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Latest News / Version 4.00 - Build 727 Released
« on: May 18, 2004, 06:13:57 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.00 Build 727
Fixed DDL generated script syntax for PostgreSQL auto increment/sequences.
Primary key and unique checkboxes made mutually exclusive on Table Attribute dialog.
Added option allowing Data Transfer only between eap files on Professional Edition.
Fixed error that could occur when pressing Escape key in docked note dialog or docked scenario dialog
Added option to change table owner for a package and child packages.
Added code engineering option to prevent Auto Layout of diagrams on synchronisation
Added support for forward synchronizing java package statement
Fixed code generation issue which could cause empty import/using statements to be generated
Fixed position of primary key comma when generating MySQL DDL.
Fixed code generation issue that caused classes to appear to be in the wrong package and not generate as a result.
Fixed diagram hyperlink issue that caused a hyperlink to a deleted diagram to erroneously open an empty diagram.
Fixed syntax of SQL Server DDL generated comments and MySQL foreign keys.
Fixed incorrect DB datatype conversion mapping from Access to Oracle.
Improved syncronization of enumerations.
Fixed tab order of Table Properties Dialog.
Fixed behavior where EA would not prompt the user to save any changes to attributes or operations when the selection in the Project View is changed
Fixed VB code import issue where EA would only import the first property, function or sub it encountered.
Added support for forward synchronization of inner classes
Added support for inserting classes into a Delphi file
Improved speed of forward synchronization
Fixed bug where delegate functions are removed when forward synchronizing C#
More robust parsing of C#, C++ and Java
Added refresh treeview when adding/deleting foreign keys.
Allowed PostgreSQL FK creation of integer datatype into a serial datatype.
Fixed issue that could cause incorrect generation of namespaces for C#, VB .Net and C++

Code Template Updates:
- C# Operation Declaration to give return type of void if none set
- C# Operation body always having body of ";" if external method.
- C++ Class Declaration to allow generation of DLL export macros
- C++ Class Inherits to remove extraneous white space

Latest News / Version 4.00 - Build 726 Released
« on: April 28, 2004, 08:59:06 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.00 Build 726
Fixed bug involving C++ reverse engineering method parameters with comments.
Visual Studio.Net now supports For Each of EA automation objects
Fixed DDL script syntax for MySQL tables with auto_increment columns.
Fixed Delphi Code Synchronization issue which prevented properties from being synchronized correctly.
Added Page Up/Page Down/Home/End support for EA Diagram navigation
Fixed issue where element aliases were being incorrectly displayed in the Project Tree
Fixed issue where EA would incorrecly allow duplicate attributes to be created.
Fixed bug on Oracle repository when adding UML pattern to a diagram.
Fixed bug where diagram views were being incorrecly deleted when deleing a package on the Project View.
Added Data Modelling feature where tables, attributes and operations of one DBMS can be mapped to another supported DBMS.
Fixed handling of table owner and DDL syntax for SQL Server database tables.
Modified Sequence diagram to prevent resizing elements to text width at very extreme zoom values
Fixed table owner and DDL syntax for SQL Server and Oracle database tables.
Added option to specify InnoDB table type for MySQL.
Fixed issue with dropping a Part element onto a diagram where its containing parent did not exist
Some optimizations to reduce load time of large diagrams
Optimised speed of XMI Export|Format XML Output
Added option to select clustered or nonclustered primary keys for SQL Server.
Fixed Element.Elements collection to include newly added children elements created by the Automation Interface
Fixed VB Code import to correctly import class notes
Fixed Linux/CrossoverOffice printing issue whereby text was incorrectly printed back-to-front
Fixed issue whereby Part elements were being incorrectly drawn when moved from one parent to another
Modifed how port and part names are displayed in some situations to be consistent with type display
Modified synchronization of Port and Part instances to correct issue when Port or Part is of same Type as Parent (owner)
Several modifications to the XML importer to better support Telelogic XML 1.0 import
Modified handling of "Part" element to support typing in the same manner as Ports
Modified Project Reload function to force a reload of all open diagrams when refreshing the project tree
Fixed issue which caused generation of duplicated associated attributes when no role specified
Fixed bug where RTF Report Format dialog not showing all in Style combo box when on Oracle repository.

