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Latest News / Version 3.60 - Build 657 Released
« on: January 11, 2004, 10:49:28 pm »
Changes and Fixes in Version 3.60 - build 657
Modified UI to use Shift+Control+Tab as the key combination for moving between tabs in major dialogs - allows use of Control+Tab combination to enter tabs in note fields
Corrected problem with saved image rectangle in XMI sometimes not reflecting absolute diagram offsets
Allowed use of code Synchronize command from Project main menu when multiple selection is enabled
Modified HTML report generation to use ", " instead of "," in some instance, to allow browser to wrap long "See Also" lists
Modified XMI import/export to correct issue with diagrams containing instances of the root export package losing image of package on import
Fixed attributes dialog issue where the user would be mistakenly prompted to save changes when using the keyboard accelerator key to access the dialog.
Fixed issue with batch code generation and readonly files, causing the dialogue to lock.
Fixed issue with batch code generation and inner classes.
Corrected display and updating of Diagram Note Created and Updated dates.
Fixed saving object efforts, risks and metrics where Notes is empty string.
Fixed bug in synchronization of foreign keys during DDL ODBC import.
Fixed missing DB2 Data Type display in table attributes dialog.

Latest News / Version 3.60 - Build 656 Released
« on: December 18, 2003, 10:37:29 pm »
Changes and Fixes in Version 3.60 - build 656
Added search results count to the Search dialog.
Fixed Delphi import issue where statically defined functions would prevent a Delphi class to import correctly.
Fixed Delphi synchonization issue which prevented operation implementation signatures from being properly synchronised with that in the class body.
Excluded DDL Import of SQL Server 2000 dtproperties table.
Added option to show table owner on diagram - set option on Diagram Properties Dialog.
Fixed syntax of DDL table generated for PostgreSQL.
Added create sequence statement when DDL generating an autonumber attribute for PostgreSQL.
Fix deletion of association notes link during ODBC table import.
Fixed MSAccess Memo datatype specification for DDL generation.
Fixed missing guid when creating table owner.
DDL Generation - fixed default comment tag when none selected.
Foreign keys - fixed corruption of FK information when changing name of non-FK operaton.
Corrected error in object search when Scenarios, Tags, etc checked.
Fixed missing column comments and corrected foreign key syntax when generating MySQL DDL.
Fixed display error when 'Classes Honor Analysis Stereotypes' unchecked in options dialog (affected Class elements only)
Fixed display problem with connector labels sometimes displaying black background for Print Preview and Print
Modified XMI import/export to include message conditional
Added Entity element to Custom page of UML toolbox
Fixed error on code synchronization of C# and Java function names which could result in missing bracket
Fixed case sensitivity issue in class names, when reverse engineering nested classes.
Updated C++ import feature to include support for "typename" keyword in operation return and parameter types.

Latest News / Version 3.60 - Build 655 Released
« on: December 10, 2003, 08:43:39 pm »
Changes and Fixes in Version 3.60 - build 655
Fixed problem with notes linked to element features or diagram note
Reverse engineering a locked file no longers disables UI
Removed the "Lock Package" menu option from all Project Root Nodes
CSV specification is checked for completeness before import

Latest News / Version 3.60 - Build 654 Released
« on: December 08, 2003, 05:01:47 pm »
Changes and Fixes in Version 3.60 - build 654

