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Latest News / Version 3.50 - Build 576 released
« on: November 04, 2002, 05:00:32 am »
Changes in Build 576

- Added "ClassifierID" property to Element interface for automation
- Modified sequence diagrams to include 'Continue Activation' feature (right click menu on Sequence message)
- Modified sequence diagrams to include 'Stop Activation' feature (right click menu on Sequence message) terminates Forced Activation above
- Modified VB.Net parser to handle Events with default scope in Interfaces especially). Same for Properties.
- Modified Sequence diagram to allow messages from object after receiving delete message and before terminating X
- Added dialog to allow setting of locks on package elements and diagrams - right click package in Browser
- Check to ensure RTF - Save as Document feature returns an error if no RTF Template set up in RTF DOcument dialog
- Fixed bug in VB Parser - missing parameters if ByRef or ByVal keyword used on some parameters
- Hierarchy view modified to put association link in separate node (Is Linked To)
- Added ability to update stereotyped elements with tagged values and constraints from asociated UML Profile item
- Fixed bug in UML PRofile function that didnt insert Constraints when Constraint type not specified in Porifle XML (made Invariant the default)
- Added list of shortcut keys to Help file
- Disabled ability to resize Test Dialog access from the docked Test toolbar
- Added Object FIles to the list of related elements searched in Search Dialog when 'Scenario, Tags etc. ticked (does not apply to MySQL)
- Where user ticks 'Remember ID in Login dialog, focus automatically set to password when Login dialog opens
- Fixed error in Manage User Locks dialog that prvented limiting list display to only User or only Group locks working correctly
- Modified default behaviour of Element toolbar to use 3D shadow colour for background instead of a specific colour
- Modified Code Engineering "Import Source Directory"
     * checking for duplicate classes improved (check done on package not diagram content)
     * ability to import source directory without generating diagrams improved
     * Local path replacements now update Package "Code Generation" path as well as object's
- Added support for UML Qualifiers graphically displayed as rectangle attached to one side of class or object.
     * Qualifiers are set in the Associaiton source and target role dialogs
     * Qualifier rectangles may be suppressed for those wishing to continue using the current text based Qualifiers (see View/Options/Diagram)
     *Qualifers mays be highlighted with some shading (see View/Options/Diagram)
- Fixed bugs in Associaton Class handling - Association class itself may now appear in other diagrams without the Association link
- Fixed bug in drawing of connector end that had Aggreagtion diamond and arrowhead - arrowhead and diamond are now draw one after the other - instead of on top of each other

Latest News / Enterprise Architect 3.50 Released
« on: October 28, 2002, 04:55:37 am »
New!! Enterprise Architect 3.50 Released October 28, 2002

Sparx Systems are pleased to announce the release of version 3.50 of the UML tool Enterprise Architect. This includes many new features, a new Coporate Edition, bug fixes and refinements from previous versions. Release 3.50 builds on the success of Enterpise Architect and extends its range in a number of ways. Registered users can download the new version from the Registered User’s page. A trial version is available here.

Whats new at glance:

1. New Corporate Edition, which includes all the features of the Desktop and Professional version, with the added ability to use SQL Server or MySQL as the model repository, and to set up and administer user security for a model. This edition is for larger teams that require fine control over who can edit what elements in a model.  The Corporate edition is being offered at $US 179 – with an upgrade price of only $US 20 (for a limited time) from the Professional version until the end of November.

2. New ‘XP’ style look and feel with XP menus, docking windows, toolbars etc. It also lets you customize the main menu shortcuts to your preferred keystrokes.

3. UML Pattern support. Save complete digrams with parameterised elements as XML pattern – then import into available Resources as a re-useable pattern

4. Upgrading has also been made a lot easier with the availability for purchase of  on-line ‘Upgrade’ keys. Moving from the Desktop to Professional or Corporate edition – and from the Professional to Corporate edition is a simple no-fuss process.

5. Data transfer, data integrity and data compare functions. Changes and refinements to RTF/HTML, code generation and import, new language dictionaries for spell checker (separate download). New toolbars, new options, a simple method to override parent methods and realize interfaces, new ‘See also...’ function for diagram elements.