Latest News / Version 4.00 - Build 725 Released
« on: April 14, 2004, 10:24:30 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.00 Build 725
Fixed drawing issue with operations on classes when User defined font set for class. Some operations may revert to standard font after abstract operation.
Corrected issue with some Diagram auto counters referring to wrong diagram type after introduction of UML 2 new diagram types.
Modified Specify Feature Visibility dialog to include option for Port/Part type display in diagrams
Fixed XML immport/export error with Requirement Difficulty and Priority settings.
Modified appearance and minimum size of Objects when stereotyped with <<Object Read>> and <<Object Written>>
Added GUI & Misc. support for EA running under CrossoverOffice (Linux)
Generate DDL - removed whitespace after DROP TABLE statement terminator.
Generate DDL - fixed CREATE INDEX syntax for InterBase/Firebird.
Generate DDL - prevented generation of column default values for MS Access CREATE TABLE statements.
Fixed foreign key bug where key references unique column.
Import DDL ODBC - fixed bug when importing MySQL foreign keys.
Import DDL ODBC - fixed recovery if import fails.
Import DDL ODBC - fixed importing of Oracle LONG data type as CLOB datatype.
Fixed MySQL sql syntax when saving/applying UML profile.
Improved array support in C#, C++, Java and VB.Net. (Involved template changes, see below)
Code Template Updates:
- Linked Attribute Declaration template (for all languages except PHP)
- Fixed bug causing no type to be generated when multiplicity is set without a Collection type.
- Fixed bug with unnamed linked attribute getting a name of the class type not the name in the options dialog.
- Attribute declaration templates updated to provide array support in C#, Java, VB.Net.
- Parameter VB.Net template also updated for array support.
Added Code Gen option for removing suffixes from attribute names when creating properties
Fixed diagram undo behavior for connector & movable element labels.
Added support for reverse synching inner classes.
Fixed Element.ExtensionPoints AI property so that it contains a comma-separated list of extension points for a use case element
Fixed HTML Report generator dialog to prompt user for output folder if none defined
Fixed minor GUI translation issues
Modified behavior of "Attach Note" context menu item to save diagram state on creation, rather than requiring an explicit manual save
Modified drop behaviour of Actor onto Sequence diagram so that Actor instance displays drawn as Actor icon, not rectangle.
Updated LayoutStyles parameters for Project.LayoutDiagram Automation method.
Fixed sql syntax when loading swimlanes so that sort order is determined by converting a string number representation to a number representation.
Fixed issue with "Locate in Current Diagram" not working correctly
Updated collaboration messages to properly link with linked notes
Modified transfer of EAP model with replication enabled to Oracle (Oracle problem with negative ID values in counter columns)
Modified display of Multiplicity in sequence elements to correct issue for objects that are 'created' during interaction

Latest News / Version 4.00 - Build 724 Released
« on: April 04, 2004, 10:06:40 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.00 Build 724

Fixed problem with deleting ObjectNode in ProjectTree when ObjectFlow in recently created diagram displays same ObjectNode
Fixed recent file list in Start Page to prevent blank entries showing
Modified Object and Control flow connections to show stereotype if set
Fixed error with Ports when setting the classifier of a Port to the same Class as the Port parent (host)
Modified Project Tree to prevent showing object Alias when it is set in a diagram
Modified dropping of element from Project Tree onto diagram to avoid brief display of element in top left corner
Modified drawing of elements in Sequence diagrams to show multiplicity with numeric inidcator - rather than previous "multi-object" style
Modified Sequence Message connectors to prevent changing to another connector type.
Modified Node element to show Run State items as per EA 3.60
Modified docked note dialog to be disabled when Note element type with linked content is selected
Modified docked note dialog to refresh all elements and linked notes when object note edited in docked note dialog
Modified XMI importer to correctly import Attribute Alias if set
Fixed behaviour wherebye element positions would revert to last saved position when an element was deleted from a diagram
Modified name drawing in Exception Handler element to allow wrapping of name rather than clipping

