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Then you'll have to update the your template to exclude those parts I guess.
You might be able to use the filters in the template properties to filter out these elements.

O.k. Another workaround of the workaround of the workaround :-)

I hope the is no bus around. I am afraid that nobody would understand my report anymore.

I am using a customized copy of the system template "Model Report".

Default behavior is, that the report generates the diagram and just underneath the hyperlinked document.

It futher generates chapters like $diagram://{AD0D3E48-CB4F-4fe8-9EDB-E712C9B624E3}.


I am using Elements (e.g. Business Process) with hyperlinks on them pointing to other diagrams.

When I create a report, the report generator also creates the figure of the hyperlinked diagram with some text (e.g. $diagrams). I don't want this to happen. Hyperlinked diagrams should only included like normal diagrams.

Is this standard behavior which cannot be changed or is there a check box which has to be activated or deactivated, respectively?

Many thanks in advance, V.


I currently try to generate a report with Virtual Document. A Report Package has several Model Documents. Each document has the same Template assigned. In this template I want to retrieve a Report Constant (or a Tagged Value, if possible) of the Model Document, it is assigned to.

The current situation is as follows:
(1) The Report Generator uses the Report Constants from the Report Package for the Cover Page, which has been defined in the Report Generator.
(2) For the templates, used by the Model Documents, the Report Constants stay empty. I do not know which Report Constants get retrieved.

My questions are:
(1) which Report Constants are used by the template under processing? As I said, they stay always empty.
(2) is there a way to retrieve Report Values of the Model Report currently under processing?

Many thanks in advance, V.

Hi Geert,

It works now. It was the caching issue, I think. Many thanks. V.

Hi Geert,

Thank you very much for your valuable feedback. It helped a lot.

(0) “You seem to be making a difference between master document package and master document element. I only see master document packages. Am I missing something.” -> I am using Report Package (as the successor of Master Document). I am using Model Documents for each Package to be reported and assign these Model Documents to the Report Package.

(1) “Master document (packages) don't need templates. The template dropdown is disabled or readonly, and shows the default "Model Report" but is should really be blanked out. So the behavior is what is expected although it can be improved” -> o.k. This is REALLY confusing. It is even more confusing, that the generate ignores my template assigned as Tagged Values.
(2) same as (1)
(3) “supposing you mean "model document element" and not "master document element") -> no, Master Document (Report Package).
“I'm not seeing the "jumps one level up to the package" behavior you are describing.” -> see above.
“I'm currently using 13.5.1352, but I haven't noticed such behavior in previous versions either. In my case it opens up the dialog with the template dropdown filled in with the template from the tagged value.” -> as I said, the drop down list is inactive.
“The template dropdown is still enabled though, so I can select another template if I wanted to.” -> see above
(4) “I don't see different behavior between diagram and project browser.” -> because I use Report Package (Master Document).

“In all of the above cases the document is generated with the correct template.” -> in my case all use correctly except my own Model Report (which is a copy of the system Model Report). In this case SparxEA uses always the system Model Report. There must be a caching, as you described below.

“We did notice a bug like you are describing sometimes, when pressing F8 right after creating the Master Document package. Then sometimes the dropdown in enabled. In those cases the document would use the model report template and not report on the linked packages/search, but on the master document package itself. This behavior would be solved by first selecting something else in the project browser and then selecting the Master Document package again. Looks very much like a caching issue to me, like when the application cache isn't aware of the special status (stereotype) of the package yet and treats it as it would be a regular package.” -> could you tell me what you mean with “linked packages/search”? The Report Generator uses the right package, but the wrong template (in my case the system Model Report).


I tested the tutorial on two different environments. I always get the same result: an empty page.


I followed the instructions in to create a report.

The document says "Double-click on the Document Artifact. The 'Generate Documentation' dialog displays". In my test a template gets opened, but not the "Generate Documentation" dialog. Is that correct? If not, how can I change this behavior?

Many thanks in advance, V.

My current situation is this and it makes me mad:

(1) Select Master Document (or Report Package) in der Diagram > F8 > in Generate Document: System-Template “Model Report” is default and CANNOT be changed.
(2) Select Package of the Master Document element in the Project Browser: same as above.
(3) Select Master Document in the Project Browser > F8 > in Generate Document: the selection jumps one level up to the package, but Template can be changed. But this is not of any interest for the report generator: it still uses Template “Model Report”. It also create a report about the report elements, which is not intended.
(4) Select Diagram: same as above.

Sometimes the system takes my template, but in only about 5% of the tests.

I did not understand the concept at all or this is a bug.

Help is very welcome, V.

AFAIK you only need the debugger to ... debug scripts.
Writing or executing scripts can be done without the debugger.
Many thanks, Geert.
I wonder why the MS Script Debugger is not mentioned any more. MS Scripting Engine is not the successor of MS Script Debugger for my understanding.
MS Script Debugger is no longer published as a free download by Microsoft, but it is still mentioned in the manual:

O.K. Maybe for debugging only. Thank you, Geert.

AFAIK you only need the debugger to ... debug scripts.
Writing or executing scripts can be done without the debugger.

Many thanks, Geert.

I wonder why the MS Script Debugger is not mentioned any more. MS Scripting Engine is not the successor of MS Script Debugger for my understanding.

Hi together,

in I read, that for Scripting "Microsoft Scripting Engine" (or "Mozilla SpiderMonkey") is necessary. My questions are:

(1) Is MS Script Debugger not needed anymore? If yes, from when on?
(2) Do Microsoft Scripting Engine and Mozilla SpiderMonkey support different features?
(3) Is the MS Script Debugger always needed for scripting or only in special cases (e.g. ActiveX)?

I cannot answer these questions on my own because I cannot install the deprecated MS Script Debugger.

Many thanks in advance, V.

Hi experts,

I am trying to create a report with Virtual Document. The “Master Document” has several “Model Documents” assigned to it. Every “Model Document” knows its own template. I have several questions:

(1) Is there a possibility to retrieve the tagged value of a “Model Document”? I am only able to retrieve the tagged values of a “Master Document”.

(2) Sometimes the “Model Documents” do not use their templates. Instead they use the system Template “Model Report”. Sometimes they use the right template. Is there a rule behind it, when a “Master Document” or “Model Document” uses which rtf template?

(3) I stored the parameters of “Generate Documentation” as a “Defined Document” in Resources. Can I put this element (or a representative) on the diagram of the “Master Document” or any diagram?

(4) Is it possible that a “Filter” retrieves the search value from somewhere, e.g. from the tagged value of “Master Document”?

Many thanks in advance, V.

I found the solution in "We don't use Report Specification element, but we store specific options into Resource Document. Use Resource Document button on Generate Documentation dialog. This specification is stored in the Resources Window under Document Generation.

Hi experts,

I am trying to create a report with Virtual Document. This is a high-sophisticated feature (at the moment more confusing than high sophisticated) of EA. I am using Master Document > Right Click > Documentation > Generate Documentation to generate the report. When I use this feature somewhere else the parameters for the Master Document get overwritten. Very strange. I have this high sophisticated feature Virtual Document and cannot safe these parameters.

O.K. I tried the element “Report Specification”. But then I read: Q: “Can you link the report specification with Virtual Documents (Master and Model Documents)?” A: “Not yet. We are investigating this feature request”. It would have been a good idea, but it is still under investigation...

Or am I wrong? Does there exist a possibility to save the parameters of Generate Documentation or Virtual Document, respectively?

Many thanks in advance, V.

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