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Thanks Both.

I am in the process of using Geert's VBA spreadsheet for importing elements and associated attributes.

The final bit of code I am looking for is to import source/target element connectors.

Geert mentioned someone may have extended their spreadsheet to cater for this but was unsure of the outcome?

Is there anyone on the forum aware of this being done?

Thanks, Andrew

I am looking for source code that can do the following:

Add/Modify Elements & associated Attributes & Links specifying the following (non-default values):
 o Element Name
 o Element Type
 o Element Stereotype
 o Element Description (Main Body)
 o Element Attributes
    o Element Links to other Elements
      specifying the following:
       * Direction
       * Link Type
       * Link Stereotype

      Does anyone know whether there is any code/APIs that can cater for the above (i.e. a complete Element creation including default, non-default and generated values) and specify the format of the data we need to interface with the code/APIs?

       Capgemini Solutions Architect

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