Code Template Updates:
 - C# Operation Declaration and Operation Declaration with property stereotype
 - Fixed so that a declaration for a class with the Implements tag true generates valid code.
 - Created a tag that the user can add if they want the operation to use Explicit Implementation.
 - C# Class Body, Attribute, Linked Attribute
 - Updated to prevent generation of interface member fields and nested types
 - VB .Net Attribute, Linked Attribute
 - Updated to prevent generation of interface member fields
 - Updated Note templates for C#,Delphi,Java,PHP,VB,VB .Net to remove hardcoded wrap length- option value now used instead
 - Added support for using connector strereotype overrides

Fixed issue with code generation of nested types, which allowed non-class/interface elements to be generated
Updated package code generation dialogue to save auto-generated file paths
Fixed creation of new package reference file where changes made to an existing reference file.
Fixed source directory import to close generated class diagrams on import.
Fixed source directory import to prevent EA from terminating abnormally on import of complex source bases.
Fixed DDL generation where columns have default values.
Updated code generation of import statements to use class member types for C++, C#, Java and VB.Net.
Modified wrap comments option so that it accepts -1 for no line wrap.
Fixed issue with Tag compartment string in Classes for Delphi Classes not being displayed properly
Fixed bug with foreign key relationship into unique constraints
Fixed bug with classes going into wrong namespaces in VB.Net
Fixed issue which could cause incorrect package path to be generated for java
Added hideicon stereotype appearance attribute to UML Profile exporter
Updated manner in which profile stereotypes are applied as new elements such that any appearance settings are applied before showing the properties dialog.
Fixed issue importing exception specifications that include scope resolution operator in C++
Fixed issue to prevent EA from terminating abnormally when an embedded element is created on a UML component.
Fixed issue to prevent EA from terminating abnormally when importing a VB struct.

Latest News / Version 4.00 - Build 723 Released
« on: March 25, 2004, 04:29:08 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.00 Build 723

Modified EA to allow InteractionFragment to be a child element of another in the Project Tree
Modified list of elements in the Change Element Type dialog to include "Action" type
Fixed error with Change Object Type wherebye element is shown with home package text until diagram reloaded
Fixed error when moving elements with children between packages, whilst corresponding element open in tabbed view
Allowed saving of Selectable flag for elements currently not supported (eg. class, interface, note & etc) on per diagram basis
Fixed clipping problem with a small number of element types when producing RTF documentation and images
Modified drawing of object instances in Sequence diagrams to underline names
Fixed issue with unsaved elements losing recently set color values when same object moved in Project Tree
Fixed issue with creating new elements in SQL Server when template package was set and contained example of new element
Fixed issue with adding new diagrams to the Element.Diagrams collection in automation
Added ability to suppress sequence message parameters in message name by setting diagram "Show Parameter Detail" to None
Increased number of elements which are automatically set as children of ActivityPartition when adding and moving elements on Activity diagram
Modified drag drop handler in Project Tree to reduce number of database calls on action
Improved diagram display of embedded elements when they are moved from one element to another in the project tree

Latest News / UML Training CD ROM using ICONIX Process and EA!
« on: March 23, 2004, 04:00:49 pm »
Thanks to the efforts of all at ICONIX we are now able to bring you "Mastering UML with Enterprise Architect and the ICONIX Process" Training CD ROM!  Now you can learn to streamline your process right from your desktop, at the pace you dictate.  You can find more information at:

Latest News / Version 4.00 - Build 722 Released
« on: March 22, 2004, 08:59:57 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.00 Build 722

