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Latest News / Version 3.00 (Build 423) released
« on: December 16, 2001, 01:10:57 am »
On the 16-Dec-2001
A minor release (build 423) was uploaded to the website. It included a number of bug fixes, some of which are:
- Reset toolbar positions for version 3.00 install
- Make sure properties window updating correctly when moving dock windows
- Diagrams moved to another package now bring their child elements with them
- Diagrams moved under an element in another package now move correctly
- Requirements dialog fixed to respond to correct keyboard shortcuts for OK/Cancel
- Drawing of Aggregation link reverted to placing diamond at destination end
- Export of XMI in Rose format fix
- Fixed a situation when moving dock windows that could cause EA to lock up
- Fixed EA not opening associated .eap files when clicking on them

Latest News / Version 3.00 (Build 421) released
« on: December 13, 2001, 03:06:45 am »
On the 13-Dec-2001
A minor release (build 421) was uploaded to the website. It included a number of bug fixes, some of which are:
- corrected automatic update of EA projects when upgrading from version 2.1 to 3.0
- corrected package allocation problem when moving diagrams from on package to another

Latest News / Version 3.00 (Build 419) released
« on: December 09, 2001, 05:09:46 am »
On the 9-Dec-2001
A minor release (build 419) was uploaded to the website. It included a number of bug fixes, some of which are:
- DDL generation now generates multiple foreign keys on the one table
- Hide/Unhide connections dialog from diagram context menu
- Fixed a bug when dragging operations from browser to diagram element only copying the first parameter
- Fixed aggregation of source or destination association role behaviour
- Several changes to XMI output/input
- Some changes to C++ generation to include correct headers and handle containment by value

- addition table information was added to generated RTF documentation
- hide/unhide connectors improved
- role aggregation has been improved

Latest News / Enterprise Architect Version 3.00 is Released
« on: December 04, 2001, 01:45:01 am »
Version 3.00 of Enteprise Architect Released

Sparx Systems are proud to announce the latest version of Enterprise Architect, v3.00.

This release features a large number of enhancements and refinements.  A complete list is included at the bottom of this post.  The main highlights are:
- improved GUI with dockable windows and more toolbars
- relationship matrix for managing requirements traceability
- improved reverse engineering of ODBC data sources
- foreign key information is now included DDL import/export
- ability to copy complete diagrams
- additional modeling elements
- an ActiveX read-only interface based on XMI

The Trial version of Enterprise Architect 3.00 is available now for evaluation download from
Registered users can download the lastest version in the normal manner.  If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected] and include your original registration details in the note.

Once again, many thanks to all those who have supported EA and offered their ideas and encouragement. Also a special thanks to those who took the time to evaluate the beta version of this release and report back bugs and issues.

As ever, we are committed to the development of EA and appreciate your feedback and comments,

Happy modeling,

Geoffrey Sparks
Director, Sparx Systems
December 4th, 2001

Special note regarding replicated models: This version of EA will update your model files (.eap) when you open them. Do not try and update a Replica project - always update the Design Master first, then synchronize the Replicas with the Master to copy the changes to the Replica. You may also elect to create new Replicas from the updated Design Master and discard the old version 2.5 Replicas.


New features, bug fixes and changes in Enterprise Architect 3.00

New to Version 3.00
- much improved 'Office Style' GUI with dockable windows, new look and feel and smooth performance
- dockable propeties browser and project browser windows
- improved reverse engineering of ODBC data sources
- foreign key information is now included DDL import/export
- ability to copy entire diagram with ease - either as shallow (linked objects) or deep (duplicate objects)
- tweaks and improvement to XMI import/export facility
- space objects evenly on a diagram, vertically or horizontally
- customize how the tree view responds to mouse clicks-
- new 'appearance formatter' toolbar - with saveable styles - colorize multiple objects with a single click
- relationship matrix for managing requirements traceability and other uses. CSV export for Excel compatibility
- hot keys improved and added
- added 'Set Connector' function, allows existing connector to be moved to other objects
- added Tagged Values to attributes and operations
- added Tagged Values to class objects
- ability to set custom position of elements in the project browser (custom sorting)
- addition of structured 'issue' and 'change' elements for help in managing projects
- addition of 'hierarchy' page to requirement dialog to visualize composition and implmentation of requirements
- property dialog now supports internal and external responsobilities (requirements)
- ability to move internal responsibilities to external requirements with a button push - makes working with system requirements much simpler
- ability to suppress collaboration numbering
- ability to customize toolbars (hide and show buttons)
- set the visibility of element features (attributes and operations) on a per diagram basis
- Active X (read only) interface - based on XMI
- ability to copy an attribute or operation from one element to another using drag and drop from the project browser to an element in a diagram
- ability to auto create a requirement/realization link by dropping a requirement from the browser on an element in a diagram
- addition of a 'diagram only' RTF report
- ability to link a note element in a diagram to an internal feature (attribute/operation etc) of another element - and auto display the feature notes etc.
- support for defining C++ Macros that will be ignored during reverse engineering
- highlight operation parameters and return types that are passed by reference - set the highlighting character as an option (eg. & or *)
- support for History states, Concurrent states and Synch states
- additional settings to customize overall behaviour
- some tweaks to the code engineering components