Latest News / EA Beta build 571 released
« on: October 26, 2002, 05:02:41 am »
Build 571 & 570

- Fixes to the MySQL uploader when uploading previously replicated databases
- Fixes for images to the MySQL uploader routines
- Fixes to C# generation for overriding operations
- Fixes to VB.Net generation for overriding operations

Latest News / EA Beta build 567 released
« on: October 23, 2002, 04:33:58 am »
Build 567
Fixed bug that could cause EA to use 100% CPU when adding new message to sequence diagram
Modified HTML report generator to replace < and > characters with < and > in object,diagram,attribute and method notes
Revised user security - mainly for lite and trial versions

Build 566
Added support for spell checking in other languages other than English.

Build 565

Fixed bug with anonymous enums causing repeated import for C++
Patched various spots in EA that could cause a problem when no model file is open
Added in support for Corporate Edition key and Lite Edition functionality

Latest News / EA Beta build 564 released
« on: October 20, 2002, 05:13:00 am »
For the registered Enterprise Architect User

This is a short message to inform all interested registered users that a new beta build (564) has been uploaded and is available for download.  see beta page for details

Build 564

- Added simple password 'mangling' to security
- Modified MySQL to fix error when notes and names contained [ or ] character
- Modified SQL to handle 'and " characters in various element names and properties
- Added Attribute Constraint details to HTML report
- Added ability to show operation Behaviour in a diagram (indented under Method name) - see Operation/Behaviour dialog

Build 563 (Unrelease so functionality included into 564)
- Fixed bug that prevented realisation links being created on initial import of source directories
- Fixed drawing problem with Actor instance name field being clipped in exported images
- Node and Components dropped as instances from tree onto diagram now draw as Node or Component instead of object
- Problem with last message on sequence diagram behaving erratically when moved fixed
- Problem with comments in enumerations in VB.Net corrected
Import statements and Namespace declarations now imported into VB.Net and retained on generation
- Modified text element such that left, centre and right aligning is possible (from context menu)
- Modified Note element sych that double spaced lines are now possible.

Latest News / EA Beta build 560 released
« on: October 15, 2002, 06:06:51 am »
For the registered Enterprise Architect User

This is a short message to inform all interested registered users that a new beta build (560) has been uploaded and is available for download.  see beta page for details

This latest build includes fixes in the XMI, C++ code gen and DDL areas.

Latest News / EA Beta build 559 released
« on: October 14, 2002, 04:56:22 am »
For the registered Enterprise Architect User

This is a short message to inform all interested registered users that a new beta build (559) has been uploaded and is available for download.  see beta page for details

This latest build includes fixes for all the issues that have been reported with the earlier beta builds as well as some last minute additions.

Latest News / Enterprise Architect 3.50 BETA 1
« on: October 04, 2002, 06:16:21 am »

For the registered Enterprise Architect User

Sparx Systems are proud to announce the release of Enterprise Architect 3.50 BETA 1

Version 3.5 introduces a new "Corporate Edition" which includes User Security and support for model repositories other than MS JET (see below for more details).

Sparx Systems have posted the is first release of EA 3.50 in Beta form, the details of which can be found at

Download and install as per the instructions below. If you have any trouble please let us know.


Enterprise Architect Beta Installation instructions:

To reduce download size we have decided not to include the PDF version user guide in with the installation file (it is available as a separate download).  The following instructions indicate how to set up the beta copy of EA 3.50 for use:

1. Download the installation file from the above URL
2. Run the installation file, when asked about location to install EA Beta 3.50, we suggest you install it into another direction other than your 3.10 installation which by default is 'C:\Program Files\Sparx Systems\EA'
3. The installation will create a new shortcut on the desktop for EA Beta 3.50, double click on this to start the application


IMPORTANT: This version of EA will make substantial changes to your model file. Once a model file is upgraded to version 3.5 format it cannot be read by a version 3.10 or earlier version of EA.

We expect no further changes to be made to the repository structure - but as this is the first BETA release, it is still possible. If a change occurs, you may need discard your BETA model file and rerun the upgrade process on a 3.10 format model. What this means is that the release 3.5 model format may differ from the BETA format - so you should not yet convert to using EA 3.5 on a production model.

