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General Board / Question on RTF templates
« on: June 03, 2002, 09:06:44 am »
hi all,

in the lastest build, there is a feature to customize a RTF Style Templates. But when i try to customize it, it show something like this:

\pard\plain \s1\sb240\sa60\keepn\widctlpar\outlinelevel0\adjustright\b\f17\fs36\cf9\kerning2 8\cgrid {#TEXT# \par }\pard\plain \widctlpar\adjustright \fs20\cgrid {\par}

Is there any document to indicate what is the meaning for these commands?? Or better yet, any program to generate something like this?? Is it possible to do table??

Our company already has some template and format on Use Case already and if we can use this feature to generate a template that will match our requirement that will be great.

many thx,

Stephen Yau

General Board / bug on RTF Template and the Scenarios on a Usecase
« on: June 04, 2002, 02:29:55 am »
Hi all,

 On the lastest build, just trying out the RTF template, if you modified some of the items in there (like Attribute Heading) and clear everything in the textbox, when u click "save" it will display a error stated that "Template has no content". It's kind of strange because some of the default one (Attribute Heading and Attribute Line Item) default has no content at all.

 Another bug is at the Scenarios tag at a UseCase, if you just input the Scenarios name but didn't type any content at the textbox below, when you click ok, it will ask you whether you want to save or not, click save and a error will pop up: "Field 't_objectscenarios.Notes' cannot be a zero-length string." It's not really a serious bug... but just happen to notice it.

 BTW, you guys make a great product, keep up the good work.

-Stephen Yau

General Board / Java Code Engineering and Javadoc
« on: February 16, 2002, 01:35:20 pm »

 Just notice one thing on the Code Engineering. When EA try to reservse engineering a java source file, the following code will not be able to pick up the throw exception part:

Code: [Select]

public foo()
 throws FooException {

 Also right now EA use "Tag" to record what kind of exception can be thrown in each method. Could it be possible to make the input screen more intergrated? Like a simliar screen for inputting the parameter. If there is a dropdown for all the available Exception or any Throwable classes than it will be much better :)

 Another feature I would like is the generation of the Javadoc comment. We just need to define the parameter and the Exception it throw and it will generate the Javadoc comment. plus some additional input box so that you can input @see, @author, @version, @depecate.... etc.

 Also if we can also import .jar file or .class file, it will be great

-Stephen Yau

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