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Latest News / Version 3.51 - Build 602
« on: February 16, 2003, 09:33:24 pm »
Changes and FIxes in Build 602
Fixed problem with drop menus for code gen and RTF reports in Workspace toolbar not being always enabled
Fixed problem with label on generic input dialog box being empty in some cases
Added support in Delphi for reintroduce keyword
Fixed problem with Association Class connector not being displayed after class edit
Added 'Stop' cutton to spell check dialog to allow cancel of spell check during execution
Fixed loss of open project name in caption bar after print preview
Added View menu option for animated menus - None, Slide, Unfold or Fade
Added XP style 'faded icons' for toolbars and menus
Fixed bug in Search dialog that caused problem when no search type was defined
Task dialog, percent complete 'spinner' direction reversed to Windows standard
New UseCase diagram from context menu was defaulting to Class in dialog - fixed
Using keys to manually resize an element now marks diagram as dirty
AssignedTo: field in Tas Detail dialog now correctly includes drop list of project resources/authors
Fixed problem with Zicom Mentor Add-In registration menu item (in Help) not always being avaiable in Desktop version of EA
Modified drawing code to correct slight increase in vertical gap between operations and attributes introduced in build 589
Modified C++ parser to prefer CPP comments for operations over .H ones if C++ options "Comments in Header" unchecked

Latest News / Version 3.51 - Build 601 released
« on: February 11, 2003, 02:11:09 am »
Build 601 released on 11-Feb-2003.

Changes and fixes in Build 601

Fixed bug with project workspace button on workspace views toolbar
Fixed error that prevented cancelling a database compact
Added delete constraint and delete requirements from docked properties window using "Delete" key
Modified RTF to better format Attribute constraints
Attribute constraints now use drop list defined in Reference/Types/Constraint Types
Add check box on diagram dialog to hide element stereotype names in current diagram
Fixed bug that caused model upgraded directly from 3.10 to 3.51 being marked as too recent for version 3.51
Fixed problem with label editing that caused difficulty on Right mouse click
Scenario Type dialog - details edit box now wraps multiline text
Fixed bug in Print Preview that renamed EA caption window to -EA (missing current project name)
Fixed bug with changing user login name - EA previously ignored changes
Fixed problem that could occur when security menu item accessed - but no model open
SQL Server now prompts for password when opening model if no password in connect string and login fails
Matrix profiles now accept names > 12 characters

Latest News / Version 3.50 - Build 589 released
« on: January 04, 2003, 02:56:16 am »
Changes in Build 589
- Added CSV import/export capability for elements (basic properties only)
     * Set CSV Specifications in Project/CSV Specification
     * Import/Export from/to CSV on project browser, package right click menu - Import&Export/CSV Import-Export
     * Use GUID field to export / modify element in CSV file /  re-import and update exisiting classes (round trip with other tools)
- Modified diagram layout and autosize routines to avoid problem of overlapping elements in large diagrams
- Modified Diagram layout function in automation interface to avoid overlapping elements
- Modified UML Pattern function to ensure all pasted elements appear in project tree immediately (reload not required)
- Modified 'Drop From Tree' function for sequence diagrams, so that pasted elements appear where dropped, not in the leftmost position
- Fixed bug which prevented Sceanrio notes being updated from the automation interface (Scenario object)
- Modified RTF Style function to correctly include customized "Basic Style" when available and selected
- Added underlining to Node and Component instance names
- Modified Tagged Value drop list in Object, Attribute and Operation dialogs to allow scrolling of Value content
- Modified Column Name edit box in Attribute dialog for tables to allow names up to 255
- Added check when creating Generalization to take IsRoot and IsLeaf attributes into account
- Added support for Windows XP Themes. EA dialogs etc. now adopt theme specified in Windows XP Appearance dialog. (XP only)

Latest News / Version 3.50 - Build 588 released
« on: December 23, 2002, 06:04:32 am »
Changes in Build 588
- Modifed C# parser to handle @ symbol when used as a indicator of a literal string (ignore escaped characters sequences)
- Fixed problem that could cause exception on closing EA when project browser was undocked
- Check for dirty attribute data before changing current record in Attribute dialog
- Modified generation of 'legacy' style bookmarks for RTF documents.
- Modified the way connectors are joined to Decision nodes - now the four points of the Decision are considered the only legal anchor points
- Modified behaviour of Ctrl+Del key in diagram - now performs delete selected object(s) from diagram instead of deep delete of selected item in tree
- Model Issues, Model Glossary and Model Tasks docked lists now support multiple delete of all currently selected items
- Ctrl+Del in Model Issues, Model Tasks and Glossary lists now acts as shortcut to Delete selected item(s)
- Modified handling of function parameter types declared as pointers eg. "double *" & "double*"
- Added ability to drag a top level view from one Project Root Folder to another Project Root Folder
- Added 'Version' as an updatable option in the 'Update Package Status Dialog' available from the Project Tree context menu on a package
- Fixed problem that occurred with display of attributes when View/Options/Diagram/'Zoom to Best Scale' options was unchecked.
- Added check for modified element notes on exit and perform save if required
- Added File/Save Menu option to be consistent with Windows UI guidelines. Function saves current diagram
- Added Element Issues and Element To Do list to the docked Maintenance bar for a single element
- Modified RTF document generator to include check boxes for new element issues and element to do lists
- Modified key stroke handler to exclude some keystrokes from those that cause a record to become 'dirty' (eg. Alt-S)

