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Ok, but you have created a toolbox profile, but now you need to create the profile for it to reference that describes the elements you want to create.

The example you got that from should have gone into that earlier. If not, find Developing Profiles in the help.

It looks like you're providing the profile name of your toolbox instead of the profile name that contains the OEAClass stereotype.

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: set Effect in Actions
« on: June 16, 2011, 08:15:20 am »
I haven't tried running this. But my guess is in red below.

            EA.Element na1 = activity.Elements.AddNew("Action1", "Action");
            na1.Notes = "Action1 Note";
            foreach (EA._CustomProperty o in na1.CustomProperties)
                if (o.Name.Equals("effect"))
                    o.Value = "Effect of Action1";
            if (!na1.Update())
            { MessageBox.Show(na1.GetLastError()); }


Tools | Options | Source Code Engineering | C++ | Source path.

Make the first entry in that that relative path you want your cpp file generated to from the header.

Add-Ins are not loaded when EA is started from automation. I would recommend deploying your technology as a file.

OnInitializeTechnology  is called before a model is loaded.
ImportTechnology imports the technology into the current model.

You should return your xml from OnInitializeTechnology.

It's only supported for element metaclasses if I remember correctly.

Create multiple instances of the metatype.

Yes, the filenames still vary, but you can append something like the following to the url for persistent link.


The error isn't caused by generating using the Java API.  If it's generated, then the parameters are okay.  I don't know the exact details, but the javascript generated by EA can cause errors in some circumstances.

You should be able to get more details, and possibly a workaround if you contact sparx systems support directly.

It's only valid in print methods and queries.

No, it's not correct. You do need to tick the checkbox to the left of the language name though.

Select 'Code Modules' as something to be included. That allows for the inclusion of Data Types and Code Templates from the current model, and an options file for the language.

db, all collection properties are marked as readonly.

You can't

Code: [Select]
r.Models = differentCollection
You can

Code: [Select]
r.Models.AddNew("Something", "")

Add the following to your shape script.

Code: [Select]
shape middlebottomlabel

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