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Hi everyone,

here is my problem.
I found a lot of post in the forum about this subject but that's still not clear for me.

I am developping an add-in that intends to substitute EA dialogs for some elements.

For creation of the element everything is ok.
I use EA_OnPostNewElement method.
this method returns true to notify EA the addin does the creation job
I update my element
I modify SuppressEADialogs property to true
all is fine

On modification here come my problems.
I see two useful methods.
SuppressEADialog has no effect here ! It is written in EA documentation
But if you return true in method EA_OnContextItemDoubleClicked you notify EA not to treat the update and EA dialog is not opened.

in project browser, the name of the element modified is not refreshed.
the name dissapears and only its stereotype is visible, if you click on the element, its name comes again.

So i look into the forum
refresh on elelement -> no effect
adviseElementChange on repository -> no effect
RefreshModelView on repository -> it reloads everything, backup dialog are shown for modifed diagrams, when reloaded, elements are not in the same order in package which is much more disturbing for user that a name not displaying.

Do you have any idea ?



Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: Create EA UI Screen
« on: August 08, 2009, 01:39:37 am »
yes you can do that :

attach an addin of your own to EA :
a sample scenario would be :

1 : a winform opens with an "input file" field to select your xml file from your hard disk
2 : while reading your xml file
     you create elements
                    and diagram objets that are representations of elements on diagrams with layout properties and so on ...



On Repository class there are two interesting methods :
1. AddDefinedSearches (string sXML) where you add a new search
2. GetElementsByQuery (string QueryName, string SearchTerm) : the first parameter is the name of the "Search" you want to use.

And finally, in EA, in  Manage Searches wizard, you can export  searches in XML format to get a valid sample.


it must be a connector.
look at your element property Element.connectors.
There must be a connector with a specific type ....


Hi Makulik,

I managed to compare old version and newer one of an element using both events contextitemchanged and itemmodified with a stack (to take into account element parent).

But did you find a way to overwrite the new object with the old one ? without having to do it for each property of the element ??


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