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Bugs and Issues / Re: Compartment Visibility Sometimes Too-Filtered
« on: April 12, 2022, 11:21:03 pm »
Ok, thank your for the clarification, KP!  I do find that a bit surprising, but it explains a lot.  I appreciate your help with this.


Bugs and Issues / Re: Compartment Visibility Sometimes Too-Filtered
« on: April 12, 2022, 01:09:14 am »
Thanks for the responses, qwerty and KP.

Two aspects of this: compartment visibility and Classifier Behavior; let me comment on both -

Compartment visibility - KP, that's a great point.  However, I'd say that SysML defines a finite set

which can then be extended by the user.  Why not simply display all 32 of the SysML-defined compartments in the Compartment Visibility dialog?  In the example above, it is allowing me to select among 22.  If 10 more were shown, without dynamic filtering, then this would alleviate cases where a compartment is not selectable when it should be, and allow the modeler to select as desired, even if that creates an empty compartment.  Additionally, this would create a dialog where those 32 compartments are always available, in the same order, making the compartment visibility dialog more static (and useable).  I think this would be a reasonable user profile configuration choice by the user.  Any user-defined compartments can be managed in whatever way they currently are.

Classifier Behavior - after experimentation, your suggestion of reloading the model does seem to resolve this in some cases, but not others.  What I have learned is:
 - Only Owned Behaviors can be shown in the "classifier behavior" compartment
 - Non-owned behaviors can be selected as the Classifier Behavior, but will never show in the classifier behavior compartment, or at least, I can't force the classifier behavior compartment to be displayed because of the Compartment Visibility dialog filtering, described in this thread.
 - Using <<allocate>> to allocate an activity to a block doesn't solve this... the Classifier Behavior must be "owned" for the Compartment Visibility dialog to allow me to select the classifier behavior compartment. 
 - If I have only one Owned Behavior, and that Owned Behavior is selected as the Classifier Behavior, then I cannot select the owned behaviors compartment in the Compartment Visibility dialog. 
 - If there are many Owned Behaviors and the Classifier Behavior is also an Owned Behavior, then it will not be displayed in the owned behaviors compartment, even if the classifier behavior compartment is suppressed.

So, I suppose this is a SysML question; one I'm not qualified to answer, but hoping you are... Does SysML require that a Classifier Behavior must be an Owned Behavior or is this just an assumption by EA?  Personally, I'd find that odd in light of the ability to allocate non-owned behaviors to blocks. But, I'm just not smart enough on the SysML definition to know if that is or isn't the case.  Hoping someone smarter than me can provide an answer on that ;-).


Bugs and Issues / Compartment Visibility Sometimes Too-Filtered
« on: April 11, 2022, 01:21:37 am »
Hi Folks,

The dialog for Compartment Visibility on a Block is filtered to show only those compartments that EA deems appropriate for a Block.  However, I sometime find this filtering to be too aggressive.  (I'm using EA15.2 1560)

My real question is if there is a way to turn off this 'feature' and to show all possible Block compartments in the dialog, so that I can choose those that I want.  Actually, I have to admit, I don't love this feature, anyway, because it causes the listing of compartments to move around each time I bring them up... I would much prefer a static, complete set to select from.

I'm going to address this through a specific example, but please keep in mind, that I'm not really looking for a discussion on the merits of this example, but rather about the compartment visibility dialog itself.

I have found cases in which the "classifier behavior" compartment is not selectable, even when there is a Classifier Behavior designated for a Block.  This is just one example where EA has determined (incorrectly) that the compartment doesn't apply.

I most often see this in the case that a State Machine is not owned by the block, but allocated to it, and designated as the Classifier Behavior.  However, in the case below, the State Machine is an owned behavior.  This is inconsistent and I don't know under what circumstances the dialog filter determines when to show or not show that compartment for selection.

Notice above that EA has determined not to allow me to select the "classifier behavior" compartment.

Is there a way to turn off this compartment EA-filtering in the dialog?

As always, thanks for your help,

General Board / Re: Reference Association Bug? Workaround?
« on: October 12, 2021, 08:31:55 am »
Hi All,

I was able to figure out a work-around for this, and want to put it on here for others. 

The problem listed in this thread is for EA15.2, as I said above.

In order to have a Reference Association that is represented as a reference property on the 'owning' block, I was able to first create an Aggregation, which does create the reference property, and then right-click->Advanced->Changed Type..., and select Association.  This changes to the type to what I wanted, but retains the reference property that was created when I created the Aggregation.  It's an annoying two-step process, and I hope this is resolved in a future version, but at least I can do what I needed in this way.

One thing to be aware of, though is that the navigability after the change type may not be what you expect.  I found that changing the navigability (on Properties) for the aggregation before changing its type worked best.