Also note that you can install EA 3.5 BETA on the same machine as 3.10. By default, the install will try and place 3.5 in the same EA directory as 3.10, so you should manually choose another directory if you want both to co-exist.

In this release your 3.10 Professional key will activate the 'Corporate Edition' features (connect to SQL Server or MySQL). In the final release a Corporate Edition key will be required. The upgrade price is not yet fixed - but will be a minimal amount ... 20-30$ per license.

Please report any issues or bugs to

Many thanks for your support,

Geoffrey Sparks


Below is the list of the additional features included in Version 3.50:

- Support for SQL Server and MySQL model repositories (Corporate Edition)
- User security (Corporate Edition) {this feature is still under developement, and will be addressed over the next few weeks}

- .NET/XP style user interface (optional)
- Ability to customize main menu shortcuts
- Additional toolbars and shortcuts
- UML Pattern support
- Data Transfer functions to move data between different model formats
- Data integrity checker
- Ability to batch export controlled packages
- Additional maintenance and task related fields
- Many changes to the underlying repository structure to support future enhancements

- The Help file and User Manual have been brought up to date and many portions rewritten or extended

- Numerous bug fixes and small enhancements

Note: The ActiveX interface is yet to be updated to include new data fields etc.  This will be addressed over the next few of weeks.

Latest News / Version 3.10 - Build 503 released
« on: September 03, 2002, 06:28:34 am »
Changes and fixes for build 504

- Fixed bug in VB parser which faied to handle property methods with paramters having default values
- Fixed height of interface markers in Component element
- Added accelerators for View/workspace windows
- Fixed bug that affected coloring of collaboration messages 7 & 8
- Modified sequence diagrams such that name of object in heading bar will be :<classifier> if the instance is otherwise unnamed
- Fixed bug in properties window that resulted in Modified and Created dates being obscured
- Fixed bug in sorting of Swimlanes in a diagram - problem with more than 9 swimlanes
- Improved handling of parents and implemented interfaces in Delphi code generation
- Added ability for Delphi parser to handle multiple attributes on one line
- Fixed bug that displayed external requirements in top right corner of class image
- Fixed bug that could cause exception when accessing Attributes or Operations from the Class Detail page of the Class/Table properties dialog

Latest News / Version 3.10 - Build 503 released
« on: August 16, 2002, 07:49:30 am »
Changes and fixes for build 503

- Added support for ByVal and ByRef keywords in VB - both forward and reverse
- Added support for array paramters in Visual Basic
- Fixed bug in release version of EA that prevented menu option to 'Add to Favorites' on diagram object being shown
- Fixed problem in Operations dialog that resulted in default return type always being set to first element in list on Add New
- Fixed problem in Constraint dialog ... possible exception or no effect when updating existing constraint.
- Fixed bug in 'drop object from tree' routine that could cause crash if drop failed due to 'duplicate element' message
- Added code to check if bitmap images being saved to disk exceed Windows maximum and scale down where necessary. Affects very large diagrams only

Latest News / Version 3.10 - Build 502 released
« on: August 13, 2002, 04:53:20 am »
Changes and fixes for build 502

- Modified XMI importer to accept a wider variety of XMI files from various exporters.
- Modified object properties dialog to allow for user ordering of constraints
- Modified New Element dialog (from right click on package) to allow populating name with auto-counter value
- Modified RTF generator to allow heading selection of "Max 9 levels - elements are package + 1" in heading style combo
- Fixed problem with scoped object name appearing in Project Browser in some cirumstances
- Added a "Diagrams Only" reporting option to the Project Root node
- Made C# interfaces members with no explicit scope in source import as "Public" rather than "Package"
- Added 'Favorites' capability to Resource tab. Right click menu option on any diagram object to 'Add to Favorites'. Drag favorite from resource tab onto diagram to add to current.
- Added option to View/Options/Code Generation page to use "Is" instead of "Get" for boolean attributes when creating properties
- Interfaces implemented in VB class are now made Private by default
- Fixed bug with parsing of Visual Basic "Event" declarations
- Fixed bug with Report View that didnt refresh object details under some circumstances
- Added ability to set scope of new property getters/setters - see Create Property dialog from Attribute properties

Latest News / Version 3.10 - Build 501 released
« on: August 08, 2002, 04:12:18 am »
Changes and fixes for build 501

- Addition of new Automation Interface. The major change in this release of EA is the inclusion of a fully read/write automation interface for accessing and manipulating EA objects. The current version is an IDispatch based interface suitable for scripting using VB, VBA, VB.Net and any similar scripting style language. A Dual Interface will be added later in the year to accomodate other languages.