Added Since the Initial Release of version 2.50
- Added date criteria on search screen
- Support for Events in VB code generation
- Support for Behavior in code generation
- Intellimouse support for diagram window
- Support for object colors and styles
- Added Hotkey (Ctrl) to prevent Auto Instance
- Added Phase to requirement dialog
- Increase the size of Scenerio Notes on property screen
- Added Align middle
- Added Support for UI Table Elements
- Added Recursive Package Phase Update
- Added Synch(V) and Synch(H) to state chart toolbar
- Allow notelink to be routed
- New diagrams now receive focus automatically
- Allow hide/show of stereotype icons
- Scroll using Shift-MouseMove
- Append package name to related object in RTF associations
- Pre / Post-Constraints for attributes not in RTF
- Manual entry of RGB values in appearance dialog
- Select tree object when it receives focus after delete
- American spelling for Generalisation etc.
- Objects can be inserted directly into the tree, without belonging to a diagram
- Ability to add new elements by right clicking on package in tree view
- Allow parameter name to be modified in operations dialog
- Added support for /* */ and // comment statements in Delphi code generation
- Added support for constructor/destructor statements in Delphi code generation

Bugs fixed in Verion 3.00 since the Initial Release of version 2.50
- Items in the tree were being sorted incorrectly after drag
- Colour not working for interfaces and abstract classes
- Order test scripts by Use Case name
- Hot keys Ctrl-V and Ctrl-Shift-V were swapped
- Missing Hot keys on screens
- Fixed GPF on RTF generation screen (when New is clicked)
- Save button on Properties screen (file tab) never became enabled
- Diagram property screen changes were lost when user selects PageSetup
- when doing bulk copy/paste boundary object don't get copied unless they have name
- when doing bulk copy/paste new object are insert in reverse z-order
- corrected minimum screen size of Table attributes screen
- CRLF were changed into CRCRLF during synchronizing of C++ code
- Package notes lost in XML import/export
- Cancel drag and drop
- XML import/export bug (friend visibility in C++)
- Associations created by Code generation was incorrect
- Element name too long for context menu in some cases
- Diagram name not updated correctly in props when diagram not visible
- Scenario tests were not being included in RTF documentation
- Copying of Operations and Attributes bug patched
- RTF documentation includes parameter details for methods
- ECF dialog support for other regional settings
- Improved diagram locking - prevent connector moves and multiselects
- Operation and Attribute dialogs hold last selection in list when item saved
- Fix an occasional GPF loading operations dialog for element that has classifier which does not support operations
- Autolayout feature marks diagram as 'dirty' to prevent lost changes
- C++ copy constructor syntax changed
- fixed bug in remove replication process
- fixed save attribute bug

Latest News / Sparx System's New Web Server
« on: November 19, 2001, 04:39:08 am »
Sparx Systems are pleased to announce that we have changed to a bigger and faster web server, which we hope will make your visit to our website more enjoyable.  This change has brought about the need to also change some of the online applications we utilise like the discussion forum and mailout software.

Notes of Discussion Forum
We have installed the latest version of YABB (Yet Another Bulletin Board) by XNull, for details check see they site .  We believe that this new discussion forum will perform better than the previous forum (personally I like YABB more).
You will also notice that the Bug-Report and Request-A-Feature boards have been removed.  We had noticed that about half of the posts to these boards were duplicates, ie multiple users requesting the same item which meant that we needed to reply to each request.  The purpose of the discussion forum was two fold, 1) keep you the user up to date and 2) reduce our work load.  When users raises duplicate issues this tells us that neither of else two points are being met.  Another reason is that during peak development times we don't have the time to review all posts on the discussion forum, so for these reason we have gone back to mail requests only.

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