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Latest News / Zicom Mentor - Version 2.00 Released
« on: June 24, 2003, 11:48:20 pm »
Changes and Fixes for Zicom Mentor Version 2.00
- Introduction to Enterprise Architect course added.
- New book selection mechanism implemented.
- Bookmarking facility added.

Zicom Mentor - Visual UML Dictionary fully integrates with Enterprise Architect. For more information and to download a trial, visit

Latest News / Version 3.51 - Build 616 Released
« on: June 24, 2003, 11:39:17 pm »
Changes in Build 616

Fixed error with import of source code directory when resolving generalizations. In some rare circumstances could cause an exception
Fixed error with import of Sequence diagrams from XMI causing intermittent problems with saving message positions in Sequence diagrams
Fixed error with Options dialog pages being offset to far to the left for uses using 'Large Fonts' in windows
Fixed C++ import error of typed operators : eg. TCHAR operator[] () ;
Modified XMI exporter for Rose. Adding <<subsystem>> stereotype to a package will cause that model branch to be exported as a Component Model for Rose
Modified base .EAP file (EABase.EAP distributed with EA) to improve replication support.
Added 'compartment' support in diagrams for states and nodes.
Prevented EA prompting for 'Save' when exiting secure model with no user lock on current diagram
Modified order of word replacements in RTF language adjustment to prevent inadvertent overwrites
Improvements to DDL generation of:
               Column defaults, check constraints,
               Table and column comments,
               Referential integrity and check constraints,
Added option to select referential integrity constraints to table operations.
Added option to skip all rows of a table if an error occurs during data transfer of a model, and during removal of replication.
Fixed saving of association link names greater than 50 characters.
Fixed error on save of Local Options dialog when using .EAP files with replication enabled
Modified XMI export to write log file when requested
Fixed GUI ELements to show text even when stereotype not applied
Modified XMI importer to handle XMI 1.2 files where possible (some work still required)
Modified ECF and TCF dialogs to handle , as a decimal separator where regional settings are configured that way

Latest News / Version 3.51 - Build 615 Released
« on: June 12, 2003, 08:06:45 pm »
Changes in Build 615
Added support for picking up initializer lists in .CPP file and correctly re-synching the same on code generation
Fixed bug with pointer reference being reversed in C++ (*& becomes &*)
Fixed bug in parser where many macros are defined in Refrence/Language Macros. Caused incorrect parsing of some tokens.
Fixed problem with output of Tagged Value notes in RTF
Fixed issue with import/synchronization of attributes delared as arrays eg. int x[100]; in C++
Added support for "volatile" keyword in Java and C++
Fixed issue with "unsigned long" data type in CPP imlpementation file paramter list
Added ability to define a system wide "Watermark" for diagrams when printed or output to image. See View/Options dialog - Diagram page
Fixed problem with Collaboration graphic element printing with solid border instead of dashed. Also cured similar problem when zoomed in on Collaboration
Added or improved support for ODBC import and DDL generation of:
         Interbase 6,
         PostgreSQL, and
         Sybase tables,
         including index and foreign key constraints (where supported).
Added and modified existing Database Datatypes. See file ddl_datatypes.xml in EA install directory. Import using the Reference/Import Reference Datatypes dialog
Set index sort radio button to default to ascending in operation extended properties dialog.

Latest News / Version 3.51 - Build 614 Released
« on: June 03, 2003, 11:49:11 pm »
Changes in Build 614

