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I'm creating class attributes using a C# addin.  I want them ordered by creation date but they are always ordered by alphabetical order. It seems that addNew creates only elements ordered that way.
The code is like the following (extract) :

for (...){
  att= (EA.Attribute)myClass.Attributes.AddNew(attName, attType);

Is there any option or parameter to change that  behavior ? By the way it's not the "Sort Features Alphabetically" option.
Does it depend on the database ?
Any idea ?

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Problem of tagged values creation
« on: December 09, 2008, 12:22:02 am »
I've created a profile containing some stereotype definitions. When I create an object with a given stereotype using drag and drop from the profile toolbox, the tagged values are created correctly for the object.

When I first create the object and then apply the stereotype in a second time, the tagged values are not created at all. Have you encountered the same problem ? Do you know a way to fix it ?

I've created a MDG Technology with new profile toolboxes. Everything works fine except one thing :

I would like to add EA Analysis Classes stereotypes in my toolboxes but I don't know how to reference them. Normally when you add a stereotype from a given profile to a toolbox you define it as follows :

ProfileName::StereotypeName(UML::extended metaclass)

But I can't find the real name to define, for instance, the Boundary class.
I've found that Boundary object (and not class) is defined as UML::RobustBoundary but I'm looking for the class stereotype and not the object stereotype.


we're looking for a way to write in the ouptut from an add in. Does anyone know out to do it ?


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