Fixed problem with UML 2.0 style components when stereotyped with web profile stereotypes. Icon display and component size could be adversely affected
Fixed problem with bounding rectangle calculation when dependent and provided interfaces automatically shown on element
Fixed error wherebye Element "file" dialog duplicated record when name changed, rather than amending it
Fixed error where a deleted elemented could in some cases cause an exception to occur
Fixed problem with SQL Server when loading a new project may throw DB error on Stereotype table
Added ability for Activity to show Tagged Values when draw in Rectangle mode
Some changes to XMI importer to improve import of Telelogic XMI 1.0 exports
Added ability for Activity element whan draw as a Rectangle style to show Tag, requirement and Constraint compartments
Fixed problem with same link in two diagrams currently open when one end of link deleted in one diagram
Fixed layout problem with Interfaces not being included in layout
Modified HTML report generator to link Composite elements (with child diagram) to their target diagrams in HTML image map
Modified EA to prevent dropping duplicate copies of the same Package in a diagram
Added ability to launch files,edit operations and attributes and launch property window  from Element Browser window double click
Modified Undo feature to ensure local color settings for elements in a diagram are restored on undo
Modified "Delete froim Tree" method to ensure multiple Ctrl+Del keypresses in quick succession did not causes program errors
Modified Interaction Fragment dialog to correct error with setting partition type that could occur
Improved Multi-Monitor support to correctly detect monitors to the left, above and below the primary monitor (as well as the normal to the right mode)
Modified EA to close newly created diagrams when importing directory structures - this to avoid many open diagrams when import structure is very large

Latest News / Version 4.00 - Build 721 Released
« on: March 18, 2004, 03:23:46 am »
Release Notes for EA 4.00 Build 721  

Fixed error that caused context menus on some elements to display incorrectly when Current Element toolbar visible and Fade menu style shosen
Fixed error with Activity and Action elements when wrapping long element names - name could overrun element boundary in some cases
Fixed foreign key association into column with a unique constraint.
Added "Action" support to the <Apply/> Element in the UML Profile XML.
Added check box on RTF document generator to allow exclusion of "Advanced Properties" - check box named "Extended Properties"
Space evenly - Vertical - problem corrected
Added check to "Move External" function on Element properties/Requirements tab. Checks for valid current record before allowing function to proceed
Corrected problem with diagram tab "Save All" function
Added check box to Swimlane dialog from diagrams - provides ability to suppress Classifier names when set
Fixed missing back slashes in file path when generating package DDL on a PostgreSQL reopository.
Modified display of Attribute and Operation "Alias" in diagrams to only show when Diagram Checkbox "Use Alias" checked.
Diagrams in "Diagram Only" report now supported by Name
Added ability to move elements in project browser directly under View nodes using drag and drop.

Latest News / Version 4.00 - Build 720 Released
« on: March 15, 2004, 12:28:31 am »
Release Notes for EA 4.00 Build 720 (Official Release of Enterprise Architect 4.00)

Enterprise Architect 4.00 released.
Includes comprehensive support for the new UML 2.0 standard as defined by the OMG (

Support for all 13 UML 2.0 diagrams and associated diagram elements. Includes:
     Structural Diagrams:
     Behavioral Diagrams:
           Use Case
           Interaction Overview

           Custom (requirements, UI design)
See HelpFile for detailed information on all the new UML 2 elements      
Ability to display inherited operations, attributes, tagged values, constraints and requirements in a class within a diagram
Extended Tagged Value management
Extended UML 2.0 style UML Profiles
Support multiple open diagrams thru tabbed interface
New StartPage to assist opening and managaing Projects and Profile
Ability to customize UML Toolbox contents thru personal Profile
Update to RTF and HTML generator to handle embedded elements
Automation Interface updates and extensions (see help file)
Add-In interface modified to support additional integration with EA user interface. See help file for more details on writing new add-ins.
Code Engineering updates and fixes
DDL and database modeling enhancements and fixes
Moveable partitions within State and Activity nodes using mouse
Improved context menus for Objects and Connectors in diagrams
XML import/export improvements
PostgreSQL support as a DBMS back-end repository
Sybase ASA support as a DBMS back-end repository