Modified the image generation code to allow creation of larger in memory bitmaps for drawing. This avoids having larger images scaled down when saved to file in PNG, JPG, etc. format. This affects the Save Imge to File and HTML/RTF generated images. WMF and EMF format are not changed.
Added option in Tools/Options dialog - Diagram page to set the maximum amount of memory to allocate when creating memory bitmaps for images. This can be increased from the default where sufficient ram and pagefile space exist.
Fixed error with XMI package round tripping and "Virtual Documents" losing package identifiers
Instances of EA COM objects started from automation are now marked as single use to prevent inadvertent re-use of the same COM object when running multiple automation clients.
Fixed error with some toolbar images when Zicom Mentor add-in is active.
Modified algorithm to determine font sizing when zooming in and out. Corrects issue with some blank space appearing at the end of diagram elements with many attributes and/or operations. Element appearance is now more consistent at all zoom levels.
Modified Zoom procedure to retain current diagram centre when zooming in or out, rather than retaining the upper left corner position. Generally only noteiceable when diagram exceeds size of visible window.
Fixed issue with Package "Note" of root package not being retained thru XMI round trip.
Fixed bug in Integrity Check when checking Object Features.
Change PostgreSQL auto increment DDL script to lower case.
Fixed bug in Foreign Key Dialog allowing duplicate names.
Updated C++ Import feature to accept inheritances as "virtual public"-previously only "public virtual" was accepted.
Fixed bug in C++ Synch, which caused implementation notes to lose a carriage return during synchronize.
Fixed bug which could prevent classifier type being saved properly, when retyped manually into combobox.
Code Generation for custom languages now excecutes only the "File" template- previously hardwired to execute the "Class" template.
Updated Java Parameter template use "final" keyword for fixed parameters.
Updated Java Class Inherits template to handle sub-interfaces.
Updated Java Operation Declaration template to correct the "throws" specification.
Updated C++ Operation Declaration templates to correct the "throws" specification and "const" stereotype.
Group permissions now flow through other members of the group.
Modified LockPackage dialog to prevent repeated display of warning message when locking on behalf of another group
Fixed bug in Code generation which prevented VBNet namespace Import statements from being automatically generated.
Fixed bug in C# import feature which could prevent enums from being imported correctly.
Fixed bug in Code generation feature to allow Delphi export paths to be saved in the registry.
Updated the Image Manager Dialog for elements that causes the currently-selected alternate image to be selected in the list by default.
Updated the UML Profile Save/Import features to selectively save and import additional UML Profile options including:
 - Element Size fields (cx, cy)
 - Color and Appearance fields (bgcolor, fontcolor, bordercolor, borderwidth)
 - Alternate Image (metafile, or <Image/> Element, if there is an alternate metafile image defined for the element)
 - Code Templates (<Template /> Element, if there is a code template defined for the stereotype in the Profile)

Latest News / Version 3.60 - Build 653 Released
« on: November 18, 2003, 10:42:00 pm »
Changes and Fixes in Version 3.60 - build 653
Fixed problem opening foreign key dialog for some earlier EA model files
Fixed display of default foreign key name when creating new foreign key
Modified saving of long foreign key names
Fixed support for importing and exporting multiple class/attribute/operation attributes in CSharp and VBNet
Added Support for generating the system issues and system tasks in the HTML Documentation
Added check to Foreign Key dialog to ensure target columns are Primary Keys.
Fixed problem with modifying PrimaryKey columns for a table class

Latest News / Version 3.60 - Build 652 Released
« on: November 17, 2003, 09:20:39 pm »
Changes and Fixes in Version 3.60 - build 652
Modifed version control option dialog to allow disconnecting from version control even when packages in the model are under VC (useful when changing project location etc)
Modified behavior of main menu and context menu handler to correct a deficiency in a 3rd party library when using EA with Unicode on non-English platforms
Allowed Version COntrolled packages to have relative paths specified instead of a single path (eg. source\java\classes.xml instead of just classes.xml. This applies to the Package Configuration dialog
Updated import of C++ operation parameters: array based parameters and more complex template-based parameters can be imported
Updated C++ Operation Declaration templates: removed redundant %opReturnArray% macro
Updated Linked Attribute templates: fixed problem with collection classes, when multiplicity set to "1"
Updated UML profile import - now includes support for "constraint" stereotypes
Fixed issue that could cause DAO error on package generation
Added Support for generating the glossary in the HTML Documentation
Fixed problem with selection of Use Cases in metrics dialog based on Keyword Like or Not Like search value
Fixed some errors with preservation of Package stereotype value for root nodes and views when round tripping using EA XMI export/import
Fixed search error when using SQL server in the find dialog and setting certain tagged value criteria
Auto element naming dialog now picks up changes in object type when using keyboard input only
Fix for problem with length limit on Foreign Key Names
Some changes to the Docked Element Browser window to ensure it is updated when tree and diagram changes occur
Changed drawing routine on composite element diagram icon
Default package behaviour in diagrams has been changed to automatically open the target rather than show properties (Ctrl+K behavior)
Correction to file writing routine that impacts CSV export
Some modifications to item selection in Attribute and Operations dialogs
Modified drawing code when saving images to file - better support for Win98/95/ ME and improvements for XP/NT/2000 also. Impacts maximimum size of diagram that can be saved without scaling of image
Modified drawing code to redraw diagram when feature visibility dialog invoked to update display immediately
Modified mouse selection pf elements in diagram to prevent moving and sizing when Ctrl key is held down during mouse move.  Helps prevent inadvertent moving of elements when adding to selected list using Ctrl+Click
Foreign Keys...
             Improved saving of association details, loading of Source and Destination roles.
             Fixed association link to display source and destination roles as well as foreign key attributes      
             Fixed inconsistencies on deletion of association where there are multiple or composite foreign keys.
             Fixed Foreign Key dialog to improve handling of multiple and composite foreign keys.
             Fixed import of multiple and composite foreign keys.  
DDL Generation...
             Fixed lock up when DDL generation file path not valid.
             Restricted Oracle trigger and sequence name lengths to max 30 characters when generating DDL.
             Fixed generation of table and column multiline comments.      
Allowed for longer table/column/operation names.                                           
Fixed saving Tablespace in Table Properties/Class Detail when Tablespace is deleted.
Fixed saving of primary key name changes in association.
Fixed saving of attribute name changes in association.
Fixed updating of attribute from project tree where attribute is part of primary key.