Elements with parent names specified graphically now resize if name is longer than class name
Fixed error with UML:Diagram XMI being written out during export when Diagrams set to non-export
Added support for C# event keyword (field declaration and accessor) to C# parser.
Added ability for ordinary user to 'View Current Locks' when security enabled. View Locks is a new Permission.
Fixed problem with Java parser misinterpreting default values of attributes when the default is a scoped name
Fixed error in automation interface which could cause Models collection to throw an exception
Change to XSD Schema generator - For complexTypes which contain an attributeGroup and are derived from another complexType by extension or restriction, the attributeGroup is placed within the extension element.
Duplicated objects now created with User Lock applied where 'Require User Lock to Edit' is enabled in security
Fixed problem in adding items to Glossary
Links page of Object Properties dialog now works with Locate Object when the target is a package type
Fixed some instances of case sensitive SQL which could cause issues on UNIX based version of MySQL
Added ability to define a default user diagram for corporate edition when security is enabled.
       User may set any diagram to be their own default
       Function is available from the diagram context menu - when user security is turned on
Made 'New' button on Requirements page of Object Properties dialog always enabled - even when a linked requirement is selected

Latest News / Version 3.51 - Build 613 Released
« on: May 30, 2003, 12:19:22 am »
Changes in Build 613
Added new diagram layout options:
  - Set from Diagram Dialog: see Set Layout button
  - Applies to current diagram only
  - Can be set as Project Default layout
  - Includes option to layout to left, right, up or down
  - Includes settings to control spacing and layout performance options
  - Also includes auto 'bending' of line links where possible to achieve a clean layout
Fixed 'Undo' of moved boundary where subelements are also moved
Fixed Undo of  diagram layout - Ctrl+Z will now reverse a layout
Added Connectors collection to Package element in Automation Interface      
Added TreePos property to Element in Automation interface
Fixed error in options dialog default value for wrap long comments option
Fixed spelling errors in Generate DDL dialog
Fixed C++ parser error when importing some inline functions from header file
Added Alias property to Package element in ActiveX interface
Fixed 'Locate Object' behavior in Implementation Report dialog
Fixed error with code generation progress dialog that could result in dialog been left open when a bad filename was encountered in output
Modified Instance State behavior to remove merged name when this option is unchecked and to not show [state] in instance graphically when name is merged
Changed 'hit test' on sequence elements to only include the 'head' of the element and 7 pixels either side of the lifeline. This is to improve element selection in sequence diagrams
Fixed error with arbitrary packages being opened when EA first loads a project (bug in 612 only)

Latest News / Version 3.51 - Build 612 Released
« on: May 21, 2003, 12:27:26 am »
Changes in Build 612
Addition of support for using ORACLE 9i or greater as the repository for an EA project
     - Required scripts are located on Corporate resource pages
     - Data transfer functions also modified to work with Oracle
Added check box to Set Instance State dialog to "Merge State with Instance Name" - will append [State] to instance name
Added menu option on Connector for Association Class link to automatically add the Association Class if it is not currently in the selected diagram
Fixed issue with RTF language substitution function - "Figure" was not being handled correctly
Added option (in View/Options Diagram page) to allow changing diagram created date. If checked, created date is editable on diagram dialog
Fixed problem with importing packages in XMI format to DBMS repositories. In some cases diagrams did not appear in Project Browser
Fixed problem with importing Delphi source code where class with many implemented interfaces could be imported without all interfaces
Fixed issue with Instance Classifier dialog not showing caption under certain circumstances
Fixed issue with Diagram Hyperlink not working when the default was not to generate pages for notes or text
Fixed duplication of mnemonic on Operations dialog (Const and Cancel)
Added option in RTF diagram to use 'Simple Names' for elements. This removes the scope and modifiers from the element name in the final document
Added option to add initializers to output source code in C++ implementation file. A tagged value of "initializer" will result in EA appending ":" + the initializer value to the source
Fixed autocounters for element task, issue, change etc.
Removed some autocounters in the list which were not relevant
Added drop list of 'owned states' to "Set Instance State" dialog. An owned state is one which appears under an element in the project browser
Modified local option 'Sequence message Vertical Gap" to now be saved on a per project basis - rather than a per person basis
Fixed error in generation of Package notes in RTF when using the <Basic> style
Fixed problem with package Alias always being used in RTF output when set, and not when explicitly asked for only
Changes to the XSD Schema generator
     - Import elements are generated for each referenced package whose targetNamespace tagged value differs from the target package's targetNamespace.
     - Include elements are generated for each referenced package sharing the targetPackage's namespace.
     - Added "schemaLocation" as a tagged value for the XSDschema stereotype.  It is generated in the include and import elements.
     - TargetNamespace prefix gets included in the schema element, if targetNamespacePrefix tagged value is specified for an XSDschema package.
     - The Encoding value in the processing instruction is omitted if the encoding field in the GenXSD dialogue is empty.
     - TargetNamespace prefixes are used in ref elements for external types.
Fixed problem when generating VB6 source - class specific Advanced Options were being overridden by the global equivalents at run time
Added automation method to GetCurrentDiagram() from the open model
Added ability to hide or show 'Package' scoped features in a diagram to the Diagram Dialog
Fixed error in picking up project default language when showing the Import Source Directory dialog
Moving a Collaboration message now marks the current diagram as dirty
Fixed error with RTF Report dialog when saving template with all options and filters set. Length of opetions style string was too long.
Added ability to mark a collaboration message as 'Return' and have it show with 'dashed' line appearance
Length of Collaboration 'tails' increased and some small adjustments made to position of associated text
Changing a text font will now mark diagram as dirty
From search dialog, Locate Related Element in Browser now works for Package as well as other elements
Added Automation method to Repository to GetConnectorByID(long ConnectorID)
Added 'Apply' button to Diagram Properties dialog
Fixed problem with data transfer between MySQL and SQL Server (NULL able columns)
Fixed problem with Association Class - link to association was not draw if Association Class was off screen - but association was on screen

