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Thanks, Simon.

I'm already using this call to display the EA build.

I was just in doubt about the version of .jar and .dll  (in Java API directory) present in my new installation of EA 7.5, as compared to their copies I had within my Java project (from EA 7.1) that I wanted to update - because of the date of the files. But it might be just that I ignored reading the year and got tricked with the month/date.

Anyway, you make the EA users happy with your valuable and quick feedback - thanks!

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Java API .jar and .dll version
« on: February 11, 2010, 06:11:17 am »
I've just upgraded from EA 7.1 (build 834) to EA 7.5 (build 850) and would like to print in my application the respective versions of libraries used. Is there a Java API call that offers this capability? If not, will there be one with EA 8?
Thanks in advance.

Thanx, I confim it worked:
On package.GetElements(), I keep elements (for State) and on package.GetDiagrams(), I keep diagrams (for Statechart) that have parentID=0. This way I skip the others, hopefully I don't miss important stuff...
Anyway, I will certainly be upgrading to version 8 when it gets released as production stable.

I create a state under a class, and Java API (EA 7.1) GetElement method on both class and its containing package return the above state as a child. The same seems to apply to statechart diagram (also defined under a class). I'm surprised to see this implicit containment by package, whereas I expect the class to be the only container.
Any thoughts on this?

I found them - thanx.

It's a bit pitty to not provide the delegating method (that does the same) on items that do have notes... But the underlying implementation is an RDB, so I understand the API design.

I'm wondering whether one day EA will get rid of RDB - it so terribly slow to access it through API...

It's cool to have markup possibility in notes, which I largely used since it became available.
However, I'm now in trouble when retrieving notes (documentation) of elements etc., because I get the markup in that text.
Is there an API call, e.g. getRawNote(), to obtain just the text without any markup?
If not, is there a list of all the markup used, so that one can program and do custom parsing, at least?
Thanks in advance.

Using EA 7.1 dlls and jar, build 834
ps: Similar happens with rtf documentation, i.e., there is textual markup, not its result.

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Element.GetIsRoot?
« on: February 06, 2009, 03:31:25 am »
Automation java API has Element.GetIsLeaf and SetIsLeaf methods, but I don't find their equivalents for Root. I've got EA model from Rose XMI with lots of root and/or leaf "advanced" attributes/properties on classes and would like to be able to remove {root} the same way I can do with {leaf}.

Is this omission from the API intentional or are there methods to manipulate {root} on an Element that I simply didn't find?

Thanks in advance for some help.

For some reason, EA 834 crashes after using Element.GetCustomProperties from java API. Some not released COM reference?

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