Latest News / Version 3.60 - Build 651 Released
« on: November 04, 2003, 05:43:00 pm »
Changes and Fixes in Version 3.60 - build 651
Support for PHP code generation and reverse engineering (beta release)
     - Code generation templates to support the PHP language
     - Importable standard datatypes package
     - Reverse engineering of PHP
     - Synchronization of PHP source code and syntax highlighting for source editor
Improved transaction handling around XMI import/export and version control check-in and check-out
Modified modality of dialog boxes shown when checking in and out packages to version control to prevent inadvertent interruption of the process
Improved speed of XMI import- especially in removing existing packages from model prior to import
Fixed issue with object Maintenance dialogs which treated name as key value. Also allowed multi-delete in docked list.
Fixed issue in C++ reverse engineering parameterized operation arguments
Fixed Synchronize options for package-level source code generation. Previously, class-level synchronize options were used
Modified RTF export to allow user entered line breaks in operation paramters to appear in documents
Modified behaviour of several dialogs in EA to better handle "Save" operation when initiated by pressing Enter key
Fixed issue with diagram icon in browser not changing immediately a diagram type is changed
Fixed diagram not saving Page Setup when invoked and set from the File menu
Corrected Status Types dialog query definitions for MySQL - problem with case sensitivity
Some minimisation of queries generated when moving diagram elements around to assist those using EA over a slower link
Fixed problem with Add-In menu when switching between user defined visual layouts
Fixed issue with Oracle and Implementation/Dependency report
Updated Scenario dialog behaviour to preserve list selection when a scenario is saved
Changed the default value of the "Show Stereotypes" option in the Options->General page to true
Fixed a gui issue with the attributes dialog that wrongly enabled the property checkbox after clicking the new button to add an attribute.

Latest News / Version 3.60 - Build 650 Released
« on: October 27, 2003, 03:18:10 pm »
Changes and Fixes in Version 3.60 - build 650
Fixed problem with Auto-Layout diagram feature causing exception in some cases in non-unicode build of EA
Added initial supports for Ports to EA
Modified the Save as Profile function to support the more standard UML Profile modeling syntax
Modified calculation of bounding rectangle for Decision elements (text could be truncated in saved images in some conditions)

Latest News / Version 3.60 - Build 649 Released
« on: October 24, 2003, 12:28:51 am »
Changes and Fixes in Version 3.60 - build 649
Extended support for Composite Elements to Class, Object, Use Case etc.
     - Can be set from context menu option on diagram element
     - Automatically adds a child diagram to the Composite Element
     - Adds a small icon to the lower right corner indicating Composite
     - Double click on Composite Element will open the child default diagram
Added automation support for composite elements - Element now has an Elements and a Diagrams collection
Added App object to EA automation interface
EA Type Library updated to version 2.02.
Fixed issue with source code editor prompting to save file after code generation
Changed package generation to ignore existing file paths by default, when auto generating directory structure
When running EA from external automation client, main windoww is now automatically hidden
When running EA from external automation client, add-ins are prevented from loading
Also added ability to retrieve App Object from the "Running Objects" table using constructs such as VB's GetObject() function. (see Help file for more information)
Added ability to add and work with  Nested Version Control packages in the Project Browser (ie. children of Version Controlled packages may now be Version Controlled as well.
Added Constraint Status Types Dialog & support code to provide user-customisable constraint status types.
Fixed problem with loss of Keyboard mappings when switching between Visual Layouts
Fixed problem with sequence diagrams when "New" message is preceded by a Return message to an other object
Fixed problem with diagram not being marked dirty when relation suppressed thru docked relations window
Re-worked Project/Issues dialog to be more in keeping with the System/Issues dialog
Fixed issue with Source Editor when using Local Paths as part of the filename
Allowed diagrams to be placed under Root node in project browser
Fixed error when deleting tablespace names
Added support for color and border style using the Format toolbar when editing Note elements
Modified System Issue dialog to replace "Save" with "Apply" and retain current record after saving
Corrected a couple of minor XSD generation issues
Disabled Version Control "Change User" button for Jalinda Igloo, which does not support the function.
Changed route behaviour for Association classes so that it routes in the user-specified default mode.
Added default property operation note values to new property creations (attribute notes)
Fixed diagram draw behaviour logic that refreshes a lollipop name of a realised interface when the interface's name is modified
Fixed Issue Dialog problem that did not set edit fields as dirty when user entered white space (space).
Fixed Property checkbox behaviour for Attribute Edit dialog that erroneously showed properties as unchecked      
Linked display of Delphi Tagged Values for Properties to visibility of Operations (hiding one hides the other)

