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Latest News / Version 4.1 - Build 737 Released
« on: September 16, 2004, 12:19:18 am »
Enterprise Architect Version 4.10

Release Notes for EA 4.10 Build 737

Added dockable Tagged Properties window. Provides the ability to quickly view and edit tagged values (custom properties) for:
     Elements: Including owned tagged values and inherited tagged values
     Object Instances: Show owned tags and those obtained from ther classifier
     Ports and Parts: Like objects - owned tags plus Port/Part "Type" instead of the classifier. Tags are included for all parents etc. of the Port's Type.
     Attributes: Including owned tagged values and those received from attribute type classifier (including inherited ones)
     Operations: Owned properties only
     Connectors: Owned properties only
     When over-riding an inherited property, EA copies down the tag to the child and sets the new value, leaving the original tag unchanged

Automation Interface changes:
     Element TaggedValuesEx gives a merged list of all tagged values owned or inherited by an element      
     Attribute TaggedValuesEx gives a merged list of Tags (EA.TaggedValue) obtained from the Classifier (and its parents) only. Owned Attribute Tags are not included. Tags with the same name as an Owned tag are not included in the merge list.
     Repository.GetCounts() has been added. This provides a very simplistic count of the number of elements in a selection of major tables.
           In this way you can detect additions and deletions (but not modifications). The returned string includes the following for each major area:
           ITEMNAME=<count of elements in table>:<sum of id's as checksum>;
     FlagUpdates property - read/write. Enable this flag to have EA update an internal flag everytime an update occurs. Query flag with the call below
     LastUpdate property - read only - <guid of instance>:<guid of update> Used from automation to determine if the model may have changed
     InstanceGUID property - read only: random ID assigned when an instance of EA starts up.
     Modified Project.ImportPackageXMI() to accept raw XML in place of a filename. Other options remain the same.

Added diagrams, attributes, operations and connectors to the dockable Notes window. Now it is possible to edit notes for these elements without invoking their property window
Fixed issue with code generation templates not being reloaded after being modified on another machine
Fixed reversed column order when importing tables from PostgreSQL.
Fixed errant DEFAULT keyword when generating PostgreSQL DDL.
Fixed enable/disable problems with Project Details dialog
Fixed "Zero length string" problems with Project Details dialog
Fixed issue with applying stereotypes dragged from Resource View
Fixed issue where the Relationship matrix would wrongly display as a dialog when a Matrix profile is double-clicked in the Resource View.
Fixed issue where emf / wmf diagrams in the RTF Report are not created to fit the width of the page.
Fixed issue where icons for elements drawn with stereotype icons were incorrectly drawn when printed or exported to the clipboard or as an image file.
Modified Attribute and Glossary dialog to prompt when "Add New" would overwrite pending changes to existing record
Modified TestDetails and Maintenance dialogs to prompt when "Add New" would overwrite pending changes to existing record
Modified Diagram::Save function to ensure Undo counter reset and main menu "Edit/Undo" greyed out accordingly
Added some speed enhancements to XMI export of large models
Added ability to create and execute custom templates for Class, Attribute, Method, Parameter and Import
Imports needed by inner classes and all classes after the first in a file will now be generated by the %fileImports% macro.
Fixed bug on Oracle repository involving European comma as decimal separator.
Added "F2" as shortcut key in Project View to begin edit of current item name
Added "Get All Latest" facility to Version Control.
Added Element.PropertyType property (r/w) to Element automation interface. Sets property type for Ports and Parts only
When adding a generalization link between elements, EA will now copy down the parent Stereotype (if one exists) to the child
When dropping a class as a Port or Part onto another element, the resultant Port or Part will have the Stereotype of the classifying type
Some enhancements to improve performance over slow (for example ADSL or ISDN) links
Added offer to save any unsaved changes on navigation away from combined fragment dialog.
Corrected behavior where elements in boundaries were not moved on multi-select moves.
Added language datatypes to base model : C# : string, C++ : bool, wchar_t
Added syntax highlighting for Visual Basic to Source Code Viewer
Updated Configuration menu item to display "Local Paths" instead of "Local Directories"
Fixed automation error for Attributes when loading with ClassifierID, but referenced Classifier is not in current model
Added ability to delete Linked External Requirement (dependency link) from Requirements tab page of Object properties dialog
Fixed FileOpen automation method so that subsequent calls do not error.
Fixed problem where EA Unicode on Win98 could start with project view 'locked'