Latest News / Version 3.51 - Build 611 Released
« on: May 07, 2003, 12:37:40 am »
Changes in Build 611

Fixed bug in EA running under Windows 2000 that could result in program termination when adding a new Project Root node
Fixed problem with UML Patterns when adding sequence objects and messages to an existing diagram - could result in duplicate messages being created
Fixed problem with Classifier dialog not showing correct classifiers for some intance types
Added option to View/Options/Diagram/Behaviour dialog to turn off Automatic Sub-Activities from dropped diagrams
Fixed issue with new Sub-Activities created from dropped diagrams not appearing in Project Browser until a reload occurred
Fixed issue with import of XMI - attribute and element contraints could cause an error if constraint type was not set in XML file
Modified export of 'position'tagged value in XMI 1.0 for attributes - used tag name ea_position instead to avoid conflict with XSD position tagged value
Modified RTF generator to sort connectors by connector type first, thereby grouping like connectors
Modified RTF generator to fix issue with line breaks in Test notes
Fixed issue with glossary dialog not warning if pending changes exist when moving between records or closing the dialog

Latest News / Version 3.51 - Build 610 Released
« on: May 04, 2003, 10:12:28 pm »
Changes in Build 610
Automation interface re-written to support both IDispatch and Type Library access to automation objects.
     - TypeLibrary automatically registered on install of EA (Enterprise Architect Object Library 2.0)
     - Automation error handling improved to provide simpler and more convenient error messages
     - Intellisense for EA object model now supported thru type library reference
     - Code samples added to EA install directory (Sample Code)
     - AutomationInterface.PDF updated
     - Automation Interface ReadMe.PDF added to Program Group ... highlights recent changes

Added new behaviour on Ctrl+Drag of element from Project Browser to diagram. Source element may be dropped as Link, as Instance and as new Child (generalizes)
Added new options to UML Pattern function (from diagram 'Save as UML Pattern' option)
     - Option to link an object to an existing classifier at pattern instantiation time
     - Option to replace a pattern element with an existing model element of the same type at pattern instantiation time

3 more Properties added to the Connector automation element:
     - TransitionEvent
     - TransitionGuard
     - TransitionAction

Added an option to the HTML Generation dialog to optionally not generate separate pages for notes and text elements
Modifed Attributes and Operations dialogs pages - improved keyboard navigation and added additional mnemonics for each field
Modified Project Borwser so that F9 and F10 shortcut keys to Attributes and Operations now work correctly in tree
Updated EA installer to new version. Added code samples directory to install and included registration of type library as part of install
Added support for SubActivity State.
     - Dragging an Activity Diagram from the Project Browser onto an Activity diagram will create a SubActivity State node
     - The SubActivity node will behave in the same fashion as a Diagram Hyperlink - ie. double click to go to target diagram                  