Latest News / Version 3.60 - Build 648 Released
« on: October 16, 2003, 06:59:19 pm »
Changes and Fixes in Version 3.60 - build 648
Added Sub-Activity and Sub-Machine elements to the UML Toolbar. Each automatically creates a new child diagram on creation.
Added ability to show a Use Case using 'rectangle' notation - displaying attributes, operations, constraints etc. in the same way as a Class
Added ability to drop an Operation from the Project View onto an Activity diagram and have it automatically create an Activity element
Added Artifact model element to the Deployment compartment of the UML Toolbar. Displays using artifact keyword and 'doc' icon in top right corner
Added ability to 'Show Realized Interfaces' to Class and Component (toggle on/off using element context menu. When enabled:
     - EA will show a lollipop style interface node for each Interface the class or component directly realizes
     - Connectors may be directly attached to the lollipop circle - inidcating usage of the interface part of the class or component
Fixed problem with focus of control in Sequence diagrams on messages set as "New" (ie. create new instance)
Added ability to generate a complete directory structure of code from a model package and subpackage in one step using default values
Modified sort order of some collections in the automation interface to match the sequence shown in project browser
Fixed some issues with adding child diagrams to elements in the project browser
Fixed issue with locking packages using Group locking
Fixed issue with context menu display in UML Toolbar
Fixed issue with associations between objects being deleted in collaboration diagrams when one object removed from diagram
Modified Issue dialog to set status to closed when issue resolved
Corrected case sensitivity issue of class scope in XMI import/export
Fixed issue with Association Class elements showing dotted link in images derived from only currently selected items
Added context menu option to single elements to include "Copy Selected Image to Clipboard)
Fixed import of XMLDoc <exception/> comment tags for languages not having explicit throws clauses
Fixed ExportXML dtd file copy problem for XMI 1.0 export

Latest News / Version 3.60 - Build 647 Released
« on: October 09, 2003, 12:02:20 am »
Changes and Fixes in Version 3.60 - build 647
Added Multi-Object appearance for sequence elements
Added context menu option to Connector "Hide in Other Diagrams" - allows batch Hiding/Showing of a connector in all but the current diagram
Unlocked "Launch" button on Files tab of Object Properties dialog when Object is locked - assume launching files is still OK when object is locked
Modified Project Tree to show package stereotypes when appropriate
Fixed error in Sequence diagram - Object could be displayed with circle notation
Fixed error in image generating code which could cause an error when creating large HTML documentation sets
Fixed issue with Add-Ins menu causing interference with standard menus in rare circumstances
Modified Add-In template (Addn_Templ.TLB) to include "Disconnect()" method (destructor).
     - Used to allow Add-Ins to disconnect gracefully (see Help File)
     - Solves problem of .NET based Add-Ins locking EA from exiting normally
     - see Help file for more information
Modified XSD generator to ensure nested model groups generate correctly
Modified standard C# Operation Body code generation templates to exclude curly braces for interface methods
Fixed issue with Version control settings when using Replicated .EAP files (settings could not be saved)

Latest News / Version 3.60 - Build 646 Released
« on: October 05, 2003, 11:36:54 pm »
Changes and Fixes in Version 3.60 - build 646

