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General Board / BPMN Simulationin Ultimate edition vs BPSim
« on: February 19, 2016, 05:02:31 pm »
I was looking at the different editions of Sparx and i just wonder what is the difference between the BPMN Simulation   in Ultimate edition vs BPSim.
Any idea?
Thank you

General Board / BPSim and intermediate event
« on: February 18, 2016, 06:20:50 pm »
Another tricky question
Is there a way to use intermediate events? I have Activity A, it takes 10 minutes. Is there a way to simulate that there is a 30% change that during those 10 minutes an error will occur (at any time during those 10 minuets) and the activity A will be interrupted (interrupting intermediate event) and Activity B will start as a result.
Something like this:

And as we are onto this, what about non interrupting intermediate event (at any point during those 10 minutes of Activity A).
Any ideas? :D
Thank you

General Board / BPSim run scenario problem
« on: February 17, 2016, 09:59:39 pm »
I'm trying to model simple ticket handling. Let's say, 4000 tickets in one month, new ticket each 10 minutes. No issues there, works like a charm.
Now i would like to run more realistic simulation, something like during working hours the frequency of arriving tickets will be higher than during night.
Or provide some randomness (not dependent on the actual hour of a day), that sometimes there will be 1 ticket each 3 minutes and other time there will be 1 ticket each 20 minutes. But keeping to those 4000 a month.
Is there a way to do something like this? Can't get my head around it.
Thx for help

General Board / BPSim: total time on subprocess [SOLVED]
« on: February 15, 2016, 10:26:38 pm »
I'm trying to run a simulation to compare two forks in one flow,
One fork is just one activity, another is a sub-process (activity with its own sub-diagram)
I have put on Processing time on all activities, except the one with the sub-process (which i was hoping it will summarize all the processing times on all the activities in the sub-process)
After the simulation executes, i can see the Processing times on the one activity (without sub-process), the other one with the sub-process (as i have not set the processing time, hoping it will summarize the time of all underlying activities) is 0.
How can I find out the Processing time on an activity with a sub-diagram (sub-process)?
Thank you

I'm testing now the BPSim and after the installation, when I wanted to validate the settings i'm getting this warning:

BPMN Warning : Tag 'bpmn:relationship' is not imported. Either this file is not conforming to BPMN 2.0 Specification or EA currently does not support it.

The model i'm testing it on is a very simple BPMN (start, activity, stop)

What I need to to to resolve this warning?
As when I started to add resources I'm getting errors on resources reference

BPMN Error : ResourceRole '1st line': sub-element 'resourceRef' is not referencing to a Resource.(value 'EAID_2A118149_3458_4552_8E1E_74B7937FC3F1')

which I could not resolve either (all tagged values seems to point to proper objects) and i think it may be related to the warning.

Any clues?
Thank you

I search the forum but did not found any answers
Is there a way to pass additional parameters to HTML generation using the RunHTMLReport like default diagram, theme or header image?

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / HTML extract and text alignment
« on: January 21, 2016, 07:56:43 pm »
We are producing some roadmaps HTML extracts. The roadmap span is quite big. I would like to align the text of an element in the extract to left so the users would not need to scroll to right to see which product they are looking at.
Is there a way to align the text inside an element on HTML extract?
And also to do the same on a roadmap diagram? Is the only way to use Shape Editor?

I'm working on a small script which will perform automatic daily project transfer from BDMS to a local EAP file.
it is a small VB script where I'm using the method
ProjectTransfer (string SourceFilePath, string TargetFilePath, string LogFilePath)
For the access to database I'm using connection string with integrated security.
Issue is I'm getting a pop up window asking me for a password.
Is there a way around? I need this to be fully automated, no human interaction.
Thx for help

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