New substitution macros available in code templates:
- %opReturnQualType%
- %paramQualType%
- %importClassName%
- %importFileName%
- %importFromAggregation%
- %importFromAssociation%
- %importFromAtt%
- %importFromDependency%
- %importFromGeneralization%
- %importFromMeth%
- %importFromParam%
- %importFromRealization%
- %importInFile%
- %importPackagePath%
New function macros available in code templates:
- %REMOVE_DUPLICATES(<source>, <separator>)%
- %TO_UPPER(<string>)%
%fileImports% macro now lists imports for classes needed by all classes in the file.

Code Template Updates:
- Java File template updated to remove extraneous white space after package statement

Latest News / Version 4.1 - Build 736 Released
« on: August 31, 2004, 10:52:50 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.10 Build 736
Fixed bug with State elements when selected in diagram and having no inplace feature highlighted, could cause crash when accessing main Element menu
Modified state element drawing to better support shadow at large and small zoom sizes
Modified Metrics, Risk, Effort and Allocation dialogs (from element context menu/Project Information) to be readable when host element is locked
Fixed issue with creating images of diagrams containing elements with alternate images
Fixed issue with Objects in project view occasionally displaying blank name after editing properties
Fixed issue with "Return" key not working as expected in Notes window and SourceCode Editor

Latest News / Version 4.1 - Build 735 Released
« on: August 26, 2004, 11:08:32 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.10 Build 735

Major update to EA diagram functionality to allow inplace editing and selection of many internal element features:

1. Element Name. Generally allow selection and editing of name within diagram element
2. Element stereotype. Generally allow selection and editing of stereotype within diagram element
3. Attributes. Allow selection, invocation of property dialog, in place editing, new, delete and modify from within diagram element
4. Operations. Allow selection, invocation of property dialog, in place editing, new, delete and modify from within diagram element
5. Tagged Values. Allow selection and invocation of property dialog
6. Requirements & Constraints. Allow selection and invocation of property dialog
7. Maintenance items (Defects, Changes, Issues, Tasks) Allow selection and invocation of property dialog
8. Test Scripts. Allow selection and invocation of property dialog
9. Added ability to add Test and Maintenance items from a hot key on element in diagram
10. Operations and Attributes support insertion of new items at any point within the current ordered set
11. In place editing of operations and attributes supports context menu to allow quick entry of some keywords, and selection of classifier from current model
12. Ability to accept changes to attribute or operation and open up a slot for a new item immediately using Ctrl+Enter
13. New "Inline Features" submenu added to main menu Element section.
14. Added ability to navigate a diagram (move current selection) using Ctrl+Shift+ <arrow keys>. This will move current selected element across, down & etc.
15. Added hot key to toggle a selected element's highlighted editable feature on and off (Shift + Enter)
16. When an element is selected and in "highlighted feature" mode, arrow keys (up and down) can be used to move up and down the features.
17. For users of MDG Link to VS.Net and the upcoming MDG Link to Eclipse, Ctrl+E pressed on a selected operation or attribute will activate that feature in the other application

Hot keys modified for this build are:
F2 Edit Selected
Enter View/Edit Properties of selected
Ctrl+Shift+Insert Insert new after selected
Ctrl+Shift+F9 Add attribute
Ctrl+Shift+F10 Add operation
Ctrl+F11 Add other (test, maintenance item)
Ctrl+Shift+Delete Delete selected feature from model
Ctrl+Shift+<arrows> Navigate diagram selection
Shift+Enter Toggle element highlight mode on and off

Other keys while editing in place:
Enter Accept current changes
Ctrl+Enter Accept changes and open slot for new item
Esc Abort editing (no save)
Shift+F10 Context menu for inplace editing
Ctrl+Space Invoke Classifier dialog

