that kind be maintained in the program. Ie be able to relate a number of objects to one or several "enteties" so that an object can belong to one owner and several projects without it being a graphical connection. (If even this need to be "scipted" it would probably be better done in some other software)

Any information of which version of Enterprise Architect I would need for this functionality?


General Board / Functional question from possible future user
« on: December 14, 2016, 02:12:42 am »

I'm looking at Enterprise Architect as a possible future tool for my company. I would appreciate any input if Enterprise Architect can help me with a very specific need.

We have quite complex architectural landscape maps with a large number of systems.

Ignoring my terminology (since I do not know what certain options are called in Enterprise Architect) this is what I need:
  • Only maintain "one page" with the relevant systems
  • Be able to configure several "views" of the map using different colors as explained below
  • Choose a "view" (for example "system owner A" or "Project Z") and get all relevant systems highlighted/tinted with a color
  • Switch between "views" and get all relevant systems highlighted with a color
  • Preferably be able to choose two "views" (for example "system owner A" AND "Project Z") and get both highlights/tints and a special color where these two intersect
  • When maintinging the systems in the map (ex changing a system release number), only do it once. Ie not needing to update 12 different maps showing different "views"

I'm planning on testing the trial version, but it would be great with an indication if anything like the above is supported out of the box.

Any input appreciated!

Best Regards


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