Note that the documentation for the automation is included as a separate PDF file in the latest install - and also on-line at:

We are also making the HTML version of the automation interface docs available as a zip file and as XMI for import into any EA project.

- Fix to bug that caused exception when undoing deletion of some elements (eg. Synch bar) in diagrams that also had connections
- Fixed bug that allowed selection of hidden relationship in diagrams
- Fixed bug in DDL generation that caused table name to be omitted during generation

Latest News / Version 3.10 - Build 500 released
« on: July 24, 2002, 06:44:27 am »
Changes and fixes for build 500

- Modifications and fixes to the Delphi parser.
- Modifications and fixes to VB.Net and C# parser - code generator
- Added and improved support for XML style comments - supported in C#, C++, VB.Net
- Extend JavaDoc style support to C++, VB.Net and Delphi
- General improvements in comment synchronization in code engineering
- Added menu option to package in Browser Tree to Synchronize all classes - either forward or reverse
- Fixed bug in drawing code when creating file images that clipped text in wide diagrams
- Fixed bug in Requirements element that could result in missing information

Latest News / Version 3.10 - Build 499 released
« on: July 11, 2002, 07:07:20 am »
Changes and fixes for build 499

- Maintenance release to upgrade MSI installer components in setup files
- Small change to VB.Net code generator
- Small change to operations dialog - Abstract and Pure check boxes were inadvertently being disabled

Latest News / Version 3.10 - Build 498 released
« on: July 10, 2002, 06:02:00 am »
Changes and fixes for build 498

- Added option to show 'hidden parents' in diagrams - for Class and Interface types. If an element has a parent or realisation that is not shown explicitly on the diagram via a link, the name of the target element is written in the top right of the class or interface
- Added support for 'Tags' in Requirement, Change and Issue elements ... including support of tag compartment on diagram
- Added support for the synchronisation of DDL information when doing ODBC import
- Added support for the generation of Indexes, triggers, stored procedures in DDL
- Added support for importing index information from ODBC source
- Added support for auto number columns in DDL generation
- Added support for 'COMMENT ON' for Oracle and DB2 DDL generation
- Added support for multiple levels of comments in DDL generation
- Added support for MySQL database
- Added function such that depressing the control key while clicking on a connector will bypass the hit test on labels - allowing you to select a line behind a label
- Fixed bug that could leave information about connector position in a diagram for deleted connectors in model
- Disabled all controls on search dialog when 'Orphans' check box is ticked
- Improved handling of Macros in C++ files
- Fixed bug in Operations dialog that could cause exception in rare circumstances
- Fixed bug in Docked Maintenance toolbar - Defect dialog caused error if Defect name contained an apostrophe
- Modified the way the Hierarchy tab of the docked properties window is populated - changed 'RealizedBy' nodes
- Modified operations dialog such that for C++ Interfaces operations MUST be Abstract and Pure
- Modified C++ code gen such that Interface methods are generated abstract and pure always
- Modified C++ code gen such that .cpp file is not created for interfaces
- Modified way C++ code parser and generator handled <friend> methods
- Fixed bug that caused error when new note attached to link is created but not given any text (content)
- Fixed bug in Deep Copy of a diagram such that Notes attached to links did not get attached to the copied link
- Ctrl+Del shortcut now deletes Attributes and Operations from the Project Browser in addition to the other elements
- Removed Project/Maintenenace and Project/Tests dialogs from right click menu on diagram object. These are now accessed thru the dockable test and maintenance toolbars
- Added "Import Scenario" option to Scenario Tests tab of docked Tests toolbar ... allows import of scenarios from object into test scenarios area
- Added support for stereotype metafile appearance to Sequence objects in Sequence diagrams
- Modifications to C++ parser to handle Macro definitions better
- Initial and limited support for import of XMI 1.0/UML 1.3 XMI ... still under development

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