Other changes:
Fixed support for Activity Partition elements in UML 2.0 Profiles
Fixed bug in automation method Resource.Update()
Fixed loading of connector foreign key info where unique index involved.
Fixed checking of columns selected for foreign key creation.
Fixed ODBC schema import from Oracle where user doesn't have sufficient permissions.
Fixed CSV Import/Export Specifications dialog to correct abnormal save behavior
Improvements to XMI export speed for EA format export
Allow Root node to be imported from XMI at Root level
Some minor fixes to RTF document generation to show method pre-condition notes
Fix import of connector association-end stereotype from XMI
Fix XMI import issue which could very rarely place import under wrong package
Changed Attribute/Operation dialog behavior to maintain list selection on deletion of an attribute or operation.
Fixed import of self referencing foreign keys from PostgreSQL.
Added support for multi-page printing for Diagrams.
Fixed SQL Server SQL Drop syntax where table owner included.
Added Status as a column in the Report view
Fixed MySQL DDL syntax for primary keys, indexes and comments.
Fixed Issue.Version on dual interface for automation.
Added ODBC DDL import of MySQL table types.
Fixed ODBC DDL import of MySQL PRIMARY index on primary keys.
Fixed issue with the VB parser concerning comments after a type declaration.
Fixed issue with the VB parser not correctly importing the first attribute of a type.
Fixed problem in the Java parser where it didn't import comments on a single line.
Fixed problem with delegate functions causing problems in the VB.Net parser.
New substitution macros available in code templates: %genOptVBVersion% and %eaVersion%
Renamed Collaboration diagram to Communication diagram in project view new child diagram context menu.
Fixed excess memory when importing large Oracle database through ODBC.
Corrected RTF document output behavior for both RTF Documentation and RTF Diagram only Documentation to fit large diagrams on the RTF output appropriately.
Improved MySQL ODBC schema import and DDL generation.
Fixed DDL generation of Oracle table comments and default values.
Fixed display of foreign keys where two columns from one table reference a single column of another table.
Fixed generation of duplicate foreign key names on a single table.
Fixed bug where deletion of table attribute did not also delete it as an operation parameter.
Fixed problem with name display of inner classes in tree after invoking property dialog via double click
Added option to set default DBMS on Configuration | Database Datatypes dialog.
Fixed XSD issue where attribute group references omitted the target namespace prefix tagged value
Fixed XSD issue where attribute group references omitted the target namespace prefix tagged value.
Updated Resolve Ambiguities dialogue to include full path of displayed packages during reverse engineering.
Fixed issue where Save as UML Profile command would not function when called from the Project View
Improved PostgreSQL ODBC schema import.
Fixed issue where setting End Source Activation in Sequence diagram could in some cases also set Extend Method Invocation
Modified Ctrl+L hotkey for Ports and Parts to invoke SetPropertyType function instead of SetClassifierD
Modified element Tagged Values tab on Property dialog. Synchronize button now works with Typed elements as well as classified ones (eg. Ports and Parts)
Fixed behavior where collaborations messages would mistakenly move when a diagram is reopened.
Fixed behavior where "'" characters in the RTF word substitution would be incorrectly processed by the RTFLanguage engine.
Fixed behavior where Actor elements were incorrectly unable to select alternate images

Code Template Updates:
- VB Class template updated to check for version to generate

Latest News / Zicom Mentor for EA - Version 2.5 Released
« on: August 18, 2004, 10:17:43 pm »
Version 2.5.0 - Released

Full support for the new UML 2.0 elements.
Approximately 100 new interactive diagrams added.
New shape categories added to improve looking up an element.
Over 100 new elements added including examples and explanations.
Integration with Enterprise Architect expanded to include UML 2.0 elements Over 30 new UML grammatical categories added improving understanding of the UML.
Each element now has a UML Meta model context, defining its location in the metal model Access to UML 1.0 and 2.0 is now available in separate books.
New UML 1.x to 2.0 learner's flags added helping users migrate to the new standard Introduction to Enterprise Architect updated to EA 4.1.
Free upgrade to all registered users of Zicom Mentor until September 15 2004 regardless of when purchased.
Detailed reworking of thumbnail images to add precision to an element's semantics.
Various small improvements to the product have been made including tree view changes, styles and errata.

