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Suggestions and Requests / Re: "copy diagram" feature
« on: April 11, 2008, 09:50:43 pm »

what are you trying to achieve with the copy diagram function?

For TA we needed the ability to copy elements to new diagrams so have added this feature.  You can select the elements you want either from the diagram or from the datagrid and select the multi-element move/copy feature.

It maintains all the links, allows you to select just the elements you want and much more...  basically it just adds the elements to the diagram and this can be anywhere in the project tree...

There will be a demo of this posted to the tutorials part of the TA site over the weekend...

Best regards,



do you need this functionality now - or only recommending for the future?

If you need it now, can I suggest that you have a look at the free 30 day evaluation copy of Time Architect The datagrid in TA gives you these features complete with multiple (and complex) filters as required.

You can then select the elements from the datagrid and copy them to a new diagram, no matter where they came from in the model.

Not quite the same a filtering the elements on the diagram itself - but achieves the same goal!

Hope that helps.

Best regards,


Suggestions and Requests / Re: Element List improvements
« on: December 21, 2007, 04:06:30 am »
Hi folks,

Please take a look at this post here...


The new version that we have released as a 'sneak peak' includes functionality to bring tagged values into the grid as columns - check it out, you may find it does what you are looking for.

With all of the filtering and sorting functionality in the datagrid, you can really work through the tags in a way not currently offered directly in EA!

In addition, this build also adds functionality to allow editing of multiple EA elements at the same time.  For example, you can change the stereotype, status, version and more for many elements all at the same time.  Simply open up the TA datagrid, select your elements and right click > Properties.  Elements can be continuous or you can select only the elements required by holding down the CTRL key when you click on a row.

With full filtering and sorting functions - it is really easy to change only the elements you want - but all at the same time!

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Suggestions and Requests / Re: Relation matrix improvements
« on: December 21, 2007, 03:59:54 am »
Hi folks,

I think you will find that the new version of Time Architect (v2.0) that is available as a sneak peak from:

The datagrid allows filtering, sorting and groupby functionality on a whole bunch of EA values including stereotype...

You can also edit multiple elements at the same time!

With the filtering functionality you could very easily specify that you only want to see functional requirements and you can then click through from the grid to access the required requirements!  

It also adds lots of other functionality too - take a look around the website for full details...  Don't be put off by the fact that it is promoted as a Project Management tool!  That is just one of its strengths!

I think that you should find that this does exactly what you are looking for!

The fully functional evaluation version lasts 20 days so this should give you a chance to fully try it!  It is still at the special introductory price of $100 - so give it a try...

Suggestions and Requests / Re: RTF report for a single diagram
« on: December 21, 2007, 03:53:32 am »

can I suggest that you take a look at Time Architect?

We have just released the sneak peak of version 2.0 that includes element move functionality.

With this you can select elements from anywhere in your model (via the grid interface) and move those elements to a different package/diagram or you can just copy the elements straight to a diagram.

You could then use the EA functionality to either document just that package, or for the diagram only.  This method also allows you to actually pick the elements on a diagram that you want to document.

It also adds lots of other functionality to - take a look around the website for full details...

I think that you should find that this does exactly what you are looking for!

The fully functional evaluation version lasts 20 days so this should give you a chance to fully try it!  It is still at the special introductory price of $100 - so give it a try...

Suggestions and Requests / Re: Font Sizes in Screen Windows
« on: December 17, 2004, 04:54:35 am »
Sounds exactly what we need!

Mind you, with the last 2 posts of yours that I have read (this one and add-in for requirements documentation) you have almost killed the add-in we have been generating for the past few months - a detailed reporting tool that lays out Functional Specs from the system.  And a requirement reporting system!!!

But keep up the excellent work as always!


Suggestions and Requests / Font Sizes in Screen Windows
« on: December 16, 2004, 08:23:49 am »
Hi folks, I raised this originally in the discussion forum to see if there was a way to do this:;action=display;num=1101894940

And the suggestion was that I raised it as a request.

Is there any chance in the future that we will be able to specify a text size /font for items such as the notes panel or editor so that it is easier to read.  I know that we can cut it out and paste it into Wordpad or Word, but it would be really nice to be able to do this 'in-line' especially as the model gets large and you spend a lot of time in EA!



General Board / EA community assistance required (please)
« on: October 10, 2008, 02:40:12 am »
Dear all,

As part of the development for Time Architect 2.2 ( (that will be launched very soon) we have included the ability to export directly to MS Excel pre-formated in the way such that it can be read by MS Project for importing (MS Excel Workbook format).

