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Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: boolean ImportDirectory
« on: August 05, 2010, 08:21:27 am »
Basically if your arguments are invalid.  One of:
  • If it can't find the package (or not specified).
  • No language specified.
  • No directory specified.

From the help file
Example 1: To capitalize the first letter of each word and separate multiple words with a space:

"Ht( )Ht" to output "My Variable Table"

Just change the space in there to an underscore.  So you want:
Code: [Select]
%CONVERT_NAME(attName, "Spaced", "Ht(_)Ht")%

Only if you can use a Microsoft compiler.  So, not that I know of.

From the help:
You can debug native code only if there is a corresponding PDB file for the executable. You normally create the PDB file as a result of building the application.

Yes, that was an intentional and documented change in 8.0.

Unless I'm mistaken the previous thread discussed how some elements that were owned directly by the package weren't included.

package.Element.MiscData(0) = package.PackageID
package.Element.PackageID = package.ParentID
package.Element.ParentID = 0
package.Element.ElementGUID will usually equal package.PackageGUID but this isn't required, I have seen this not be true in models predating my time at Sparx Systems.

The package id is available in Element.MiscData(0).

What types are your classifier and instance?

The most common instance type is to create is "Object", although it could also be "Lifeline".

Setting a classifier of a Class element is meaningless and will have no effect.

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: Images in element notes
« on: June 04, 2010, 08:31:11 am »
Element notes do not support images.  (Yes, they are shown initially but they are not supported)

If you want images or tables we recommend using a linked document.

Definitely report a bug, although I have been able to successfully use ScenarioStep and ScenarioExtension in the past.

It sounds to me like Interop.EA.dll is fine, but for some reason it's attempting to communicate with an older version of the underlying COM library.

Just want to say that I am not aware of any issues loading profiles from older versions with version 8.  If you are finding that you do have problems like that please send in a bug report.

Only the tedious way.


Your problem is your table alias.

From my experience for safety across the different databases EA supports: When using aliases in a query you need to use 'AS' for column aliases, and you can't use 'AS' for table aliases.

The toolbar buttons are still there and they still work for me at least.

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