Latest News / Version 4.1 - Build 734 Released
« on: August 08, 2004, 07:08:29 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.10 Build 734

Fixed issue with saving diagram under SQL Server when set of selected diagram options exceeded 255 characters in length
Fixed issue with initialization of connectors imported from code and assigning attributes to connectors on import
Fixed issue with export of Method post conditions to XMI when no pre-conditions defined
Fixed issue with loading method pre- and post conditions in Method constraints collection via automation interface
Added automation interface for Resource.ActualHours
Fixed issue with non-unicode version initializing under Windows NT4 SP6
TestDetails, TestScenarioDetails and Maintenance dialogs made 'sizeable'
Modified Project/Generate DDL main menu item to generate for entire package if single element not selected

Latest News / Version 4.1 - Build 733 Released
« on: August 04, 2004, 07:15:27 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.10 Build 733

Added abitlity to suppress package contents in a diagram using the Set Feature Visibility (use Attribute scope setting) or Diagram dialog "Visible Class Memebers"
Added ability to import Test Cases from other elements into current elements Test Set (right click in docked Testing Window)
Added ability to select other element to import Scenarios from as Test scripts (Docked Test Window - Import Scenarios)
Added ability to show Test scripts as compartment in most elements (set for Diagram using Diagram properties dialog - Show Testing)
Added ability to show Maintenance items as compartment in most elements (set for Diagram using Diagram properties dialog - Show Maintenance)
Added ability tp show status of Requirement Change and Issue elements with coloured band on left edge (Set as global option from Tools/Options dialog - Object page)
Added support for deletion of attributes/operations from code during forward synchronization (see : Tools/options dialog, Attributes/Operations page )
Updated automation interface when creating new diagrams to allow placement below a parent element if necessary
Added Repository Automation Interface calls : GetTechnologyByVersion, IsTechnologyLoaded, ImportTechnology
Added new context menu in diagrams.
     Using Control+RightMouseButton click, a context menu of all elements in the currently selected UML Toolbox folder is shown.
          Selecting an element will place it at the current mouse position
          Selecting a connector will place EA into "insert new connector" mode
          The UML toolbox does not have to be visible for this to work
          The new context menu will only show elements currently enabled in a folder. Any hidden elements will not be shown.
Added Control+LeftMouseclick as a shortcut to toggle a linepoint on a connector. Makes it much simpler to develop complex line routing.
Corrected behavior where elements created by stereotypes in UML Profiles created prior to EA 4.1 did not import user-defined tagged values.
Fixed problem with XMI import when referencing Sequence messages between elements linked into diagram in, but not actually contained in, the imported file                       
Several changes to Diagram load to increase perfomance over slow network connections (eg. ADSL or ISDN)
Several improvements to the XMI importer, specifically for Rose based models using XMI 1.1 (state machines and activity models)
For Unicode build added ability to set a custom codepage for ALL source code generation, import and export on a per model basis (see: Tools/options dialog Generation page [unicode only])
Added ability to specify a Matrix Profile as a target from a Hyperlink object in a diagram. Use $matrix:// as the target prefix followed by name of profil (eg. $matrix://MyProfile)
Modified all XMI exporters to re-order operation parameters in same order as contained in model
Modified Namespace dialog to allow longer namespace names. Same for "Insert Linked Element" dialog
Modified Link constraint tab page to correct issue with not being marked dirty with some keystrokes
Modified Project/resource Details tab page to handle input keystrokes and new additions better
Fixed issue with elements being marked as "contained by parent" when dragged on top of another element, but both elements in different packages
Fixed issue with RTF generation very occasionally missing initial character of sentence after line break
Fixed issue with Spacebar not being recognized as a keystroke for marking some input dialogs "dirty"
Updated XMI exporter for Rose format to indicate EA Exporter version - "4.1RR"
Modified docked relations window and Set Feature Visibility window to show connection Role name (if available)
Ensured "Insert Related Elements" Namespace combo was being refreshed correctly after modifying project namespaces.
Modified RTF document export behavior to support user-selected page size/orientation selections.
Added ability to print diagram frames via user-selectable local option.
Modified Element properties dialog to allow null-length phase string.
CSV export from Matrix supports , and " characters.
CSV import spec definition doesn't prompt to overwrite file.
CSV export doesn't fail where last field of any object is empty.
Added linkStereotype macro to Code Template Framework, for accessing stereotype of connectors
Fixed code gen issue that could cause conditions of list macros to be ignored for parameter and base class lists