However, during the beta testing (which is under way at the moment) it was discovered that MS Project needs the MS Excel file in the correct language that is being used on the computer.  So, if you are running MS Project in German, Dutch or French (for example) then the headings must be in the appropriate language...

To resolve this, we have added an extra feature to the MS Excel workbook export that allows you to give Time Architect an example MS Project Excel file and it will read the correct headings and sheet names from that when it creates the output.

We are asking the EA community to help by providing examples of exports from MS Project in 'Workbook format' in as many languages as possible (we currently have German - and the default of English).  It only needs a single task in the file so there is no risk of disclosure.  We can then test these locally and we will then make these template files available on the web-site as part of the downloads for the future.  If you are willing to help, then please contact us via this forum or the Solutions Reality contact form (

Please note, we have taken this route as we believe that it is more flexible and dynamic than just using the resource files route as we can respond to all users demands.

Thank you in advance for your assistance on this.

General Board / Re: Exporting Packages to CSV (Including Tags)
« on: May 03, 2008, 11:22:23 pm »

Can I suggest that you have a look at Time Architect?

This was one of the issues that we needed to solve when we wrote Time Architect (TA).  TA is not only a Project Management tool but is also a tool to manage your EA project files.

Please see the steps on how to achieve this:
  • Install the free 30 day, fully functional evaluation version.  
  • Please note you need the .NET 2.0 framework on your computer for TA to work.
  • Right click on the Package that you are interested in and choose Add-In > Time Architect > Draw Gantt Chart
  • (If you want info from the Package(s) below the one you clicked on then click on 'Include Child Packages' too)
  • Click on 'Get Gantt Chart - Element View'
  • TA will now draw a Gantt Chart - you can ignore this for now, you want the data behind the Gantt Chart so click the 'Show Grid' icon, to the left of the blue ? icon.
  • TA will now show its grid mode
  • Click on the arrow next to the Grid icon (same place as previously) and then click on the 'Tagged Values in the Grid' and select (tick) the tags you want to see in the grid.
  • You can now optionally filter, sort and group the data...
  • Now click on the Import/Export icon (to the left of the Camera)
  • Choose Export to Excel (or with notes if you want the element notes too.)
  • TA will now create a true WYSIWG MS Excel spreadsheet of the datagrid.
It may sound as though there are a few steps but it is actually really quick and really fast to do :D

In TA 2.1 (that should be out very soon), you will also be able to import from MS Excel to Tagged Values too.

TA can do a lot more than this, but this will save you needing to write your own plug-in...

If you need any more information then please feel free to ask via the Time Architect site or you can PM me through the forums here.

Best regards,


General Board / Re: How to link multiple elments with the same not
« on: April 17, 2008, 03:48:34 am »
Alternatively, why not try the add element feature in TA?

This was one of the issues that we faced and so we added the feature to TA.  We needed an easy way to add a linked element to many elements at the same time - such as note elements, risk elements, changes etc...

In 2.0 you can highlight all the elements that you want in the datagrid, click the add element button. Specify a note element (or any other type of EA element) then specify that the link should be a notelink (again all link types are available) and one note is added that points to all the elements you selected.  But the extra feature is that the note can be created directly on the diagram - or any where else in your model!  This means that you can create a package for notes, comments, review (or whatever you need) and then keep them all in one place...

Alternatively, create your note (or use an existing one) and then use the add link function to link to that note from all the elements that you want that note to apply to.

In TA 2.1 (due very soon it's in final internal testing) - we have taken this even further...

You can now do this directly from a diagram - so you can highlight the elements you want and create a note (or any other element type) and the all the links in one go.  However, because the linked note is so useful, we have added an extra feature to the TA info window that means you can click on an element and see any linked notes - no matter where they are in your structure.  You can also click on the note and see all the elements it applies to.  (Yes this is the same functionality as some of the EA windows - but the TA info window means you can do this easily from one place...)

Once 2.1 goes live then there will be a video tutorial showing how this works on TA website.

Why not try TA - it's free to download and fully functional for 30 days...

General Board / Re: How to copy a part of a seq diagram to another
« on: March 20, 2008, 11:13:26 am »

can I refer you to my answer to this post:
Although this was moving elements to a top-level class diagram, the same principle applies...

TA makes it really easy to copy elements to a different diagram - or move them around the model wholesale...

