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My problem is that the stereotypes I'm looking for are not in this list. They are defined in EA (you can give a class the stereotype boundary) but not used in any EA toolbox.

I've created a MDG Technology with new profile toolboxes. Everything works fine except one thing :

I would like to add EA Analysis Classes stereotypes in my toolboxes but I don't know how to reference them. Normally when you add a stereotype from a given profile to a toolbox you define it as follows :

ProfileName::StereotypeName(UML::extended metaclass)

But I can't find the real name to define, for instance, the Boundary class.
I've found that Boundary object (and not class) is defined as UML::RobustBoundary but I'm looking for the class stereotype and not the object stereotype.


we're looking for a way to write in the ouptut from an add in. Does anyone know out to do it ?


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