Code Template Updates:
- Fixed incorrect LinkedAttributeDeclaration template for PHP.
- VB.Net Class Inherits template updated to check for multiple inheritance
- C++ File : added new line to end of template, to resolve compiler compatibility issues
- C++ Attribute Declaration : added check for "mutable" tagged value set
- C++ Operation Declaration : added check for "explicit" tagged value set

Latest News / Version 4.1 - Build 732 Released
« on: July 25, 2004, 10:13:57 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.1 Build 732

First implementation of "Smart Snap" an alternative to "Snap to Grid" which helps tidy layout diagram elements while you work - see View Main Menu
Added option to convert linked classifier to local instance in diagrams (object context menu)
Added support for setting non-model local options when a model is not opened within EA.
Modified Resolve Replication conflicts to pick up additional conflicts
Further enhancements to the XMI importer for Rose UML 1.3 based XMI, Netbeans based XMI and others
Initial support for XMI .12 export (beta). May be selected on the XMI Export dialog
Added option to not export custom EA tagged values when exporting XMI to other tools for code generation etc.
Added support for Extension Points being drawn when Use Case displayed in rectangular format
Changed default Z-order of attached notes/constraints for associations
Changed SQL Server comments for ODBC DDL import and generate DDL from 'remarks' to 'MS_Description'.
Fixed error throen by SQL Server repository when placing target element on diagram from relationships window.
Fixed crash when transferring model to Oracle and there's an integrity constraint violation caused by an orphaned object in an eap file.
Fixed missing index in DDL generation.
Fixed ODBC DDL import of MySQL tables with multiple foreign keys.
Fixed bug in the PHP parser for methods returning references.
Fixed bug on importing tables where option to "never" autolayout diagram had no effect.
Modified element editing in locked diagram to prevent changing appearance thru F4 or context menu
Fixed error with "Hide Connectors" setting on diagram - connector labels were still 'selectable'
Ensured boundary entity and control robustness elements were same size when added from toolbox or dropped from tree
Fixed issue with Note element "Link to Connector Tags" function
Fixed bug where elements with alternate images could be incorrectly being draw when generating HTML documentation.
Fixed issue with buttons losing state under Korean language
Added support for exporting and importing stereotype metafiles as per the Reference Data import and export.
Fixed issue when deleting a namespace from the namespace dialogue didn't update the project view.
Corrected sort order on date and numeric columns in Resource Details, Project Issues, Test Details, Project Statistics and Timeline dialogs.
Added option when generating package DDL to delete target files where selected single file for each table.
Updated UML Pattern behavior to import package elements
Corrected locate element behavior in Relationships dialog to locate package elements in Project View
Corrected issue where Method/Attribute Constraints were being incorrectly exported in HTML with non-renderable <br> tags.
Fixed issue where directions for Activity Edges were incorrectly settable in the connector properties.
Fixed bug where the modify property dialogue didn't load up the scope for existing methods.
Refresh and sort the resource list control on the Resource Details dialog.
Refresh and sort the resource list control on the Resource Details dialog.
Locate Object command in Resource Details dialog fixed to allow search for packages.
Fixed bug on SQL Server repository when setting a property for a class attribute.
Corrected XMI export behavior to write log file when requested
Fixed bug on SQL Server repository when setting a property for a class attribute.
Fixed occasional menu corruption after add-in menu had been active.
Modified Required and Provided Interface element to allow checking base interface properties
Modified XML import/export to handle issue with Communication Message parent AssociationRoles
Added update to open diagrams to remove deleted elements when complete package hierarchies are deleted.
Fixed issue where stereotype notes on UML profiles were being incorrectly imported.
Fixed table support for UML Profiles.