Latest News / Version 3.50 - Build 587 released
« on: December 17, 2002, 03:52:40 am »
Changes in Build 587

- Added 'Apply' button to standard element properties dialog
- Modified View/Options/CodeGeneration dialog to support user defined language types
- Fixed bug in VB.Net parser that caused multiple interfaces in a file to be read as single interface.
- Fixed bug in Shallow Copy of diagram that could cause multiple instances of an association
- Added integrity check for connectors associated with specific diagrams - eg. Sequence messages
- Added fix for Shallow copy of sequence diagrams where messages could be duplicated under certain circumstances
- Some improvements to import of XMI elements from XMI 1.0
- Fixed problem in RTF document generation that could prevent details of package being displayed when 'Document Packages' ticked
- Fixed problem with drop list for tagged values in Object Properties dialog

Latest News / Version 3.50 - Build 586 released
« on: December 09, 2002, 06:16:31 am »
Changes in Build 586

- Modified way method behaviour was returned in the automation interface to cope with very large strings
- Fixed bug in properties dialog of some objects which could cause a DAO error on open

Latest News / Version 3.50 - Build 585 released
« on: December 08, 2002, 03:39:14 am »
Changes in Build 585
- Fixed bug in RTF generator that caused child elements of another element to not document correctly
- Modified code generator and parser to better handle directed associations and aggregations when generating and synchronizing code
- Fix for automation interface that resulted in error when refreshing newly created package
- Added method to automation Project interface - BOOL LayoutDiagram(VARIANT DiagramGUID, LONG Style) - allows layout of diagram from automation
- Added Stereotype field to Source and Target role tab pages of Association link
- Modified UML Profile to populate Association End Role Stereotype when Appropriate
- Modified XMI 1.0 generator-parser to handle association end role stereotypes
- Modified C# code generator to create C# Attributes when set as a tagged value of Attribute for the UML attribute or UML operation
- Modified copy diagram routines to:
     1. Copy swimlanes on shallow and deep copy
     2. Copy and resolve links between owned elements (eg. notes) and linked elements (eg. classes) when doing a shallow copy
- Modified routine to save Scenario text. Presence of a '|' character could cause and error in MySQL
- Added 'Select Classifier Type' button on Attribute dialog to allow finer selection of attribute type than supported in drop list
- Added check box to Batch XMI Import dialog to prevent import from files that have the same file date as the previous import
- Modified Controlled package dialog to support "Generic XMI 1.0" as an export format type (generally should only be used for export to other tools)

Latest News / Version 3.50 - Build 584 released
« on: December 01, 2002, 04:24:06 am »
Changes in Build 584
- Modified behaviour of code generator to take into account association direction when generating member variables
- Modified C# parser to handle 'attributed' public variables in C# structs
- Added option to View/Options/CodeGeneration - "Do not generate members where association direction is 'Unspecififed'" - false by default
- Modified XMI 1.0 generator to place AssociationEnd Tags in global tag area instead of under AssociationEnd. EA will still read in both positions
- Several modifications to XMI 1.0 import/export. Mainly concerned with Packages, Dependencies and tagged values.
- Modified call made when clicking on Hyperlink and making other OS calls in EA - calls Default handler instead of default 'open' command.
- Modified JDoc parser to include last character in comment - sometimes dropped.
- Added routine to auto-name new elements with a numeric suffix to ensure unique names at creation time. Applies to all element types.

Latest News / Version 3.50 - Build 583 released
« on: November 26, 2002, 04:42:58 am »
Changes in Build 583

- Modified Collection Class source code generation from association end roles
- Added Tagged Value support to Association and Aggregation Source and Target Roles, including XMI 1.0 and 1.1 import/export support

Latest News / Version 3.50 - Build 582 released
« on: November 25, 2002, 04:24:29 am »
Changes in Build 582
- Changes to XMI 1.0 importer/exporter
- Modified SQL Server date formatting for languages other than english
- Modified Relationship Matrix: added TestCase as an option - differentiated UseCase and TestCase
- Modified Relationship Matrix: added classifier name for instance variables
- Modified way collection classes are used on association roles with multiplicity > 1
     1. Project level settings for each language in View/Options for each language
     2. Class level setting on Class Detail page of class property dialog
     3. Association level setting on Role page of link dialog
     For level one and two, you can set a default collection class, a class to use
     when the multiplicity is ordered and one to use when it is qualified.
     When generating code, the precedence is 3,2,1
     Search the help file for "Collection Classes" for more information

