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Bugs and Issues / Query timeout expired
« on: November 12, 2016, 01:08:08 am »

Trying to connect to my EA database hosted on SQL Server 2008.  I'm getting Query Timout Expired when attempting to open a hosted model.

The database itself is in good order (cluster 16cpu, all in good shape, 9% busy, lots of memory).

Very odd - Everything was running fine.

How can I go about figuring out what is wrong with the db?  Running EA 12.1.1225.



A BPMN 2.0 diagram has Gateway nodes which can be Exclusive, Complex, Parallel, etc.  How do I get that type using the interface?  For all Parallel & Decision Gateway types, when I query the Element I get the following values: Type is "Decision", the Subtype is "0", SterotypeEx: "0", ClassifierType: "", MetaType:"Gateway", Gentype:"<none>".

State StartStop differ on Psuedo type with 3/4 but this doesnt seem to be the case with Gateway elements.  I cannot differentiate Decision from Parallel using anything other than the name, which would be incorrect.

What is the correct way to get the gateway type of the element?



A state diagram has Initial and Final nodes. These nodes are differentiated by Psuedo state types.  How do I get that type using the interface?

An Initial element is an Element.  I can get the type which returns StateNode but I cannot differentiate Initial from Final using anything other than the name, which would be incorrect.

What is the correct way to get the psuedo type of the element?



I would like to have dependencies, captured in sequence diagrams, automatically reflected as dependencies/associations in component diagrams.

If I have a number of components (upwards of 50 to 60) each with multiple interactions.  Each interaction has at least one sequence diagram captured.

Now, I would like to create a component diagram that shows all of these dependencies between components.  The information is already captured in the sequence diagram and I see no need to capture it again.  If I had to capture it twice then when someone updates the sequence diagram then they also have to adjust the component diagram.

Is this possible?

Thank you,

General Board / Rotate Text On Image Element / Filled Boundary
« on: November 12, 2012, 08:31:04 pm »

I am trying to rotate the text on a component and on a boundary.

I'm feeling like my IQ is dropping a little as this must be implemented somewhere.  I might-as-well use visio.


General Board / Simulation & BPMN Gateway
« on: May 11, 2012, 06:17:11 pm »

I am trying to simulate a BPMN process diagram from the example project (Analysis & Business Models / Process Diagrams / Sub Process Activity) and it works great until it gets to a Gateway node.

How do I get the simulation to choose one path over the other?

The examples are not clear OR I am blind.


Uml Process / Communication Diagram... Using Components??
« on: October 15, 2010, 02:59:02 am »

A component diagram shows components and can show the interfaces exposed by the components.

A communication diagram (aka Collaboration diagram) shows the relationships between objects.

Is it wrong to use components instead of objects in the communication diagram?  

If NO, I am not wrong to use components:

1. Why does the EA Toolbox only have the control/entity objects?
2. Why do all diagrams show control/entity objects?

If YES, I am wrong to use components:

3. What is the alternative?  I do not not want to use a sequence diagram because i want to focus on a summary of the relationships and the messages. In the same interaction, I may have a sequence diagram which shows the exact sequence.

4. Even sequence diagrams utilize control/entity objects.  Why?  Surly if you have a black box/3rd party vendor, you are unable to look at the objects, instances and classes that make up that component.



Uml Process / One element in multiple packages/views
« on: August 11, 2010, 01:41:08 am »

I would like to put an element in two different packages.

I have two different views of a server room, one based upon physical location and another based upon logical location.  The problem is that I want to be able to put the component in a specific "package" that represents a specific server cabinet and I also want to put it into a logical package that represents a failover cluster.

This requires the element it to be placed into two packages at the same time.

Is there another way or more preferable way?

On a similar note, you may get two different logical business organisations of certain concepts... this would also necessitate two package structures.  i.e. Industry standard organisation   AND an internal organisation of components.

If you think that my initial idea was a bad one, how then could you recommend I organise my existing system according to one or more industry standards (telecoms,... so there are many) without having an element in multiple packages OR having a massive diagram.


Uml Process / Activity implemented in a component
« on: May 26, 2010, 11:09:17 pm »

If I have an activity diagram showing a number of activities, you will find certain activities are implemented inside a component.  How do I represent that particular activity in the model?

I would typically create an activity diagram with swim lanes to show where the activities are manifested.

Advice?I have figured out how to create a component diagram reflect the dependencies expressed in a sequence diagram and now I want to do the same for Activity diagrams.

An Activity diagram alone shows the steps necessary to implement a process however from an EA perspective, assigning the activities to specific components through swimlanes or tracability allows more a accurate understanding of the system.

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Generate Website Daily
« on: November 03, 2011, 04:54:00 am »

Whats the best way to automate the creation of a html site of everything within a EA database repository?

The current automation methods take specific GUID's as root nodes.  This is not what i'm after.


Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / HTML report nightly
« on: March 24, 2011, 03:02:51 am »

I'd like to have a nightly scheduled task generate an HTML report of one of my EA models.  What is the recommendation to achieve this?

Ideally this is part of EA at the commandline however I suspect I'll be looking at the automation interface to kick one of the generators.



Whats the syntax for correctly adding a connector?

       var c as EA.Connector;
      c = element.Connectors.AddNew( "", "" );
      c.Alias = "Generated";
      c.Type = "CommunicationPath";
      c.ClientID = elementAlpha.ElementID;
      c.SupplierID = elementBeta.ElementID;

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