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Enable security. That's just what it was designed for. If on takes two steps (lock, delete) it's intentional.


The idea is to allow connecting elements but not to delete them. It could be better designed if Delete elements was a permission different from Update elements.

Why is it that you want to prevent it? Rogue modelers? Why not fire them if they don't behave well?

They are many modelers! I can't fire them all! Just want to prevent accidental deletions


I thought you could create a connector to an element locked to you via UI and Automation Interface - have you tested ?

It is supposed the Automation Interface runs with the permissions of the user running the automation. But you can create the connector via INSERT into the t_connector table, but it changes the natural way of creating connector (via the toolbox or the quicklinker). The idea is not to change the normal behavior of the user interface, just restricting the element deletion.

I would like to validate if the current user is enabled (by evaluating if belongs to a security group) to delete an element. It would be great if the workflow scripts had the function CanDeleteElement, but not.

I don't want to lock the elements to the given group because if you don't belong to the group, you can not edit or create connectors to this element. But I need to allow all users to edit or create connectors to the elements, but only allows some users to delete the elements. Any idea?

I pretend to create a hyperlink in a diagram that runs a Jscript located in a Normal group (not really want to create a Diagram group script because I don't want this option in every diagram).
I note when you create a hyperlink, there is a Type called "EA command" and in the next option you can choose "Run". How does this "Run" option works? does it work for running my script?

General Board / Re: Create read-only tag in an UML profile
« on: September 15, 2018, 03:18:52 am »
You can create a workflow script that return false to method CanEditTag when the name of the tag match your criteria.

If using Spanish version, the script debugger doesn't work (ver 13.5). You can test it easly openning the script window, Console tab and writing: !JS. The expected behavior:
Code: [Select]
JScript console opened

The actual behavior:
Code: [Select]
JScript console opened
console closed

So, it is impossible to run any script. In order to work, we had to install the trial version in English and it worked. Tested in several computers with the Spanish version with the same result.

Try it on a new model with no other MDG's or add-ins enabled.


Great idea! I have just test it in a new EAP file and it works well. So, I rechecked the original model and I found some stereotypes (in UML Types) with the name "MyProfile::MyStereotype". So I just delete them and this solved the issue.

Have you run a file comparator (such as BeyondCompare) over the two versions?  Where things break for us, we carefully compare the working vs non-working version and try to "suss out" what broke.


The problem is the size of the model. It is a DMBS based model and it is about 1Gb in size.

I have a MDG based on a profile containing only connectors. When I create a new connector between elements, the stereotype in the connector is shown as <<MyProfile::MyStereotype>> instead of only <<MyStereotype>>.

Previous versions of MDG (a year ago) had generated <<MyStereotype>> connectors. It is supposed we have not made any change in the profile definitions, but now the connectors are generated as <<MyProfile::MyStereotype>>.

Any ideas what could be changed? (I've already checked any custom stereotype in the UML Types window.)

Do you know any feature or plugin that allows, given a class model (classes with attributes and relationships), convert it to a database model of classes (classes stereotyped as <<table>> with columns and foreign keys)?

We don't have a ERD model, but a simple class model.

General Board / Re: Where is the now?
« on: July 19, 2018, 07:15:06 am »
Image Library is here: but where is the

@Glassboy: we have a fixed license in this test.

So, the fact is: EA opens slow when connected to the VPN, and the PC makes calls to the  LDAP server. The LDAP server delays the answer, and when it answers, EA opens. But why?

General Board / Where is the now?
« on: July 18, 2018, 11:02:36 pm »
Did you notice the Sparx site has a new look? well, in this new webpage I can not find the download of the (in the registered user site). Can you help me to find it?

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