** Many other bug fixes and enhancements

See BETA release notes below for additional fixes and enhancements made during the Beta release period

Latest News / Version 4.00 - Beta Build 5 Released (Reg Users)
« on: March 10, 2004, 11:11:41 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.00 Build 719 (Beta 05)
Fixed error where Association dialog could be shown very narrow
Modified Sequence Message Properties dialog to streamline creation and selection of new Operations
Ensure simple filename on Version controlled package configuration dialog - when using "Find File" dialog
Additional Automation methods and Help documentation updates
Fixed error with Requirements when properties invoked from Project Tree not always being saved
Fixed PHP import problem that prevented classes in files with import statements from being imported correctly.
Fixed PHP import problem that prevented function identifiers from being imported correctly.
Fixed bug which prevented HTML stylesheets from being made available to HTML documentation pages correctly.
Fixed ODBC DDL table import bug where could not stop import if there was a problem with the ODBC connection.
Fixed bug in HTML documentation templates which prevented non-english characters from being correctly displayed in the HTML documentation contents pages.
Fixed Delphi operation declaration template to properly generate abstract operation declarations.
Some changes to the Delphi code generation templates
Timelane range settings for non-Timing diagrams not being saved between XMI import/export - fixed

Latest News / Version 4.00 - Beta Build 4 Released (Reg Users)
« on: March 08, 2004, 06:16:40 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.00 Build 718 (Beta 04)
Prevent saving in Boundary element properties dialog when element locked
Prevent saving of Connection details by pressing Enter key when Connection locked
Prevent loss of focus in Project Tree when attempting to edit name of locked element
Reset position of Composite Diagram icon for Use Case when Use Case drawn in Rectangle notation
Show Swimlane classifier name in Diagram Swimlanes where classifier is set
Ensure Swimlanes are not moveable when "Lock" check box is ticked in Swimlane properties dialog.
Ensure Classifier GUID reset after XMI import/export cycle
Fixed error with re-used Ports not saving on first attempt
Added additional tagged values to XMI import/export for Connections - ensure all information is retained thru export/import cycle
Fixed error with Timline range settings not being saved under some conditions
Fixed drawing of Component element shadow when using UML 2 style drawing of components
Modified Port naming to only show PortName:TzypeName. Classifier name not used.
Prevent drawing of Actor in rectangle format in Sequence diagrams
Fixed XMI export error with "Package" visibility
Multi-Object menu item and drawing behavior replaced with "Set Multiplicity" context menu option and UML 2.0 notation (exact multiplicity drawn in top right corner)
Prevent loading of model file if Upgrade to Version 4 is cancelled or fails
Modified output format of Model Tasks in HTML report to exclude invalid dates and HH:MM:SS component
Modified "Duplicate Object" function to rename constructor and destructor to name of new class if applicable
Save icon in toolbar now greys out after a 'Save All' call from the main tab context menu
Classes with long names are now drawn correctly on initial creation - instead of requiring an extra redraw to resize
Focus of control in Operation dialog now set to Name field when dialog first invoked from Project View
Fixed error with sequence diagrams - initial messages would not be added if a notelink connector pre-existed before adding the first sequence message

Latest News / Version 4.00 - Beta Build 3 Released (Reg Users)
« on: March 03, 2004, 10:51:12 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.00 Build 717 (Beta 03)  
Bug fixes and performance updates from last beta
Fixed ordering of Glossary in HTML documentation such that its sorted by Item and Type
Corrected context menu behavior which prevented embedded elements from being correctly inserted in a diagram
Corrected XMI import behavior for files with mixed single/multibyte characters which prevented non-western characters from being imported correctly
Removed "list of" on two strings on Export Reference data
Added "Model Authors", "Constraint Status Types" to Export Reference Data
Corrected XML import/export problem which prevented dates and float values from being imported correctly when using non-english regional settings
Corrected possible XMI import problem when multi-byte characters used on Sequence Message names (length limitation)
Fixed HTML report problem when deep package nesting repeats package names in a branch
Added LibraryVersion property to Repository Automation interface
Added support for printing Project Status information as a list
Ports for an instance object are now deleted when a new Classifier is set via the Object context menu
Minor changes to display of owned elements in Embedded Elements dialog when dealing with re-used and re-defined ports
Added GUIDs to Code generation template elements (class, attribute, operation, package)
Added Font scaling to support standard diagram layout & size when large fonts are selected.