Code Template Updates:
      - C# Operation Declaration : Fixed erroneous generation of access modifier for static constructors.
     - C++ Class Body : Updated to use default constructor/destructor visibility options + bug fix

Latest News / Public Classes for EA Power Users
« on: July 15, 2004, 06:04:19 pm »
Sparx Systems and ICONIX Software Engineering are pleased to announce a series of public classes entitled "Hands-on Enterprise Architect for Power Users". These two-day events, to be taught in approximately 15 major cities within the US and internationally (exact locations and dates to be announced), will be personally taught by ICONIX President and noted author Doug Rosenberg. For more information browse to the following link:

Latest News / Version 4.1 - Build 731 Released
« on: July 06, 2004, 09:10:32 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.10 Build 731

Modified operation of user security when "User Lock required to Edit" enabled. Allow editing of locked elements within unlocked packages.
Fixed error which could result from using context menu on diagram object directly after deleting attribute in Project View
Modified Object Find dialog to allow searches on Association and Decision elements
Fixed saving Priority and Difficulty fields for Requirement Elements.
Modified HTML Document generation to not provide the Goto links in the Linked Section if there's no <a/> tag to refer to
Modified MySQL DDL generation to include "," after last field and before Primary Key directive
Modified Boundary element drawing to prevent stereotype strings being incorrectly drawn over with the element's name
Fixed behavior where element descriptions were not being updated when the package they reside in was renamed
Fixed intermittent error which could result when deleting columns from tables with foreign keys
Modified Hide Qualifier behavior to show/hide qualifiers for package contents.
Added check for blank datatypes when creating foreign keys.
Added support for displaying element features in a movable label when the element is displayed with an alternate image.
Artifact element added to element "Change type" dialog
Fixed problem with foreign key references to unique constraints
Removed direction restriction for self-connectors.
Many improvements to the XMI importer for XML written out by the NetBeansWriter for XMI 1.2
Fixed copy-paste behavior to copy style information for diagram element connectors.
Fixed the file save-as dialog for Saving UML profiles to prompt the user to overwrite.
Fixed SQL memory leak on large DDL import (too many open cursors error message).
Fixed error in DDL output for MySQL.

Code Template Updates:
- C++ Class body generates inline destructors for interfaces if destructors are being generated.

Latest News / MDG Link for Visual Studio.NET Released
« on: June 28, 2004, 10:43:25 pm »
MDG Link for Visual Studio.NET Released

A new plug-in from Sparx Systems, MDG Link for Visual Studio.NET creates a close coupling between EA and Visual Studio.NET. Now it is possible to generate and reverse engineer .Net classes and see the results within VSNet immediately. As MDG Link takes over the standard generate, reverse and view functions within EA, these functions become more tightly coupled with VS.Net making it possible to build, reverse and explore your .NET code with increased simplicity and power.

For more information please visit:

Latest News / Version 4.1 - Build 730 Released
« on: June 28, 2004, 10:34:07 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.1 Build 730

