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Uml Process / Hyperlink updating
« on: November 23, 2016, 10:09:46 pm »
Let's say I have two blocks:

Block A and Block B

I want to create a cross reference in the notes of Block A that references Block B. For example "This Block is supplied by power from Block B". If I happen to change the name of the Block B to "Block C", then I want the name to change in any notes that include a cross-reference to it, in much the same way as is possible in MS Word. So my note would become: "This Block is supplied by power from Block B"

I had hoped that using hyperlinks to elements would achieve this, but (unless I'm doing something wrong) once a hyperlink is created, it does not change its name if the element that it links to has its name updated

Is there some other way of achieving this or is the only way to write some kind of script?

Uml Process / Message Attributes on sequence diagrams
« on: October 14, 2016, 09:21:36 pm »
I have a «Signal» element that has an attribute defined

I want to create a a sequence diagram which shows this signal being sent from one lifeline to another, so I have created a message between the two, double-clicked on it, changed the type to asynchronous | signal and using the dialogue box, navigated to the appropriate model element. Once done, EA will auto-populate the "Attributes" section of the message dialogue box with the name of the signal attribute (helpful!)

However, if I subsequently update the name of the attribute of the signal, the sequence diagram attribute does not automatically update (less helpful)

Does anyone know if there is a way to get EA to refresh the attribute names on a sequence diagram. I have already tried reloading it and that doesn't do the trick  ???

I have diagrams scattered throughout my model and want to find a way to collect all of these together into a report.

I was hoping to use model searches help in this process and have written a search that finds a list of packages that contain the diagrams I want. I have then created a «model document» that uses this search to find the elements...

From reading one of Geert's tutorials (, I see that the results of an SQL search must be placed in the 'element' section of the model document

I've done some test and have satisfied myself that EA is finding the right packages in the model, becuase I can make it print out the names of the packages into my document...
But I don't know I construct a template that can actually print the the diagrams within the packages.


Uml Process / Linking SQL Queries
« on: September 21, 2016, 08:58:20 pm »
EA includes a Model View Element (accessible from the Artifacts toolbox). It allows an SQL Query to be defined and the results displayed on a diagram

I have a two questions:
1. Can you access saved searches when using the Model View Element or must you always type the search text in manually?
2. Is there any way to link SQL queries together? That is, can I use the output of one query as the input to another?

General Board / EA13 Dynamic document generation
« on: September 20, 2016, 05:24:42 pm »
Sparx put this video up on You Tube today:

Has anyone got it to work as shown? When I click on the "document" button whilst I have a requirement selected on a diagram, I just get a blank document window. I've tried searching the on-line help for "Dynamic document" but nothing shows  ???

Suggestions and Requests / Converting Cloud Server to EAP file
« on: September 20, 2016, 05:21:19 pm »
There is no way to convert a cloud server database to an EAP file. This would help distribute models - including to Sparx Support (I have a problem with my model but cannot send it to you guys!)

Alternatively, please include step-by-step instructions/tools for backing up a cloud server database

Uml Process / CSV export with notes
« on: September 09, 2016, 10:56:04 pm »
I wish to export requirements to Excel and have discovered the CSV export function. I have created a CSV Import/Export Specification and included the element name, type, GUID and notes fields.

Many of my requirements have carriage returns in them.

When these requirements are exported to the CSV file, EA seems to break up the requirement into two separate rows.

I get the feeling from looking through previous postings this is a known issue but I wasn't able to find the solution! :o

I have created an MDG that extends the SysML sequence diagram and need to change some of my sequence diagrams to this new type. Unfortunately, EA won't let me change a sequence diagram to any other type of diagram (that option is greyed out in the menu).

I am guessing that it must be possible somehow but that it might need to be done using a script...

From digging around in the SQL database it seems that the following field in the t_diagram.StyleEx table makes reference to the type of diagram. For example, on my standard SysML Sequence diagram this field reads:
ExcludeRTF=0;DocAll=0;HideQuals=0;AttPkg=1;ShowTests=0;ShowMaint=0;SuppressFOC=0;INT_ARGS=;INT_RET=;INT_ATT=;SeqTopMargin=30;MatrixActive=0;SwimlanesActive=1;KanbanActive=0;MatrixLineWidth=1;MatrixLineClr=0;MatrixLocked=0;TConnectorNotation=UML 2.1;TExplicitNavigability=0;AdvancedElementProps=1;AdvancedFeatureProps=1;AdvancedConnectorProps=1;ProfileData=;MDGDgm=SysML1.3::Sequence;STBLDgm=;ShowNotes=0;VisibleAttributeDetail=0;ShowOpRetType=0;SuppressBrackets=0;SuppConnectorLabels=0;PrintPageHeadFoot=0;ShowAsList=0;Whiteboard=1;SuppressedCompartments=;SaveTag=4B2FDBD8;

So, I was thinking that it might be possible to write a script to change this value

I am very new to EA scripting and have very little VB experience, but have managed to get a script to to a find-and-replace within this field using the following code:

Code: [Select]
sub OnDiagramScript()

' Get a reference to the current diagram
dim currentDiagram as EA.Diagram
set currentDiagram = Repository.GetCurrentDiagram()


'declare variable to store style string
dim DiagramStyleString
'store style string
DiagramStyleString = currentDiagram.StyleEx
'do a find a replace
DiagramStyleString=replace(DiagramStyleString,"MDGDgm=SysML1.3::Sequence;","MDGDgm=Protean Architecture Framework::System Interaction View;")

end sub

But that didn't work - not that I'm surprised!

