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Uml Process / Re: Reverse Engineer DB to ER Diagram
« on: May 23, 2015, 10:16:55 am »
All of this advice is helping.  The links are empty in the Related->Links dialog.  Yet Microsoft Dynamics says there is a foreign key relationship.  The database is Microsoft SQL Server 2008.  There are lots of constraints in the tables, but they don't seem to have made there way into EA, so perhaps Sunshine's comment about a bug is also a factor.  I will try to create the foreign key relationship this weekend and see if it shows up in the diagram.  Thank you all.

Uml Process / Re: Reverse Engineer DB to ER Diagram
« on: May 20, 2015, 08:27:36 am »
It is not clear to me what an EAP is.  An Enterprise Architect Project?  If so, why would you import an existing project?  I am attempting to import a database schema from a Microsoft SQL Server, into a new project, using the ODBC connector.  I tried following the directions in the article:

I am still not seeing connectors between tables clearly having primary and foreign key relationships.  While I have used these types of tools dating back to Paradigm Plus and Together Control Center, I am new to EA, so please, it is probably something basic that I am not selecting in the UI.  Thank you.

Uml Process / Reverse Engineer DB to ER Diagram
« on: May 20, 2015, 03:16:27 am »
I imported a database schema using ODBC with all the types of data selected.  The tables and constraints are all visible in the Project Browser.  However, when I create an ERD and drag tables into the diagram, the existing foreign key relationships are not displayed.

I initially tried "Drop as" "Link".  The connectors were not show.  Then I tried "Instance" and selecting "Copy connectors".  Still no joy.  I've used tools like Enterprise Architect before.  This is a wonderful way of creating diagrams and visualizing an existing schema.  How do you get the connectors to automatically appear when you add a table to the diagram that has a relationship to a table already in the diagram.  Thank you.


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