Added ability to bookmark results in Search Dialog (places a red triangle above bookmarked elements in diagrams)

Latest News / Version 3.51 - Build 609 Released
« on: April 22, 2003, 11:12:53 pm »
Changes in Build 609
Added support for showing element and feature stereotypes in Project Browser (option is on View/Options dialog first page)
Made a number of modifications to the source code importer (including):
     Improved support for importing hundreds or thousands of files in the same directory.
     Improved support for synchronising existing classes - rather than re-importing
Added support for 'default element templates' :
     Use the Project Main Menu - "Set Element Template Package" option to cofigure or change the template directory
     Place elements you wish to be the default templates for new elements in the package
     Configure the template size, appearance, notes, version etc.
     Add new elements from the toolbox - EA will check the templates directory first and if a template is found, will copy from there
Improved handling of drag and drop from the Project Browser:
     Cursor reverted to default explorer arrow
     When moving in tree, drag source is gived 'cut' appearance to indicate possibility of moving element within model
     When cursor is moved outside tree and over diagram, drag source is focused and drawn normal - inidcating it will be added to the current diagram
Added "Cancel Import/Generation" button to batch source import/generate dialog
Fixed problem with CreateProperty dialog. In some cases could revert to default language instead of element language.
Added display of table column number, scale and precision to HTML output
Fixed problem with XMI import/export and package scope of AssociationEnd's
Prevented EA from overwriting custom parameters in sequence messages when the underlying method was updated
Added support for Object State (context menu option on object element) allows setting of a single state for a class instance
Made the Matrix cells uneditable if user does not have permission to edit source and target objects
Fixed issue with applying user locks and element locks in tree. Lock applied immediately now.
Packages created in tree are created with user permissions
When moving a Boundary element, all contained custom line points for contained elements will be moved as well as the contained elements
Fixed error with newly created elements being moved between packages.
Added option to diagram dialog to suppress qualifiers (scope markers +-#~ etc) in a diagram
Fixed problem with report view of diagram scrolling to top after each edit
Made docked property window display object properties when selected in diagram Report View, and reflect changes to both
Added Methods and Interfaces to the list of replaceable word in RTF language customization
Dotted namespaces in C# and VB.Net now imported correctly
Fixed problem with import of VB.Net interfaces when each realised interface listed on a separate line
Added option (in Viuew/Options dialog) to have 'free sorting' of elements in project tree - so that element type is ignored
Collaboration diagram type added to context menu in project browser where appropriate
Fixed font dialog of Diagram Link element - not picking up underline correctly
Modified DataTypes dialog so that a product could be deleted when the last datatype it supported was deleted
Association-Class now suppressed in RTF when you suppress the Class type for the document
Fixed problem in CSV import - elements not appearing in import package when no current diagram is open
Changed text item minimum size to be 16x16 - the same as an icon with no text
Changed diagram link type so that element can have no text but background will still not show if it has iconic form
Ensured EA prompts to save any changes before changing projects
Fixed problem with setting link label alignment
Fixed error with getting default code generation language when flipping between projects which have different defaults
Changed EA default behavior to stop force loading of Association Classes in diagrams. Now the Association Class may be suppressed if desired
Added support for deleting multiple test cases in the Test Casew list in one action
Modified Java code generation - stopped writing out name of Namespace Root  where class resided in that namespace (ie. a global class)

