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Hi are there news concerning this problem?
I'm using EA 16.1 and the problem occurs, in older versions this was possible.

The only way to let the operations be seen is to drag a link of the component (and not a lifeline). But I guess this is not really UML compliant, isn't it?

Hi Geert
I'm talking about something like this:

In the diagram there are controls, boundaries and entities. I don't expect that the messages between them are copied, but at least that controls boundaries and entities are not duplicated and that the associations between them are kept.

This kind of diagrams are useful when designing the system, and I can also define operations in the controls etc. so that I can reuse them in different diagrams. In this way I see these items as classifiers and not merely objects. The shallow copy would allow me to reuse them in different diagrams. If this is wrong, do you have other suggestions on how to do it?

I use EA 16.1.1622
When I copy a class diagram with the "shallow" method, the diagram is copied correctly without duplicating the elements of the diagram.
If instead I do the same with a UML communication diagram, the elements in the diagram are duplicated.
I've not tried with other diagram types.
This looks like a bug to me.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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