General Board / Reference Association Bug? Workaround?
« on: October 04, 2021, 03:56:28 am »
Hi everyone,

It seems that there is a bug in EA 15.2 regarding the handling of Reference Associations in SysML.  I want to get your take on this and see if anyone has a good workaround.

In SysML, it's really hard to find a usable built-in distinction between Aggregation and Reference Association.  My understanding is that Aggregation is just a special type of Reference Association that allows for a custom stereotype.

However, EA doesn't handle these the same way.  Specifically, if I create an aggregation, the owning block gets a "reference" to the other object, but not so with Reference Association.  See below:

Note that Foo has a reference property to aBar but not one to aBaz.  In the model browser, it looks like this:

I'm pretty sure that this is wrong, and unfortunately, what this means is that I can't use "properties" of a Reference Association the way I can for an Aggregation.  For example, since it's not a property, working with IBDs is an issue.

Here it is in Cameo, for comparison:

One of the many fallouts is regarding the IBD for Foo, as I mentioned above.  Here's the IBD in EA:

Note, above... there just is no aBaz property for me to drag onto the IBD.


Bottom line, to me, it's a bug in EA that the block on the other end of a Reference Association is not itself a Reference Property in EA.  Your thoughts?  Anyone have a workaround?

General Board / Re: Search (and Replace) Limitations
« on: August 16, 2021, 02:45:15 am »
I wanted to get back to this one because I did recently discover how to search Notes on a diagram.  Use Find, select Diagram Searches and Diagram Details in the dropdowns.

Just filling this in for completeness in case anyone else has this question.


General Board / Re: How to find all diagrams???
« on: August 14, 2021, 02:15:03 am »

That's perfect.  Thanks for the help!


General Board / How to find all diagrams???
« on: August 14, 2021, 12:55:14 am »
Hi folks.

Is there a way to find all the diagrams in a model?  In my case, I'm reviewing a SysML model.  Many diagram types (state machines, activities, and ibds) are nested under blocks.  Most blocks don't have these, but some do. 

I note that in the case of IBDs, a rake/spectacles symbol and link are shown on the block on BDDs.  This does help to find IBDs, although, it's still pretty indirect.  However, state machines and activities don't have a corollary. 

Finding which blocks have these diagrams just seems like a hunting exercise.  I'm just wondering if there is a "show me all the diagrams" in Sparx EA.


General Board / Re: Adding a Region to a StateMachine
« on: August 03, 2021, 12:25:21 am »
Got it.  Thanks, RoyC.

So, bottom line.  The way to add a region to a StateMachine is:

- right-click on the frame -> select "Selectable"
- right-click on the frame -> "Define Concurrent Substates"
- set up the regions desired
- (optional) right-click on the frame -> deselect "Selectable"

General Board / Re: Adding a Region to a StateMachine
« on: July 31, 2021, 03:04:27 am »
First right-click the diagram frame and switch on "Selectable" (you have to right-click very close to the edge of the frame)

KP - Thank you!  That worked.  I never would have guessed that one.  Could you please explain what switching on "Selectable" is meant to convey?  What does it mean for the frame to be either selectable or not selectable?  While it was still not selectable, I was able to right-click on it... but the option I needed was grayed.

General Board / Adding a Region to a StateMachine
« on: July 30, 2021, 10:35:48 am »
I'm on EA 15.2 1559.

I am not able to add a Region to a StateMachine (either an existing one or a new one).

From the Sparx EA Help, this is supposed to be available through the context menu on the element:

"Right-click on element | Advanced | Define Concurrent Substates"

But, when I right-click on the StateMachine element, there is no "Advanced", let alone "Define Concurrent Substates".

Also according to the Sparx EA Help:

"It is also possible to add Regions to a State element or StateMachine element frame; right-click on the selected frame and select the 'Define Concurrent Substates' option"

However, for me, the "Define Concurrent Substate" menu item is grayed out.

Does anyone know how to do this in 15.2?


General Board / Re: Compartment Visibility - diagram vs block level
« on: April 07, 2021, 12:40:58 am »
Hi everyone.  FYI, I updated to 15.2 1558 and this problem is now resolved.


I updated to 1558 this morning and tried again.  Same problem persists.


Thanks, Takisha... partial success, but still not completely working.

- The 'Synchronize Structural Elements' did, indeed, work to bring in the 'aBaz' reference.  Very helpful.

- However, I am still unable to add the inherited port.  I get what you are saying, but it's not working for me.  When I bring up the Features/Interaction Points on 'Bar' I don't see the 'FooPort' from 'Foo'.  All I see is:

I tried unchecking and rechecking the 'Show Owned/Inherited' to no effect.  Thoughts?


General Board / Re: Windows 10 Scrolling Itself Need Help
« on: April 04, 2021, 11:56:30 pm »
Hi John,

Does this only happen in Sparx EA, or does it happen in your browser, file explorer, Word, etc?  Does it happen when you scroll down with the mouse wheel, with the keyboard, both?

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