Latest News / Version 3.51 - Build 608 Released
« on: April 13, 2003, 11:59:48 pm »
Changes in Build 608
Added 'Autosize Element' context menu option to single selected element
Fixed problme in Java generation of extends clause
Added notes section of linked requirement to RTF output - similar to notes for internal requirements
Prevented notes being modified and content lost when element is locked
Fixed cursor problem when connector type and then element type selected in toolbox - correct cursor shape now shown
Modified parameter type combo to mark record as dirty when type modified using arrow keys only
Checked size of run-state information when drawing elements and ensure element is wide enough to contain text
Fixed problem when adding additional Project Root nodes - sort order was reset to alphabetic instead of user configurable
Fixed problem where the 'constraint' field on a sequence message was not being written out to XMI
Fixed problem with print outs where Scale Image to One Page was selected. Often the font was being overly reduced.
Fixed display erro with Operation behaviour in class diagrams - behaviour notes now displayed correctly wrapped and next operation moved down a suitable amount
Fixed problem with NewElement Dialog (from Package contrext menu) being set invisible in some situations
Changed Diagram Hyperlink element so that it may have no text and the bounding box does not show - only the link icon
Changed wording of connector type in Connector dialog - now drop list contain Auto Routing as the second option instead of Routed
Schema generator modified:
     * EA now generates a complexType wrapper for attributes which are generated as elements and have a non-simple type.
         * The default model group is now "sequence", instead of "all"

Latest News / Version 3.51 - Build 607 Released
« on: April 11, 2003, 12:02:18 am »
Changes in Build 607
Addition of XML Schema generation to Professional and Corporate versions of EA
     - Provides ability to generate complex XSD schema from UML models
     - Use in conjunction with the XSD Profile that can be imported into EA
     - Also added XSD Datatypes XMI package for use with XSD generator
     - see:

Changed docked Property Grid component            
Fixed bug in Auto-counters for new diagrams which sometimes displayed wrong counter
Fixed bug that resulted in prompt to save modified diagram after diagram had already been deleted
Added option to View/Options/XML Specifications dialog to toggle timestamps in XMI on or off. This is useful when you wish to ensure two exports from a controlled package create identical files when there are no model changes
Fixed problem with Open Project menu and toolbar items not working after application has lost and regained focus
Fixed code import (C++) error in eg. Func1(Foo<Msg&> prm1); The & was being lost.
Modified diagram 'Deep Copy' function such that a new CreateDate is created on copy
Fixed error with Components which could result in elements with a long (wrapped?) being drawn too large
Limited length of Requirement short description to 254 characters
Added ability to add RunState to Node Instances
New Packages created under User Lock will inherit the lock state
Added option to not generate/reverse code notes and comments
     - Added two check boxes to the View/Options/Code Generation dialog page. They are in a section called comments:
     1. Generate: default = true. Uncheck this to not generate any notes in code
     2. Reverse: default = true. Uncheck this to not pull in any notes from       code.            

C++ generator now uses initial value of attribute in enum definitions
Fixed error where pressing ESC in docked Notes window could cause notes window to de-activate
Fixed problem in C# parser which could result when certain combination of commented out { and } characters occurred
Added current EA.tlb (type library) for those wishing to register EA automation interface in tools with Intellisense etc.
Fixed error in XMI generation where EA duplicated diagram notes in tagged value.
Fixed problem in Java parser - not importing multiply inherited interfaces
Added ability for Node to display attributes and operations - and for Node features to be exported to XMI
Added 'Sort Axes' method to Matrix Options menu. When disable, axes are displayed in package order, recursively ... rather than alphabetically

Latest News / Version 3.51 - Build 606 Released
« on: March 30, 2003, 08:46:33 pm »
Changes in Build 606
Modified ODBC import to correctly capture 'Currency' type in MS JET databases
Multiple changes to the XMI import facility when importing UML 1.3/XMI 1.1 from the Rose Unisys toolset
   -Improved diagram import and layout
   -Handles notes and notelinks better
   -Some changes to display of rrot/leaf indicators
   -Default cardinality changed to clarify diagrams
   -Notelinks to connectors
   -Association Classes