(You can also select the elements that you want in the diagram and use the copy function from the diagram
  • Highlight your elements
  • right click Select Add-Ins > Time Architect > Multiple Selection Functions > Move Element(s)
  • Then follow the rest of the instruction in the previously identified post.
Hope that helps...

Best regards,


General Board / Re: Tagged Value and Import Requirements from .csv
« on: March 20, 2008, 11:01:12 am »

following on from David's post - although there is no bulk/multi element update in EA directly - why not try the 30 day evaluation of TA ?

TA has a bulk update function including stereotypes!  

Set up your profile as mentioned by David...

  • Install 30 day trial
  • Open EA model
  • Select top level package of elements that you wish to update in Project Browser
  • Add In > Time Architect > Draw Gantt Chart
  • (Don't worry too much about Gantt Chart - you want the data behind it)
  • Check Include Packages
  • Click Top Big Button 'Get Gantt Chart - Element View'
  • Then click into datagrid mode Icon to the left of blue question mark
  • Find column called Type and click on the Filter icon and select Requirement
  • Now click on 'Select All' toolbar button - left most button in TA toolbars (3 green ticks)
  • Now click on Properties button (Right most icon - looks like a book)
  • Select your stereotype from the list
  • Click OK - all requirements now updated to the new stereotype!
You can also access the multi - element functionality from diagrams too - just select the elements you want to update! Choose Add-Ins > Time Architect > Multiple Selection Functions > Properties

We will be adding better tag management directly to the multi-element functionality in a build that is coming soon!

Hope that helps...

Best regards,


General Board / Re: How do I make a Top-Level Class Diagram?
« on: March 13, 2008, 10:06:19 pm »
Can I suggest that you have a look at TimeArchitect ?

TA offers a lot more features than Time and Project management extensions to EA.  One of the features is the ability to move elements around EA very easily or just copy them to a different diagram!

The way I would do what you are trying to do is as follows:
  • Create a top level package where you will do your import to.
  • Import your code into this package
  • Add a diagram to this package called 'All Classes' or whatever you prefer
  • Select this top level package in Project Browser
  • Right Click on the Package
  • Select Add-In > Time Architect > Draw Gantt Chart
  • Check 'Include Child Packages'
  • Click 'Get Gantt Chart - Element View'
  • TA will draw a fairly uninteresting Gantt chart at this point (that's OK, you want the data behind it...)
  • Click on Grid Mode (this is the icon to the left of the Help (?) Icon
  • Click the filter in the Type Column and select Class
  • Click Select all (left most icon under the grid)
  • Click Move Icon (last but 1 icon under the grid (blue 4 way arrow)
  • Now find your import package in the tree view
  • Click on it
  • In the Copy to diagram list check 'All Classes' (or whatever you called it)
  • Check copy to diagram only
  • Optionally check auto layout diagram
  • click OK
  • TA will now copy all your elements onto that 1 diagram!

It may seem like a number of steps - but is actually really quick once you have done it a couple of times!

There is a fully functional 30 day trial - so give it ago - it will do what you need it to do and much more!


General Board / Re: EA have special prices for be used in universi
« on: March 13, 2008, 09:05:37 am »
Don't forget that through the Sparx Sister company:

EA is also available in Spanish.

General Board / Time Architect 2.0 is here!
« on: March 13, 2008, 12:24:14 am »
Actually launched 3 March, but been waiting for 7.1 final before telling you all!

The latest version of Time Architect has arrived with the following NEW features (these are beyond the features in the sneak peak!):

Firstly, we have extended the evaluation period to 30 days!
When you see the list of new features, you will understand why we have given you more time to look at TA!
Secondly, we have reset the License key.
Even if you have evaluated TA 1.x and your trial expired you can still evaluate TA 2.0!
  • Virtual Machine Support
  • Excel Import Functionality ('97 - 2003 ONLY!)
  • Improved PDF Report Generator
  • Improved Multi Element Management
  • Critical Path Analysis
  • Email Integration
  • Element Filtering
  • Start to Finish Relationships
  • Milestones
  • Fully Customiseable Tooltip
  • Time Architect Profile
  • Create Risk Elements
  • TA 'Floating' Window
  • Improved User Interface
  • Performance Improvements


Even better, the introductory price is still valid! (but only until 1st April 2008!)

For full details or to download a fully functional 30 day evaluation copy visit: today!

** new version of the help manual is being completed... **

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