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General Board / Re: stereotype <<entity>> without image with circle
« on: October 24, 2021, 02:36:32 am »

Try to turn off the setting 'Use Stereotype Icons' in teh Elements group, diagram properties dialog.
(double-click a target diagram background to open the dialog)

Thanks a lot, it works!


General Board / Re: stereotype <<entity>> without image with circle
« on: October 11, 2021, 03:11:54 am »
Yes, not possible for that stereotype (just had a look). You would need to create your own stereotype and add a diagram property to appear in the context so you can change the rendering. We use thar for quite a few stereotypes.


OK, I assumed it, I needed to verify it, thanks!

General Board / Re: stereotype <<entity>> without image with circle
« on: October 10, 2021, 11:30:42 pm »
Right out of my head there's a Use Rectangular Notation somewhere in the context for some elements. Might be also for this one?


thanks, but it is not possible to switch this notation for a class. The change is made by stereotype.

General Board / stereotype <<entity>> without image with circle
« on: October 10, 2021, 05:28:56 pm »
Hi all,

I want to use a stereotype "entity" for a class,
but without a circle image with the line below.

I need an implicit rectangle image of the class.
How do I turn off this circle image for entity stereotype?

Thanks for the answer,


General Board / Re: Constraints on Operations, activities et al.
« on: October 03, 2021, 06:11:46 pm »
Hi Geert,

where can I find the choice (Advanced | Use Rectangular Notation) ?


Hi all,

I insert a picture into the word document and add a hyperlink to it.

I insert this word document into the Linked Document by script:

Code: [Select]
theElement.LoadLinkedDocument ("c://temp/temp.docx")
The picture in Linked Document has no hyperlink.

Is it a bug?

Hi Geert,

thanks for the advice, it helped a lot,

I studied XML in zip and found that some hyperlinks repeat,
and they were the ones I edited in Linked Doc after the insert from EA.

! The hyperlink text in Linked Doc must not be changed in any way by editing !

Thanks a lot :)


Hi all,

I have this problem:

I insert a few links from EA into the text of Linked Doc.
When I copy text from a Linked Document to Word using Clipboard (CTRL A, CTRL C in Linked Doc and CRL V in Word Doc) and run a simple test macro in Word doc:

Code: [Select]
MsgBox ActiveDocument.Hyperlinks.Count
the number of hyperlinks is OK.

However, if I save Linked Doc using SaveLinkedDocument and add this macro in the saved Word doc and run it, then the number of hyperlinks is much higher and it is not correct.

Where is the problem?

Hi Geert,

with AdviseElementChange the user is notified that the document was changed by another user, and it is enough. 

Thanks !!!

(But I have another serious problem, it will be placed in another thread)


Hi all,
I want to solve this problem:

1. With Artifact Document I have Linked Document opened for editing in the Tab window.

2. I start the script, at first I save the Linked Document to a temporary external docx file using SaveLinkedDocument

3. I perform some operations on this file using VBA by script

4. I return this file to the Linked Document using LoadLinkedDocument.

Everything works OK, just one "little" thing:

In the open editing window, this document will not be refreshed after loading from file
and there is the original content before processing.

I need either:

a) refresh the editing Tab window for Linked Document using a script - at the end of script after LoadLinkedDocument

b) or the script will close this Tab editing window so that the user has to reopen this window and this will refresh the contents of the window.

(I can delete the Linked Document by script, but it is dangerous operation) 

Any recommendations?


I had good results by sticking to open source tools whenever doing a project with external partners.
No haggling, no vendors to get in the way, no approvals, no tool wars.
Eclipse Papyrus UML is the best open source UML tool in my opinion.  If you need something really elementary to use, WhiteStarUML is also OK, but it's not fully UML 2.5 compliant and its model metadata and reporting capabilities are very limited.
Thanks for answer,
but for me off topic.
I use EA with many other Views (i.e. BPMN, Use Case Model, PIM Class Model, Database Model, Component Model etc.) and I want to integrate Agile Kanban Team Support as the next View.

They can install the trial if they want to try it out.


Yes, it's a possible solution  :)

If you want to do teamwork just buy the required licenses. EA licenses are dirt cheap; no point in trying to find ways around them.
If the other team members only once in a while use EA you could consider buying floating licenses


Thanks for answer,
but I am external UML consultant and lector using specially EA (i.e. "one-man-company").
I also recommend to use EA and I cannot do it when I can't test its features sideways on my machine and then go out with those verified recommendations to the company. Trying it directly with them is for lector very unfortunate ...  :)
Is it any other solution for me?

I have a single license "15.1. Corporate Edition" for one user.
Is it possible to try teamwork support under this license, for example Kanban, with more team members?
If so, how?

General Board / Re: Where can I see the GUID of an element in EA 15.1?
« on: August 31, 2020, 07:26:56 am »
OK, but where can I invoke this Property window in 15.1?
At previous versions it was simple.
Yes, a PITA. Type "proper" in the Search tab of the EA-menu top left. "Editors" will show. Select that and there you find the Properties. Simple, isn't it? At least if you're from planet Sparx.

OK, thanks,
I see it.  :)

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