Improved print preview and printing to better match printed output with screen output (font sizing problem)
Fixed problem with import from SQL Server to .EAP format of binary data (metafiles,images)
Fixed problem with default code language in View/Options dialog not always being saved
Added option in View/Options Code Generation to toggle auto diagram layout on and off when importing
Fixed error when closinf one model and opening another with pending changes and security enabled
Added ability for EA to autogenerate Foreign Key operations when using datamodeling capabiliuty:
   1. You create parent and child tables as normal
   2. Create attribute (columns) in both
   3. Set a target attribute to be the PK or <<unique>>
   4. Create an Association from the child to the parent
   5. Set the target role to the required PK (will be in drop list)
   6. Set the source role to a column name in the Source Role (will be in drop list)
   7. Press OK
 EA will generate the new <<FK>> operation automatically and convert the Source Role name to the generated <<FK>> name. I think this makes things a lot simpler as both the FK and PK operations are now being automatically generated from the column name.
Fixed problem when reversing interface operations from C# code
Added ability to move in Attribute and Operations lists with arrow keys
Fixed bug in Issues dialog when modifying an existing item, a duplicate record could be created

Latest News / Version 3.51 - Build 605 Released
« on: March 11, 2003, 10:07:39 pm »
Changes in Build 605
Modified Operations and Attribute dialog to mark dirty when information pasted into notes field
Added Connector detail Heading and Row RTF to the RTF Style templates
Added a number of additional words to the 'Adjust Language' function in the RTF Documentation dialog
Fixed issue with saving comments in VB.NET where a ' was embedded in the text
XML Export option setting in View/Options dialog to make not exporting diagram details in XMI the default
Fixed issue with XMI export/import that could result in missing package in rare circumstances
Modified XMI 1.0 importer to better handle import of Model and Subsystem packages
Source and Target Role names added to RTF report on Connector Detail
Added Association start and end tagged values to XMI export using EA/XMI 1.1 style.
Fixed problem in Glossary dialog when using MySQL
Fixed problem in MySQL when invoking "convert linked element to local copy"
Fixed issue where imported property names in VB.Net always used "m_"<name>, and not option configured in View/Options Attributes/Operations
Fixed issue with Actor element causing problem when Attribute dialog invoked
Updated name wrapping routine to handle class names with embedded spaces
Updated Create New Project dialog to avoid resetting model filename after setting new filename
Stereotype dialog now re-sorts list on reload when a custom sort is in place
Modified code import to better handle use of Realization link to interfaces
Modified security subsystem to prevent one user viewing/altering another user's 'user locks'
Added "Exclude from RTF" option on Diagram Options Dialog to selectivey not show a diagram in and RTF export
Fixed problem that could result in sequence messages being re-wrapped to more than one line in Print Preview mode

Latest News / Version 3.51 - Build 604 Released
« on: February 26, 2003, 10:27:45 pm »
Changes in Build 604
Fixed problem in label sizing code that resulted in diagram being set dirty after opening
Fixed problem in label sizing code that could result in distortion of containing rectangle after zooming
Added ability to reset code type for elements in Package Code Gen update dialog to <none>
Modified default auto-tidy gap in options from 25 to 12 to allow finer control of custom lines in default mode
Modified drawing code to calculate bounding rectangle better where connector labels extended beyond bounds of objects and connectors

Latest News / Version 3.51 - Build 603 Released
« on: February 25, 2003, 09:49:31 pm »
Changes in Build 603
Fixed error in C# parser that could occur where unmatched strings in summary comments occurred
Fixed error in removal of classifier from Boundary still showing name of previous classifier
Modifed drawing code in sequence diagrams to underline full name of instances
Modified drawing code to force resize of connection labels to best fit of text
Modified C++ parser to correct problem with importing file with complex template definitions
Modified Delphi parser to correct problem with handling of quoted strings in certain comments
Fixed problem with EA on SQL Server when running test report and selecting "Passed, Failed, or Not Run"  option
Included attribute tag notes in RTF documentation
Added new interface to EA.Repository object "OpenFile2(Variant Filename, Variant Username, Variant Password)" - use to open a password protected model from automation
Fixed issue with handling of .EMF files which have been saved with .WMF extension

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