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I was seeing the 0x00001072 error with SQL API but only when I open the traceability window.

I'm using 64-bit v16.1.1627 connected to an Azure SQL database. I noticed there was a specific fix in build 1628 relevant to database connections and so far it seems to have worked. Have these database problems gone away for everyone with 1628? I was a little surprised there's not a v16.2 especially now that v17 beta is out - well done Sparx for improved quality.

Hi Shimon,

I sent you a private message. In summary, I make my living in part by writing AddIns like this for other people. I'd be happy to do the same for you but alas I cannot share the code.

I have found some documentation with example code:

The xml property types for Addin Tabs found there are: text, combobox, date, checkbox, spin, double, and memo. They mostly have name, value, description fields in the property (some drop value, some add extras). These look like the predefined tagged value types one of which is ImageRef. This feels like a possible way forward.

I haven't been able to find any documentation on the XML properties used to set up a tab in an AddIn window. The following is the xml for a simple group with a text field:
Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<group name="group 1">
<property id="1" type="text" default="" readonly="false">
<description>this has id=1</description>

I've tried type="image", but can't find parameters to replace name, description and value, or even if type=image can work. Trying ImageID for an image asset, filepath/filename of image. It would be nice to find some documentation on this - or an example that shows something other than text.

I've created a C# AddIn that looks up an image path from a tagged value and displays the image in a dockable window. The image in the window changes when different elements are selected.

Now, I'd like to do the same, or similar, within a Model Addin. I can see how to add groups and text fields but not an image.

1) Is it possible in a Model Addin?
2) How can it be done?

My thoughts are there's an XML property of type=image. Perhaps I can use an image asset to link into that XML. Perhaps I can load the image from a local directory as I did with the C# addin.

Best Wishes,


General Board / Re: Applying a Property Name to an Item Flow in IBD
« on: January 16, 2024, 03:34:07 am »
Once you've got the itemFlow in place and its itemProperty tagged value set to a flowProperty you should see it as a dashed line with an arrow. This dashed line should show <<flowPropertiy>>name:flowProperty e.g. <<flowProperty>>i2:Electric Current.

Next create a Connector (solid line) between the same ports. Right click on that Connector, choose Advanced -> Information Flow Realized. This will bring up a dialog where you can select the flowProperty previously added. When you press OK, the dashed line itemFlow will disappear and roll up into the connector. The text that was on the dashed line will now be shown on the Connector. You can have multiple itemFlows realized to the Connector.

The traceability window does not display itemFlows on connectors. The Relationship View does not show itemFlows very well either. How does everyone interrogate itemFlows around the system - just graphically?

(I am not afraid to resurrect old questions if I have something useful to add!)

General Board / Re: Expose Interface not working
« on: January 06, 2024, 12:54:38 am »
I have this issue still. Dragging on an Expose Interface tool from the UML Structural-Component toolbox and dropping it onto a Component or Class should (according to the documentation) bring up a dialog asking if it should be a required or provided interface, and for you to name it.

No such dialog appears and a ProvidedInterface port is added to the Component/Class. There are no properties, including Type, that can be changed.

In October 2019 Geert replied here: to say you need to double click on the resulting interface to see the popup window where you can add the interface it embeds and change between Required and Provided Interface.

There was talk about a 'Prefer Property Dialogs' preference setting that could make EA behave as per the documentation, but that I have not been able to find it.

EA v16.1

I was hoping to beat qwerty remembering element.FQStereotype!

The types of elements and relationships in an MDG are listed in the Resources window. There's a Repository.Resources collection/array but I think that's to do with the project management of a model type of resource. If you can find a way to interrogate the Resources (Configure->Reference Data->Resources) you might find your answer.

I used a script to create a GlossaryCategory package and put a GlossaryEntry element in it. The new GlossaryEntry is not recognised as a glossary term after clicking Reload Glossary from its context menu. My script is below.

When I use Add Element... to create a GlossaryElement in my new GlossaryCategory package it is recognised as a glossary term after clicking Reload Glossary.

I've checked many properties of the not working, script created GlossaryEntry against the properties of the Add Element created one and cannot spot any difference. Tried in v15.2 and v16.1.

Has anyone been able to create a Model Glossary Entry (not a Repository.Term) using a script?

Creation code:
Code: [Select]
Set newPackage = mdalPackage.Packages.AddNew("NewCategory", "")
newPackage.StereotypeEx = "Glossary::GlossaryCategory"

Set newElement = newPackage.Elements.AddNew("AardvarkA", "Entity")
newElement.Stereotype = "Glossary::GlossaryEntry"

Properties test code
Code: [Select]
Session.Output("Name:"&elem.Name & " Stereotype:"&elem.Stereotype&" StereotypeEx:"&elem.StereotypeEx&_
" FQStereotype:"&elem.FQStereotype&" ObjectType:"&elem.ObjectType&" Type:"&elem.Type&" FQName:"&elem.FQName&" Subtype:"&elem.Subtype)

Adding the _alias attribute changed the name of the connector in some windows/views but not the status bar. I guess it'll be worth raising a feature request to add a function to set the status bar text and adding a bug about the inconsistency in the current naming used for different things in the status bar.

Here's the link to 15.2 Special Attributes:
There is no mention of _alias although it does do something.


I'm using v15.2.1559 Ultimate Edition

I was just giving _alias a punt, it did change the name of the connector in some parts of the GUI, just not in the status bar.

I'm guessing this is YAEAB and I should repost in the bugs forum?

BTW _alias didn't change the Status Bar text.

My MDG Technology has element and connection stereotypes defined as usual and all works for the most part. When I click on a blank area of a Profile diagram type, its custom name (Profile::DiagramName) appears in the status bar in the bottom left corner of EA. When an element with an MDG stereotype is selected on a diagram its custom name (Stereotype name only) appears. When a connector with an MDG sterotype is selected on a diagram its metatype name appears in the Status Bar.

Is there a way to alter the connector name shown in the Status Bar to match the MDG's stereotype? I've tried _alias attribute in the connector's attributes.
Is there a way to show the Profile name of the element down there too as per the diagram? (Less important, but nice to have consistency with diagram naming).

Bugs and Issues / Re: Assembly doesn't respond to shape main
« on: January 14, 2023, 09:12:52 am »
This is still the case in my experience.

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