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Hi Gert,

thanks for the feedback. What do you mean with "composite" diagram?
The critical sequence that caused this issue is the following one:

  • duplicate eapx file A generating eapx file B
  • modify eapx B without modifying the content of the sequence diagram that shows the issue (as per previous comment)
  • In eapx file B, the sequence diagram shows the issue described into previous comment while in eapx file A it works properly.

Which is the reason why the same sequence diagram has been damaged in the eapx B?

Hi all,

I encountered an issue related to sequence diagram. When we double click on interaction fragment, EA redirects to another uncorrelated diagram in the same EAPX instead of showing properties dialog box of such fragment.

which is the root cause of this issue?

Thank you!

Hi all,

is it possible to retrieve each empty diagram inside the eapx repository with a SQL query inside EA?

Thank you in advance!

'How about Prolaborate' is a bit vague.
If you want normal humans (that is, non-modellers) to get involved with what you're modelling, Prolaborate is the base way to do that. Show them stuff they understand, in a way they can access easily.
Or generate them some documents (with eaDocX, of course).

How about to use prolaborate in a large team work environment? (20 modelers with simultaneous access). I would like to know which software sparx is referring in his slogan to EA 16.

I thought the EAP and EAPX repositories are essentially single-user reps, which happen to support multiple users - sometimes, and with risks attached? I never recommend shared EAPX - to much risk of bad things happening. And why would you, given that there are free, proper multi-user DBMSs.

Thank you! How about prolaborate?

Hi all,

I noticed that Enterprise Architect 16 will have a lot of improvements related to a teamwork environment. On the official site we can read "New and expanded collaborative tools support a rich, co-operative team based approach to modeling".

We are using Lemontree in order to work in team on EA (uploading the eapx model on bitbucket repo), but it is a little bit struggling.

My question for you, community is: is there any way to work in team more efficiently with ea? I mean: is there any tool that allows multiple user to work simultaneously on EAPX online? Have you some positive feedback about other team work environment setup? Which is the software that is mentioned in the previous reported slogan on the website?

Thank you in advance!

Bugs and Issues / Re: [EA 15.2] - Search box in HTML export
« on: September 17, 2021, 10:28:45 pm »
anyone has some idea about this topic?

Hi all,

I'm simulating an activity diagram using dynamic simulation with python code and I have few questions regarding this topic:

1) Which is the correct procedure in order to embed code inside an action? I know that I can define some behavior related to an action, but how can I invoke such behaviors during the simulations?
E.g. Action 1 has "increment()" function. How can I invoke increment function when the simulation token reaches such action?

2) Imagine this scenario:
- Activity diagram A
- Activity diagram B

Activity diagram B is invoked by Activity diagram A. How can I simulate this interaction by code? I mean, which is the code that I should write inside the diagram A in order to switch the simulation from the activity diagram A to the activity diagram B?

Once invoked the activity diagram B, is it also possible to continue to run also the activity diagram A? (I'm referring to model and simulate the synchronous/asynchronous call to other activity diagrams)

I appreciate some practical examples (also in other programming languages)  in order to understand better how to use code in simulation.

Thank you so much in advance.

Hi all,

I'm investigating about functional simulation capabilities on Enterprise Architect. So far we used Enterprise Architect just for describe some flow chart (e.g. activity diagram & sequence diagram) in SysML language. We usually perform the simulation of such algo with the aid of external SW (pyhton scripts and so on..)

Let'make an example with this activity diagram "check money value "                                               
                |                         |                             
                |       INSERT     |                             
                |       MONEY     |                             
                |     IF DOLLAR    |                             
                |                        |- ------------EXIT with DOLLAR
 and so on with additional decision nodes.....

My questions are:
1) is there any way to insert different inputs and check the algo result in a simulation made with EA? if yes, how to do that? 
2) Is there any way to define internal variables and check the status?
3) could you please indicate a book or reference guide or online material related to simulation with enterprise architect? 
4) Which kind of simulation do you usually perform with EA?

Thank you in advance                             

Bugs and Issues / Re: [EA 15.2] - Search box in HTML export
« on: July 01, 2021, 01:46:51 am »
any update about this topic?

Hi all,

I'm searching for a keyboard shortcut in order to repeat the previous operation. For example, if I have to drav 50 connectors, I'm searching for a keyboard shortcut in order to automatically select the previous operation (draw connector). A sort of F4 that is present on excel.

Thank you in advance!

Thank you, is it possible to extract the number of modification for each diagram?

Hi all,

I need to extract from my model the created date and updated date for the following cases:

1) Each element of the model
2) Each Diagram of the model
3) Each element under package "X"

Anyone is able to provide me these query?

Thank you in advance

Bugs and Issues / Re: [EA 15.2] - Search box in HTML export
« on: May 31, 2021, 06:13:04 pm »
Anyone expert in scripting has some ideas?
I think that this topic could be very useful to everyone in this community!

let's make EA html report more powerful!
If anyone expert has some guidelines, I can work or collaborate to develop this feature!

Hi all,

here my scenario:

- project A -> size: 100 MB
- project B (copied from project A in which I deleted a lot of content inside it) the size is always 100 MB

Which is the main reason? In the project B there is much less content, but the size is the same of project A.
I deleted the elements from the project browser.

Thank you in advance

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