Latest News / Version 3.60 - Build 662 Released
« on: March 03, 2004, 10:45:40 pm »
Changes and Fixes in Version 3.60 - build 662
Fixed ordering of Glossary in HTML documentation such that its sorted by Item and Type.
Corrected context menu behavior which prevented embedded elements from being correctly inserted in a diagram
Corrected XMI import behavior for files with mixed single/multibyte characters which prevented non-western characters from being imported correctly
Removed "list of" on two strings on Export Reference data
Added "Model Authors", "Constraint Status Types" to Export Reference Data
Corrected XML import/export problem which prevented dates and float values from being imported correctly when using non-english regional settings
Corrected possible XMI import problem when multi-byte characters used on Sequence Message names (length limitation)
Fixed HTML report problem when deep package nesting repeats package names in a branch

Latest News / Version 4.00 - Beta Build 2 Released (Reg Users)
« on: February 23, 2004, 07:32:32 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.00 Build 716 (Beta 02)

Added support for displaying and managing inherited and overridden tagged values.
Added support for displaying and managing inherited and overridden Ports and Parts values.
Added support for displaying inherited constraints.
Added support for displaying inherited responsibilities.
Added support for displaying inherited operations.
Added support for displaying inherited attributes.
Added support for over-riding initial values on Attributes within an inheritance hierarchy
Added Guard and Weight settings to ControlFlow property dialog
Added <<hyperlink>> as a valid GUIElement stereotype (behaves like text hyperlink element)
Added support for named message endpoints and diagram gates
Modifications to Foreign Key dialog
Additional support for defining UML Profiles using UML 2.0 Profile notation
UML Profile Toolbox compartment added
DDL Generation - fixed default comment tag when none selected.
Foreign keys - fixed corruption of FK information when changing name of non-FK operaton.
Corrected error in object search when Scenarios, Tags, etc checked.
Corrected display and updating of Diagram Note Created and Updated dates.
Updated C++ code engineering to support type-definitions of the form: typedef struct foo {...} bar;
Fixed integrity checking bug where there are orphaned requirements.
Fixed saving object efforts, risks and metrics where Notes is empty string.
Fixed bug in synchronization of foreign keys during DDL ODBC import.
Added tidy shutdown if network connection broken.
Fixed missing DB2 Data Type display in table attributes dialog.
Fixed creation of duplicate issues on Oracle repository when closing issue and selecting OK on dialog.
Added check when opening project with incorrect connect string to avoid network error message.
Added check for valid filename when generating individual DDL scripts from Project View.
Altered order of messages on completion of Data Transfer of model.
Added 3 GUIDCols missing from GetGUIDCol function in Data Transfer.
Changed source and target database connect string fields on Data Transfer dialog to read only.
Altered PostgreSQL datatype details when importing PostgreSQL tables through ODBC.
Added option to reset GUIDs when createing a new model.
Added support for PostgreSQL repository.
Added ability to create foreign keys referencing unique columns as well as primary key columns.

Bug fixes.

Latest News / Version 3.60 - Build 661 Released
« on: February 23, 2004, 07:01:20 pm »
Changes and Fixes in Version 3.60 - build 661

Fix Glossary export bug which prevented glossaries from being imported into a model.
Fix Glossary dialog bug which wrongly cleared user edits on change of glossary list view.
Added <<process>> (Applied to activity) stereotype to list of default stereotypes (as per help documentation)
Fixed issue with connector label direction arrow pointing wrong way when connector ends are moved
Fixed import from XML of Composite Elements which are exported as ClassifierRoles (eg. Requirements)

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