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Create this as a custom template.

Template Connector__DestName
Code: [Select]
Then call a list that looks like this.

Code: [Select]
%list="Connector__DestName" @separator="\n" @indent="" connectorStereotype=="family"%

No, the XSD schema dialogs are part of EA, not an addin.  But you can achieve a similar effect as I described.

See  It talks about supressing the default EA dialog and you can show your own instead.

The code templates don't provide access a class (or association) are an association class.  To access this information you would need to call an addin with EXEC_ADD_IN.

The strange combination of \r\n is needed because EA is a windows application using windows controls that need the standard windows newline (ie. \r\n).

See 'Screen Architect' on our 3rd party software page.

Hello Romkin,

The first thing to try would be upgrading your EA version to build 814.  With that, and periodically calling Repository.Compact() you shouldn't have any problems with memory usage of the Java API.

I don't know, but maybe your explicit calls to destroy is somehow bypassing Java releasing the COM objects.

The macros available for packages were extended in build 812, and this should include packageStereotype.  The list is actually complete (in that it matches the class macros) except that some of the properties do not apply to packages.  (eg. IsLeaf)

The stereotype overrides do not apply as it is not a stereotype on either the class or the class feature.

I can't guarantee anything, but if EA sees a COM object then you should be fine.

Sorry, the Java API wrapper does not (yet) support addins to EA.

EA transforms and code generation work on a set of elements and the packages that contain them.  You can't get packages into a transform without them containing at least one element.

1) You're not listing over the namespaces so the current package is always the top level package.

2) Use the package generation dialog.  This will generate all classes to any file in one go.

If you look at the help page for DiagramObject you'll see that Sequence controls Z-order.

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