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Hi there,

I have a Java app that use the Java API Bridge to query our enterprises repository. I would like to have this app, running as standalone, notified when an user changes something in a diagram.
Ideally I would like to warn the user about the consequence of his changes and trigger a long running process on my Java app if he confirm.

The first idea would be to create one add-in that would listen for changes and call a REST service when the user agree. But I have no idea on how to listen for changes on one specific diagram.


I have an application that works fine in standalone. I try to execute it from a servlet container (Tomcat) on the same machine, but a lot of methods returns null.
Since everything works well as standalone I cannot see other reasons why it will fail on Tomcat. I know that i don't provide much information but cannot think to something else to say.

Does someone has any similar experience or ideas ?
Does the bridge produce some logs to help debug the situation ?


I'm using the Java API/Sdk to generate our services documentation and scaffold the projects. During this process, I need the XML Schemas.
At this time, we have to generate them previously in a given location. But I would like to skip this manual step.

Can I reuse the "XML Schema generator" ? And how ?

Thanks a lot


I have a java application who use the EA bridge to generate a single file from a lot of diagrams.
Into the generated file I would like to write if a method parameter is required or not. For that, I want to read the parameter multiplicity (if lower bound is >0, it is required).
But At this time, I'm unable to read this information and cannot see anything about that from the documentation.

Could you, please, help me to read the paramtere multiplicity ?

Thanks a lot.

EA version 9.2.920

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