Added additional highlight for context element in diagrams - when selected has hatch border.
     . Context element is one used for alignment operations not using mouse
     . Can be turned off on the Diagram/Behavior page of Options dialog
Modified Project Browser to improve context menu behavior and added warning before reloading model when changes by other user detected
Changed Add-In template file from DLL format to Type Library format for improved language independence. See help file for details on writing Add-Ins using Add-In Template Type Library
Added option to Tools/Option dialog to not expand drop target packages when doing a node trasnfer in project browser
Fixed VBNet Comment parser behavior - XMLDoc, JavaDoc & standard comment
Fixed VB & VBNet processFunction arguments (multiple lines)
Various Code Generation Template updates
Modified CreateProperty dialog behavior on Attributes dialog (to improve property creation & modification)
Modified diagram alignment behavior to use last selected element in group selection when aligning via main menu
Fixed issue with conditions on Collaboration messages caused when re-sequencing the collaboration messages
Corrected possible problem when printing or saving images with 'Display Watermark' ticked, but not text set to display
Modified some string resources to correct displayed tooltips
Modified RTF Report dialog to allow creation of new Template when started from <<Model Document>> class
Limited Extended Properties on Operations for Tables to Indexes and Foreign Keys
Improved Boundary, Text and Note behavior to retain font and color settings when pasting as new copy
Modified RTF format of Requirements/Linked Requirements to make them match
Modified RTF format of Requirements/Linked Requirements to hide status and advanced information when "Object Detail" unchecked
Corrected problem with Code Generation toolbar - which could cause exception when showing context menu under certain circumstances (affects XP and Win3K only)
Modified .EAP file repair functions to be grayed out when no EAP file loaded.
Modified XMI import/export to move connector end stereotypes from the attribute to tagged value level. Issue with DTD
Extended behavior of locking on View and Project roots to allow deletion of View or root when "Require User Lock to Edit" is the security mode
Fixed option for auto-generating interface methods
Updated C# operation templates: removed invalid modifiers on interface operations
Updated C++ FileImpl template: uses %fileNameImpl% instead of %fileName% in comment section
Added ability to bookmark (red triangle) alternate images and stereotyped metafiles
Fixed issue with automation interface that could prevent "CreateObject" working in some instances

Latest News / Version 3.60 - Build 645 Released
« on: September 29, 2003, 06:47:10 pm »
Changes and Fixes in Version 3.60 - build 645
Inclusion of first release of EA Add-Ins capability (see Help file under Automation/Scripting)
     - Ability to define ActiveX add-ins to appear in EA main menu
     - Allows creation of one menu branch (including submenus) per Add-In
     - Receive and respond to user menu selection
     - Interact with the EA Repository elements active within the current open Model

Fix for problem with CVS Source Code Control using Igloo bridge
Modifications to SCC interface to support PVCS SCC
Fix for relative names from Source Code Editor
Modified user interface to retain current User Tools when changing visual layouts
Added support for business process stereotypes such as "business worker" "business entity" "business actor" "business use case" etc.
Modified Space Evenly - Horizontal function to accomodate some elements which may have external text (eg. Actor)

Latest News / Version 3.60 - Build 644 Released
« on: September 23, 2003, 11:48:37 pm »
Changes and Fixes in Version 3.60 - build 644

Modified Workspace Views toolbar to allow toggling of docked windows (on-off)
Added Configure Appearance menu option to element context menu
Fixed problem with some docked windows first appearing with no "X" cloce button in the top right corner
Fixed issue where Rolenames on association between two tables were being suppressed, even when Foreign Keys were not defined
Modified  VB parser to treat Enums in .cls files as inner classes
Modified VB.Net parser to allow _ in op declaration
Added code in Override Implementation dialog to support VB implemented interfaces.
Fixed issue with Vb, VBNet operation implementation for inherited interfaces
Corrected problem with element properties dialog appearing offscreen in some instances
Modifed foreign key dialog to only show FK's associated with current association
Fixed problem with Print List function in several places causing exception in Unicode version
Released first version of SPEM UML Profile (see  
Fixed problem in automation interfce with Aggregation property on ConnectorEnd Object
Fixed problem in automation interface when deleting a Connector from a Collection
Changes to XMI 1.0 imort/export to pick up EA tags when round tripping
Modified use of XMI local path setting for use with Version Control
Added "Parameter Impl" code generation template to allow for correct generation of operations having parameters with default values

Latest News / Beta 'SPEM' Profile Now Available
« on: September 23, 2003, 07:41:32 pm »
To get you started with using the Software Engineering Process Metamodel (SPEM) in EA, there is now a beta UML Profile for SPEM containing the SPEM_Extensions stereotypes defined in the Specification "Software Process Engineering Metamodel v 1.0" by the Object Management Group.

Visit for more information or download the profile directly from

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