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I apologize in advance if this question has already been answered. I skimmed the first pages of the board, but did not find any similar post.

Our team has developed a series of scripts for modifying the tagged values of elements, packages, attributes and connector ends, as well as an add-in to simplify modifying tagged values with specific names. Both the scripts and add-in use the Automation API to access the objects through the Repository. As an example, the tagged values of a selected element is accessed by using the function Repository.GetContextObject() to retrieve the currently selected object, then accessing the attribute .TaggedValues using the reference to the object.

While this works well when working with a locally stored .eap-file, performance drops greatly when working with a Cloud-based repository. I've carried out a little testing, and while I'm hesitant to jump to a conclusion, I believe the problem may be due to bandwidth issues, i.e. the script / add-in transferring a large amount of data when the script script is run / the add-in window is called, which becomes a bottleneck.

Does anyone have any similar experience or insight regarding this subject?

Both the script and add-in only modify objects using the Automation API. I've considered using the Repository.Execute() and Repository.SQLQuery() function to ensure that objects are only retrieved and updated once, but would prefer not using this method due to the risks of using homemade SQL statements.

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