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Uml Process / Re: Use Case Scenarios
« on: August 07, 2005, 12:17:24 pm »

the difference between USE CASE and his SCENARIO is the same as the difference between some “BUTTONS” on a café-automat and the WIRES inside an automat. Every BUTTON has its label (USE CASE has its name), it is a deal, convention between circumambience and system. At this point of “external” view, USE CASE brings some use, some profit, benefit for circumambience (… push the button “GET CAFÉ”!… or “LOGIN TO SYSTEM”!).
The SCENARIO is like an implementation of operation, something what is implemented inside the system under the BUTTON. Analysts find the BUTTONS first (what is needed) and behavioral under these buttons (how it works), it means they find the USE CASES and SCENARIOS.
We are preparing USE CASE EDITOR for EA as its ADD-IN now, it will be connected to WORD as “round-trip” from EA to WORD. It will be released in October this year.

The concepts like BASE PATH, ALTERNATE PATH, EXCEPTION PATH and so on are only intended for good visible structure of SCENARIO (programmers like to see these structures, they see only parts which are needed at this certain time).

Uml Process / Re: The best way to write use cases?
« on: January 23, 2003, 03:19:12 am »

… of course, jaime, you are right with describing of purpose <<extend>> and I agree with this comments :) .

I wanted to show necessity and due when interaction is unavoidable. It is possible, that inside <<extend>> is hidden re-use, in addition, and maybe not. When re-use is found, we must point out use case as necessity and it is like “model error” not to do it. Every re-used model element (not only use case) must stand alone for re-use (for interactions), and it cannot be “hidden” inside another element as part of comment or as part of scenario etc., (= effect of “Clipboard Copying Mistake”).

I think, when we see <<extend>> and it is not re-used use case and we don’t model it as interaction, it is incorrect, of course, but it is not “fatal model error”. It is only inaccuracy.

See this example of scenario:
Use Case “A”, scenario:

User selects item from list of <something>.
If item of <something> does not exist, User can add new <something> (see Use Case “Adding new <something>”)...
It is <<extend>> interaction. Use case “Adding new <something>” can be “called” from use case “A” in extension point with condition "item not in list" and interaction is: “UC Adding new <something> extends UC A”. Specially at this case we must model it as “stand alone element” (as necessity), because use case of adding is re-used from other points of application. For instance User can use “Adding new <something>” naturally as “start dialog” (= not as part of another use case) and start event of dialog in business environment is “user wants to add new <something>”.

On the other hand, in the case, that the part of scenario <<extend>> is not re-used, it is not so strong necessary to point it out and make <<extend>>. It is only more correct to do it, because then we can see structure of scenario better in diagram as picture and not only in long text.

Ilja Kraval

Uml Process / Re: The best way to write use cases?
« on: January 22, 2003, 11:15:54 am »
I think (it is conclusion from praxis), that the right approach lies in these two points:

1. if it exists co-used (re-used) use case, we must make interaction: extends, include or gen.-spec. and "point out" the co-used use case  

2. we can make interaction ("point out") in some long use cases, when it is more transparent than without it

It is the same question like "calling functions" in structural programming.

Ilja Kraval

Uml Process / Extremely Effective Modelling - EFEM
« on: January 11, 2003, 07:46:48 am »
Hi all,

see this document about "Extremely Effective Modelling - EFEM"

about 100 Kb, inside WINZIP file is RTF doc

Ilja Kraval

I am working with my own User Control and I am adding this by AddTab to EA, it works good, but I need to rename my Tab after adding to EA or close it (that is rename it by replacing).  

How can I rename or close my Tab?

Thanks for help.


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