Uml Process / Launching Package Browser
« on: August 13, 2016, 01:46:09 am »
Is there any way to launch the package browser automatically by double clicking on a that has been placed on a diagram?


Uml Process / Custom Toolbox Creation
« on: August 11, 2016, 01:34:52 am »
I am defining a custom toolbox by creating a MDG Technology.

I have successfully created a toolbox using the Profile Helper (see and have managed to drop elements from it onto a diagram  :D

However, if I try to add an element directly to the browser (Right click | Add Element), although I can find my MDG toolbox, there are no elements listed in it  ???

I've clearly missed a step somewhere but I have no idea where!

Any help would be appreciated (thanks for your continuing support - I seem to be monopolising this forum at the moment!!!)

Uml Process / Extending non-UML diagram types
« on: August 09, 2016, 01:48:55 am »
I am creating an MDG Technology following and as guides

I have read that it is only possible to extend EA's basic built-in diagram types (see,30151.msg220401.html#msg220401) - so, if I want to extend SysML Block Definition Diagram (BDD), I must start with a class diagram and modify it as necessary

Having defined a new diagram type, I want to specify a toolbox to use with it.

The help describes how you can include elements from other MDG technologies:

(Optional) Define a Toolbox item that will create an item from an external MDG Technology. For example, adding a Toolbox item that creates a SysML1.3 Block element.
Click on the down-arrow on the right of the Add button.
Select the 'Add New Item' option.
The 'Create new Toolbox Item' dialog displays.
In the 'Alias' field, type the label to appear on the Toolbox item, and click on the OK button.
The Toolbox item will be added to the 'Toolbox Items' list.
In the 'Stereotype' field for this Toolbox item, type:
     -  Profile is the name of the Profile that the Stereotype is defined in
     -  Stereotype is the name of the Stereotype/Metatype that this toolbox item will create
     -  BaseUMLType is the base UML type of the non-UML object
For example, to include a SysML Block in a Toolbox you would type:
To identify the Profile::Stereotype string, create an element of the type to include in your Toolbox (for example; a SysML 1.3 Block), then select the element and display the Tagged Values window.
Any predefined tags for this element will be grouped under the Profile::Stereotype heading; for example, a SysML 1.3 Block's tags are grouped under SysML1.3::Block.
All non-UML objects in Enterprise Architect are an extension of a UML Type. You can reveal an element's base UML type by deleting its Stereotypes. For example, create a SysML1.3 Block and then, using the Properties Window, delete the Block element's Stereotype. The element type will change from Block to Class.

Does anyone know if you can re-use an entire toolbox from another MDG, rather than individually listing the elements to include within it? For example, can I re-use the SysML Block Definition Diagram toolbox in my custom toolbox?

Uml Process / Using Model Searches with the Model Views browser
« on: August 02, 2016, 11:26:21 pm »
I am trying to write SQL searches and use these to create Model Views. Here is an example (simple) search

Code: [Select]
  t_object.ea_guid As CLASSGUID,
  t_object.Object_Type As CLASSTYPE
  t_object.Name Like "System"

I have saved this search under the name "My Test Search" and it is accessible from the drop-down list of user-defined searches

This search just looks for any model elements with the term "system" in their name - obviously my actual search is WAY more complex than this...

This code returns model elements exactly as expected...

Then, I have created a Model View search

Then I hit a problem... when I try to add the search that I created previously, the list of available searches does not include my newly created search  ???

What have I done wrong? I can see other custom searches in the list

When I click on the ... button the Manage Search dialogue window opens and I can see my search (yay!)

But there doesn't seem to be any "OK" button on it and once I hit "close" then I am returned back to the previous dialogue box again and my new search is one again not listed in the available choices!

This is driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!!

Uml Process / SysML Viewpoints
« on: August 02, 2016, 08:46:44 pm »
It seems I am not the only one that is wondering if Model Views EA's answer to the SysML specification of Viewpoint,3315.msg116105.html#msg116105

Does anyone have experience of creating viewpoints and views in EA? Just like the original poster, I can't help thinking that there must be a smarter way to do it!

Uml Process / Highlighting Glossary Terms in EA document export
« on: July 06, 2016, 11:27:38 pm »
We are making use of EA's built in document generator to export SysML requirements into a Word Requirements Specification. These requirements have a number of technical terms within them and these are defined in the Project Glossary, which we have also exported to the same requirements specification.

When terms are defined in the project glossary, EA will helpfully underline them in the GUI. However, when we export the model elements to the document, the underlining is not retained. This is a problem because many of the people reviewing the documents don't know what terms are included in the glossary - and which ones are not.

What I want is some way to visually indicate to any reader that certain terms within the requirement text are also glossary terms.

Is it possible to, for example, use italics and/or underlining to indicate this? That way, the reviewer would know that the term is defined in the glossary and they could turn to that section of the document to fine the definition.

It would be even better if there was a way to include a hyperlink from the text the glossary term... but one thing at a time!

Uml Process / Controlling the order of exported model elements
« on: June 30, 2016, 05:32:12 am »
I have a package containing multiple requirements that I need to export.

EA allows me to change the order of the model elements in the browser but what do I need to do in the template to ensure that this order is respected in the document?

I want to do this because some requirements are related and I don't want them to simply them to be placed in alphabetical order. Rather, I want a measure of control

Thanks all!

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