Release 1 of MDG Link for Visual Studio.NET - and integration plugin linking EA to the Visual Studio.NET development environment
Release 1 of MDG Link Technology File specification for EA
Added support for EA Model Technology resource files in the Resource View
Added support for XMI import/export of rose uuid's
Added support to have default Attributes and Operations in elements defined in the Project-Template package
Improved security checks so that checked-out and versioned classes from foreign packages are locked appropriately.
Fixed bug on PostgreSQL repository where change to table name not working.
Added XMI support for Composite State and SubactivityState when importing from Rose
Set Control + Mouse Wheel as shortcut for zooming diagram
Set Shift + Mouse Wheel as shortcut to horizontally scroll current diagram
Fixed ordering of foreign key columns.
Fixed resizing of elements showing inherited features
Fixed Message drawing to self-associations
Fixed ODBC import of default column values from Oracle.
Fixed RTF default templates to prevent EA incorrecly exporting Object Type information when Object Detail is unselected
Fixed display issue with Activity folder in UML toolbox not enabling scroll button in some conditions
Fixed display issue with Diagrams incorrectly displaying the locations of elements when the diagram is moved in the project
Fixed database error in Automation interface where GetByName attempted to find entries in an empty collection.
Fixed foreign key indexes for Generate MySQL DDL.
Fixed bug with unique constraint names.
Fixed problem with setting message source and target in sequence diagrams.
Fixed syntax of USE DATABASE statement for SQL Server.
Prevented adding duplicate column and constraint names.
Allowed setting Delphi operations to pure without abstract.
Added support for some string manipulation functions in the code generation templates.
Fixed bug when importing tables from MySQL and table owner was empty string.
Fixed schema/owner bug when importing ODBC tables in Unicode version.
Modified Communication message name to include ":" after sequence number (if it exists)
Corrected issue with object name underline being drawn using border style rather than font style
Added support in sequence diagrams to show proposed message insertion path while dragging and dropping a connector (Message)
Added check to ensure sequence lifelines are at least as high as the last message
Fixed table/column comments when generating SQL Server DDL.
Prevented dulicate column names and constraint names.
Added option to propagate primary key attribute change to linked foreign key tables.
Changed Delphi "uses" clauses to use a derivative of the filename of used class.
Improved "Resolve Replication Conflict" dialog and behavior
Allowed creation of read only and write only Delphi properties.
Added support for "Parts" to automatically obtain and keep synchronized any Ports from their type classifier
Added update of connectors for diagram when package element dropped from tree. Previously, connectors for newly dropped Package were not visible immediately
Fixed Activity Parameters to allow their Instance classifiers to be set.
Fixed Class parent behavior on diagrams to show parent aliases if available.
Fixed issue with Alias showing in Project tree when element properties editing from Project tree
Modified tab navigation in main dialogs to use Ctrl+PageUp and Ctrl+PageDown to cycle thru tabs
Modified wrapping behavior of names for Sequence actor, boundary and robustness elements to better handle double byte character sets
Dependency, Include, Extend and Trace icons in UML toolbox modified to have "open arrowhead" image
Some changes to Linux installer to correct intermittent database access errors

Code Template Updates:
- VB.Net Attribute declaration support of object initialisers.
- Delphi Operation declaration support for override tagged value.
- Delphi File changed to use a unit name derived from the filename.
- Removed Delphi file template overrides for class sterotypes of struct and enumeration.

Latest News / Beta MDG Link for Visual Studio.NET available
« on: May 30, 2004, 06:57:26 pm »
Sparx Systems are proud to advise that the BETA version of the Model Driven Generator (MDG) Link for Visual Studio.Net for Enterprise Architect is now available for download (Currently available for registered users only) at  

The MDG Link for Visual Studio.NET gives users of Enterprise Architect a light weight bridge to Visual Studio.NET allowing for a simple and efficient means of navigation between the model and the code, the ability to build and run projects from EA and the capability to merge an entire project with a simple easy to use process.

Please take note that the MDG Link for Visual Studio.Net is only available for users of the Corporate and Professional versions of Enterprise Architect V 4.00 (build 427) or later.

Please report any bugs, suggestions and/or comments to

Latest News / Version 4.00 - Build 729 Released
« on: May 30, 2004, 05:38:32 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.00 Build 729

Added support for moving self-associations around all edges of an element.
Fixed problem with version control which caused problems with Visual Source Safe when user and password were of a specific type
Fixed issue with reverse engineering source code when using a MySQL repository
Fixed bug when importing java source directory into SQL Server repository and Author greater than 255 chars.
Fixed various reverse engineering bugs involving comments in unusual positions.
Fixed bug where new a new class synched into a file sometimes didn't get all its members.
Fixed error when exporting stereotype reference data from a model file with replication enabled into one without replication enabled
Fixed spurious error reported when upgrading model from 3.6 to 4.0 format (error introduced in build 728 - model was upgraded OK depite error reported).
Corrected issue with Port and Part instances when displaying Attribute dialog
Code Template Updates:
 - Delphi Operation templates to allow for multiple constructors
 - Delphi Parameter template to fix default value

Latest News / Version 4.00 - Build 728 Released
« on: May 25, 2004, 08:55:59 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.00 Build 728