- Modified the docked property 'requirements and constraints' property page - now allows adding, modifying and deleting of requirements and constraints directly from the context menu
Modified HTML generator to produce hyperlinks to cross referenced model elements
Added 'Is Linked From' section in Docked Property dialog 'Hierarchy' view
- Added option to diagram dialog to suppress attribute compartment on a per diagram basis
- Added option to diagram dialog to suppress operation compartment on a per diagram basis
- Added option to diagram dialog to suppress stereotype name on attributes and operations on a per diagram basis      
- Added global option to View/Options/Diagram to suppress constraints on Association links

Latest News / Version 3.50 - Build 581 released
« on: November 21, 2002, 04:12:14 am »
Changes in Build 581

- Fixed problem with toggling line point on custom line with connector lines at some angles
- Fixed problem when dragging element from tree onto diagram with modified connector positions, state. Connector state now retained after drop operation
- Modified handling of dates in SQL Server for some non-English formats
- Modifed deletion of connectors in SQL Server ... problem with association classes in some instances.
- Fixed problem with generation of collaboration message documentation when using MySQL
- Fixed problem with line continuation characters in VB parameter lists
- Added support for indexers to C# code parser and generator
- Added support for operator overloading to C# code parser and generator
- Added support for 'dotted' method names in C#
- Fixed problem with color toolbar 'style drop list' not working correctly
- Fixed problem with backspace and \ key not navigating thru 'locked' diagrams
- Fixed problem where note and text elements could show & as _
- Added check before locking diagram .. if diagram is 'dirty' message box pops up with chance to save or cancel before locking

Latest News / Version 3.50 - Build 580 released
« on: November 19, 2002, 03:55:33 am »
Changes in Build 580

- Added support for TestCases in HTML and RTF documentation
- Added support for Resource allocation in HTML and RTF documentation
- Added support for element changes and defects in HTML report
- Fixed bug in XMI 1.0 importer ... not picking up multiplicity
- Fixed bug in XMI 1.0 importer ... not picking up nested classes
- Fixed bug in auto counter for test scenarios
- Added * indicator on Not Null table columns in diagram view
- Fixed error when doing data transfer from MySQL to another destination (EA reports version conflict)

Latest News / Version 3.50 - Build 579 released
« on: November 15, 2002, 05:25:21 am »
Changes in Build 579

- Added support for VB.Net 'Attributes'
- Added function to conver a linked class (from another package) into a local copy (linked class context menu). Any connectors in curent diagram will be assigned to new copy.
- Fixed bug in assigning Default Database using View/Options dialog
- Modified copy diagram function to provide improved handling of messages in sequence diagrams when 'shallow copying'
- Fixed bug that could cause Speller to display evaluation message
- Modifed the way RTF bookmarks are generated and handled. Copy RTF Bookmark to clipboard function (context menu in browser) now returns correct bookmark string.
- Added "List Header" to the list of customizable RTF style (Resource Tab/Templates/RTF Style Templates)
- Fixed bug in selection of inbuilt RTF <Basic> style when generating RTF reports
- Some modifications to the Undo function when editing diagrams
- Modified 'Set Aggregation Strength' to be right click menu option on aggregation link (instead of dialog)
- Fixed bug in deleting diagrams using Automation Interface
- Modified XMI 1.0 importer to handle attribute classifier types correctly
- Modified diagram zoom in and zoom out functions to provide a more consistent scaling effect of text and element details
- Modified drag/drop handler for diagrams when dropping from tree to correctly place elements at large zoom levels and scroll offsets
- Modified diagram drawing code to prevent packages becoming distorted in size after zooming out to very high levels
- Modified snap to grid function to account for new zoom functions

Latest News / Version 3.50 - Build 578 released
« on: November 12, 2002, 03:10:55 am »
Changes in Build 578

- Ability to disconnect an association class into association and class
- Ability to import Constraints and Requirements and Scenarios into all Test Types for an element
- Fixed bug when dropping requirement from tree onto another element, when diagram scrolled down or right
- Added support for TestCase Icon (use case with black cross drawn internally)
- Modified XMI importer to handle some specific data type import issues
- Added support for batch XMI import
- Added second Security Mode - 'Require User Lock to Edit' (see Admin/Security menu) - marks all elements as readonly until a lock acquired
- Modified security to prevent applying package locks on top of exisiting locks
- Modified security to prevent deletion of model elements from browser if locked by another user or group

Latest News / Version 3.50 - Build 577 released
« on: November 05, 2002, 03:28:55 am »
Changes in Build 577

- Fixed bug in Desktop version that could cause exception when upgrading project file
- Modified Aggregation to show Multiplicity values
- Fixed error that prevented use of the File/Save As function in some situations

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