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General Board / Re: Is there any solution for Docs Generator (RTF)
« on: September 25, 2015, 12:12:07 am »
I'm being realistic friends.

What I have demonstrated here is just the top of the iceberg. For those who have worked with document generation, custom reports, implement such solutions in the built-in editor, makes the work quite costly or impossible for the following reasons:

1) Too much overhead for creating simple solutions: No grouping of elements, sort records from a list/collection, sub-reports loop, conditional statements, hide fields/labels, labels and fragments with specific rules, support for styles and conditional styles, etc. .; You must write source-code for some cases.

2) Lack of functionality to create custom graphics. For example: Pie, Bar, Line, Scatter and multiple-series charts.

3) Lack of functionality for creating design elements. For example, lines, arrows, boxes/frames, and rectangles (elements present in simple reports).

2) The tool provides a tied way to build custom reports: You will be required to create an absurd amount of fragments or create a virtual document (which is also a complex solution);

3) The use of JScript, JavaScript and VBScript makes the development of these reports to KEEP and EVOLVE with too much effort. Especially because you will have problems to run them because not every machine supports scripting execution and ActiveX by default - trust me;

4) The runtime generation can also be a problem if you have the need to generate a lot of documents: you will have to wait 1 minute for each document to be generated by the amount of logic processing algorithms implemented.

5) Documentation and tutorials: The material is too poor. You can search on google someone who has performed complex reports in EA: you will not find!

Geert in analysis of your responses:

"both requirements quoted are more of a" solution "then They are" requirements ""
> This is a feature that both the Jasper Reports and Crystal Reports use (widely known tools) so I do not see as a solution but as a characteristic of a report generator tool: it is a common need.

"Sometimes you can solve it by creating different templates (one with and one without the specific field or table)"
YES! In my solution I needed to create about 20 fragments to generate only one section! This is ridiculous! In other tools I can do the same thing using only 2 report fragments.
Assuming you need a sub-report that has 10 fields: If each field has to be hidden by a specific rule, you will have to create 10 sub reports. But if other rules than these apply, you will have N x 9 x 8 x 7 x 6 ... templates for creation.
In other tools I create just one template and apply the necessary rule in each field, reducing my efforts and the amount of used templates: reuse.

"Sometimes you have to convince the client that his requirement is rubbish and not worth implementing"
Does not apply to my scenario: All the models used are in accordance with the RUP templates proposed by a common software factory. I do not even entered the scope of customer needs, as this is an entirely different and an even greater demand scenario.

Folks, this is why I came to the conclusion described above. Why reinvent the wheel if the market already has more robust solutions to meet the conditions above? Why delegate this work to a professional to make it to the point of writing specific solutions and maintain a huge load of nearly identical templates to meet basic requirements.

The RFT generator works basically like a text-extractor not a reporting tool.
I really like the EA for everything else, but failed to convince me after six months of use to work with document generation.

General Board / Re: Is there any solution for Docs Generator (RTF)
« on: September 23, 2015, 03:23:20 am »
Dear EA users,

Since the beginning of this post, I experienced extreme difficulties with the RTF reporting tool of Enterprise Architect.

After a lot of heartache and effort in getting a "standard" work with my team, I managed to reach the following conclusion: Do not use the built-in report generator.

Instead, use the EA Java API to build an interface/engine for reading the .EAP (repository) file for building custom reports with Jasper Reports (and iReport designer)

I am saying this because today my team is already working with my solutions embedded in EA, but our needs began to evolve and there are no conditions to be fulfilled by the built-in report generator.

Currently I can generate the following documents (with EA built-in report designer):
- Use Case Document (with full specs linked to business rules, user interface, extension points, actors, .etc)
- User Document Interface (linked to the Use Case document, works like a UI desciptor with all fields and specific rules for presentation)
- Business Rules Document (linked to the Use Case document)
All documents based on RUP to a software factory project team.

I do not consider posting the solution here because I had a lot of work, to the point of being able to encapsulate all in one API in JScript/VBScript and report templates - which in total exceeded 5.000 lines of source code.

Consider my opinion to solve using other reporting tool like Jasper Reports in support of the EA Java provided API (eaapi.jar and SSJavaCOM.dll). Use as a starting point the Mogwai project ( which has a prepared solution to make this work along with Jasper Reports only. This solution allows even export all EA diagrams (which makes this completely plausible and functional for development teams and excellent for huge projects: 20+ members).

Regards.  ;)

General Board / Re: Is there any solution for Docs Generator (RTF)
« on: March 08, 2015, 01:19:44 am »
nevermind. I`ve already solved.  ;D ;D ;D

General Board / Re: Is there any solution for Docs Generator (RTF)
« on: March 07, 2015, 12:49:56 pm »
The use case model description that I use at work, has some peculiarities..
For instance, I did also, a great transformation of Scenario.Step.Uses field from this:

to this (after report generation):

This was made using JScript and the result was better than I expected.

General Board / Is there any solution for Docs Generator (RTF)?
« on: March 07, 2015, 12:32:12 pm »
Dear EA users,

I am big fan of Enterprise Architect, and recently took a front to automate some documents using templates, specifically for document use cases, test reports, user interface description, among others.

As a programmer, I come from a previous experience with Jasper iReport and SAP Crystal Reports, which are excellent tools for reporting (document templates).

I come through this post, explain some difficulties I got working with EA document templates (which is not yet finalized):

1) There is no conditional statements to hide custom fields or even table headers?
2) How do I show or hide a template fragment given a certain condition?

My first mission is to finalize a use case document containing the following sections:

1) Revision History
2) Table of contents
3) UC Description
4) Actors
5) Pre-conditions
6) Event Flow (scenarios)
   6.1) Alternate Flows
   6.2) Exception Flows
7) Post-conditions
8) Extension points
9) User Interface Description (user form details)
10) References

So far so good, I did everything with some difficulty using the assistance of more than 500 lines of JScript code (to fulfill my document model). The EA report template designer is too limited at this point.

What is just missing, is to get the user interface information that are the forms that the user sees in accordance with the use case description (like user registration form to user registration use case description).


These forms have been created within an element of type "Screen" that is proposed by the user interface diagram (extended model in EA).


I can see the connector within the element (realization relationship), but how to bring all the elements (form fields of the screen element) for the document to be generated in this way? Ok, I will need to use a template fragment, but I cant use table headers and conditional statements to bring the fields to the example above..

Thank you all!  :D

General Board / Re: Generate documentation - structured scenario
« on: March 07, 2015, 12:59:01 pm »
Yes, you can do almost everything using custom scripts (VBScript or JScript).

Is frustrating to have a tool like EA and a document generator so limited and boring.

I refuse to pay a additional license for a plugin-software based to solve trivial problems of this kind. I believe that the EA software should rather evolve to provide better controls for customizing our templates.

See a problem I'm facing here:

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