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Hi, I have just noted some inconsistent data in a SQLServer model about baselines.

I've been using in the last weeks different versions of EA (Build 1310, Build 1351, Build 1352, 14 Beta 1, 14 RC 1, Build 1418 and Build 1419).

I have a script that creates baselines for a list of package GUIDs. I've run the scripts periodically and it used to work by april 10.

Now, I noted that data is inconsistent in the database, for the following reason:
Table t_document is supposed to store the baselines. I had several data in which column 'ElementID' stores the GUID of the package with the baseline, and the column 'DocType' stores the string 'Baseline'.

But now, I have data of table t_document modified and the same entries (recognized for DocID field) have now another data for column 'ElementID' (not a real element guid), and field 'DocType' now stores the string 'BaselineOf='{THEGUIDOFTHEPACKAGEWITHTHEBASELINE};'

Obvuiosly, EA does not detect this modified entries as baselines of the package, so the baseline list for all my packages are empty, but I still can see the entries in the database.

Any idea of what to do? what make this happen?

(I know a solution is to restore the 'ElementID' entries based on 'DocType' entries but I need to know what make this happen).

Now, when creating a Diagram Legend, it is visible in the Project browser but without name.

Bugs and Issues / Tooltip on menu options
« on: May 03, 2018, 05:01:48 am »
In previous versions of EA (12 and older) it used to have a tooltip in the mouseover for every button in the user interface. In version 13 it is not present anymore, so I supposed it was a bug. But now, the version 14 has the same "bug"

General Board / Querying multiple optional tag values in SQLServer
« on: April 13, 2018, 05:50:34 am »
We are implementing a custom search in SQL (for a model stored in SQLServer) trying to get a list of elements and their optional 'n' tagged values.

In our scenary, there are some elements without tagged values, other with some (< 'n') tagged values and other with all the 'n' tagged values.

We are trying a query structured like that:
Code: [Select]
       o.Object_Type AS CLASSTYPE,
       tv1.Value AS tv1,
       tv2.Value AS tv1,
       tv3.Value AS tv1,
       tvn.Value AS tvn
FROM t_object o
     LEFT JOIN t_objectproperties tv1 ON tv1.Object_ID = o.Object_ID
     LEFT JOIN t_objectproperties tv2 ON tv2.Object_ID = o.Object_ID
     LEFT JOIN t_objectproperties tv3 ON tv3.Object_ID = o.Object_ID
     LEFT JOIN t_objectproperties tvn ON tvn.Object_ID = o.Object_ID
WHERE tv1.Property = 'TVName1'
  AND tv2.Property = 'TVName2'
  AND tv3.Property = 'TVName3'
  AND tvn.Property = 'TVNameN'

But it does not returns the expected results (all the elements and the values of the tags if they are present).

Any idea in how to structure this query? What's wrong?

I'm planning to develop an automation app that send emails to model users based on business rules on model data.

Where do you think is the best place to store the users email having in mind the model uses Windows authentication?

General Board / Tag groupping in extended stereotypes?
« on: March 07, 2018, 08:09:37 am »
I created a profile with stereotypes includig tag groups. Then, I created a new (child) stereotype extending (with a Generalization) the stereotype with tag groups. But the child stereotype, when using the profile, doesn't include the tag groups. The tags are plain-shown, not in groups as the father stereotype.

Any idea or suggestion? is this possible to do?

General Board / Latest version date on registered users section wrong
« on: January 03, 2018, 05:30:52 am »
When you log in into the registered users section, it says the lastest version is "Enterprise Architect 13.5, Build 1352. Posted 05-July-2017" but build 1352 was released in december.

For me it is ok, but as reseller, my clients feels the application has not been updated since july, which is not attractive when they pay for the subscription renewal.

Please fix it. Thanks.

Bugs and Issues / Registered users site down
« on: August 16, 2017, 06:35:54 am »
When trying to login in the registered users section of the site, it is throwing error 500.

General Board / Looking for feature: Find connector in all diagrams
« on: August 05, 2017, 12:38:23 am »
Has anybody ever found something like a "Find connector in all diagrams" feature? Maybe a search, view, add-in, etc? (not even found in bellekens library)

The banner in the installation of official version 13.5 still shows the 13 number.

According with in EA 13.0.1310 is not officialy documented the permission "Configure Project Prerequisites" you can find in the Users or Group configuration windows.

It is frustrating when you use the advantages of implementing Cloud Server in a company that has been using connections via ODBC to the EA Repository, but it is not possible to upload model images in order to be used as alternate images for elements.

General Board / How to massively change fixed to floating licenses?
« on: April 20, 2017, 03:11:15 am »
I have the following scenary: 300 fixed licenses installed in 300 computers and 250 floating licenses installed in a server.

I want to migrate the 300 computers to use the floating licenses instead of the fixed licenses. Is there any way to build a .bat or something like that in order to massively run it in the background to avoid changing it manually? I don't want to enter to the option "Register and manage your license keys" in EA one by one. Do you know if this information is stored in any plan file? XML? a windows registry entry?

In a diagram, I created a "Cloud" shape (from the "Whiteboard" toolbox). I reused it (included as linked element) in several diagrams. Then, I define a default image for this element as any image from the Image Manager. Then I wanted to go back to the default appearance of the Cloud element, so I redefined the default image as --NONE-- in the Image Manager, but now, the Cloud is shown in all diagrams as a Class stereotyped as <<cloud>> instead of the cloud-shaped element. I don't find any way to make the shape looks like the original and it modified all diagrams where I was using this element.

How can I set the default element shape after setting-unsetting the default element image?

I have made a MDG technology which contains a Profile. The profile contains stereotypes extending UML objects (for example: "Proceso" extending "Activity") and some stereotypes extending non UML objects (for example: "Aplicacion" generalizating "Archimate3::Archimate_ApplicationComponent"). The Profile and MDG is packaged as usual.

When creating new elements from the profile toolbox, the "Proceso" is shown in the diagram as an "Activity" and you can show the stereotype "<<Proceso>>". But, when creating a "Aplicacion", the elementos is shown in the diagram as an "Application Component" but the stereotype is hidden in the diagram.

I need to be able to see the stereotype <<Aplicacion>> in the diagrams.

PD: Both stereotyped elements have defined the special attribute _metatype

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