Added check for self-parent and circular parent object errors in the Data Integrity check.
Added ability to import Linked Requirements into TestCases in the same manner as importing standard Element Requirements
Modified Hierarchy window to include "Connector" and "Delegate" as "LinkTo" connection types
Improved ODBC DDL import of check constraints and table/column comments.
Restricted length of Oracle foreign key names to max of 30 characters.
Fixed DDL Generation of Referential Integrity constraints for Interbase.
Fixed syntax of DDL Generated inline column comments.
Added "use database" option to generate DDL dialogs.
Added refresh of treeview when adding/modifying table attributes/operations.
Added warning about deleting attributes/operations that are part FK relationships.
Added isBehavior notation for UML Ports
Fixed Sequence Diagram behavior to update diagram when message scope is changed
Fixed bug where templates from functions would be given to the following class when reverse engineering C++.
Fixed bug where first parameter was ignored when code was wrapped after the open brace in reverse engineering VB.Net.
The modify property dialogue now loads up the current property values and saves modifications properly.
Added multiplicity notation to UML Ports
Fixed multiplicity notation for UML Parts
Fixed Version Control handling of pipe symbol (|) when using Eap file.
Fixed Type Hierarchy Dialog to properly show Package names of generalized Types.
Fixed bug where method definitions spread over multiple lines in Java didn't import correctly.
Fixed a mouse problem when moving swimlanes in diagrams that are zoomed in or out
Added check to adjust diagram size after performing an auto layout
Modified "Set connector Source and Target" dialog to remove boundary, note and text from the general list
Fixed bug where first attribute of a Visual Basic enumeration was missed.
Added paramNotes macro to Code Template Framework, for accessing parameter notes from code templates
Changed operations dialogue so it wouldn't override an empty return type with "void".
Fixed Import DDL ODBC bug where non-FK relationships are deleted.
Corrected some main menu items which were enabled when no project loaded

Stopped code template macro WRAP_COMMENT from producing an extra line for comments with a length equal to the wrap length.
Fixed bug where self-realizations and self-dependencies were incorrectly drawn with solid lines

Added main menu item to Diagram Menu for managing Diagram Views - included:
     Close All
     Close Current
     Close All Except Current
     Reload Current
     Save All

Code Template Updates:
- C# Operation Declaration and Operation Declaration with property stereotype to resolve interface names

Latest News / Version 4.00 - Build 727 Released
« on: May 18, 2004, 06:13:57 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.00 Build 727
Fixed DDL generated script syntax for PostgreSQL auto increment/sequences.
Primary key and unique checkboxes made mutually exclusive on Table Attribute dialog.
Added option allowing Data Transfer only between eap files on Professional Edition.
Fixed error that could occur when pressing Escape key in docked note dialog or docked scenario dialog
Added option to change table owner for a package and child packages.
Added code engineering option to prevent Auto Layout of diagrams on synchronisation
Added support for forward synchronizing java package statement
Fixed code generation issue which could cause empty import/using statements to be generated
Fixed position of primary key comma when generating MySQL DDL.
Fixed code generation issue that caused classes to appear to be in the wrong package and not generate as a result.
Fixed diagram hyperlink issue that caused a hyperlink to a deleted diagram to erroneously open an empty diagram.
Fixed syntax of SQL Server DDL generated comments and MySQL foreign keys.
Fixed incorrect DB datatype conversion mapping from Access to Oracle.
Improved syncronization of enumerations.
Fixed tab order of Table Properties Dialog.
Fixed behavior where EA would not prompt the user to save any changes to attributes or operations when the selection in the Project View is changed
Fixed VB code import issue where EA would only import the first property, function or sub it encountered.
Added support for forward synchronization of inner classes
Added support for inserting classes into a Delphi file
Improved speed of forward synchronization
Fixed bug where delegate functions are removed when forward synchronizing C#
More robust parsing of C#, C++ and Java
Added refresh treeview when adding/deleting foreign keys.
Allowed PostgreSQL FK creation of integer datatype into a serial datatype.
Fixed issue that could cause incorrect generation of namespaces for C#, VB .Net and C++

Code Template Updates:
- C# Operation Declaration to give return type of void if none set
- C# Operation body always having body of ";" if external method.
- C++ Class Declaration to allow generation of DLL export macros
- C++ Class Inherits to remove extraneous white space

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