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General Board / element notes in project browser
« on: August 27, 2009, 07:27:23 pm »
Hello All,

is there a way in EA to enable notes to be shown in project browser next to name of element as on the drawing below?

Code: [Select]
Package1          Notes for package Package1
    Diagram1          Notes for diagram Diagram1
    Class1          Notes for class Class1
         AttributeA          Notes for attribute Attribute1
         OperationA()          Notes for operation OperationA()
    Class2          Notes for class Class2

I think I have seen appropriate option somewhere in EA that as per my understanding should have allowed to enable this mode, but can't find it now.
In any way, experts, please help, otherwise I believe it is worth to request this as a new feature.


General Board / import connectors from csv
« on: April 01, 2008, 03:21:27 am »
Hello All,

Is there a way to import connectors from csv file (I run EA 7.1)?
or the only way to automate import of relationships is to write a plug-in or script with use of EA automation interface?

More issue background:
I need to import objects and relationships currently kept in a database consisting from 2 tables: objects, relationships. The logical way is to convert the data from tables into csv format to import into EA. I see there is a built-in support in EA to import elements, but I do not find an option to import connectors.

Thank you,

Bugs and Issues / Shalow copy does not work for object elements
« on: September 21, 2009, 03:22:23 pm »
Dear All,

When I copy a diagram in "Shallow" mode, EA copies Class elements correctly in the "Shallow" mode(links class images in the new diagram to existing elements in the model), but all object elements EA copies in "Deep" mode (creates duplicate elements).

Does anyone experience the same problem?
Is there maybe some "hidden" option I am missing?


Bugs and Issues / Values of attributes in instance specification
« on: September 24, 2009, 06:49:12 am »
As per IBM's implementation, instance specification notation (and as such element in the model) has slots for all features of its classifier, including inherited features and attributes can be assigned values.

In EA, I do not see features in instance specifications - not in diagrams nor in the Hierarchy pane. So my guess features are either not supported in instance specifications.. or I am missing something.

Bugs and Issues / Transparency of EA development
« on: September 21, 2009, 09:08:58 pm »
Hello All,

is there a way to know status of bugs and new feature request submitted to Sparx?


Uml Process / Associated class traceability
« on: September 25, 2011, 07:12:49 am »
Hello All,

When I browse the model created with the class digram below

with traceability browser, I do not see any links b/w ClassC and the rest of the elements in the model (ClassA and ClassB)

nor I am able to find any link between ClassC and the connector connecting ClassA and ClassB.

(1) Is there a way to trace from the classes A & B to class C (Associated Class) through the model in EA?
(2) Is such traceability b/w a Class and an Associated Class supported in UML at all?


QUESTION: I want the elements created by script to have TOGAF add-in properties. How can I do this? Thanks.
(Background information is below).

I use TOGAF add-in and need to import many elements representing physical application components.

The TOGAF add-in has a special element "PhysicalApplicationComponent" in toolbox intended to represent physical application - see image below..

The element has a set of TOGAF properties defined as tags - see the image below..

When add elements with script:
Code: [Select]
var thePackage as EA.Package;
var elements as EA.Collection;
var element as EA.Element;

thePackage = Repository.GetTreeSelectedPackage();
elements = thePackage.Elements;      
element = elements.AddNew( "Created by script", "Component" );
element.Stereotype = "PhysicalApplicationComponent";

The element created does not have TOGAF properties..

So, how to create an element which will have the TOGAF properties as defined by the TOGAF add-in?

Please help with Eclipse Add-in.

I am evaluating Eclipse Add-in.  I installed it yesterday and played a little  - I was able to drag-and-drop a file from Navigator (not Java code) in Eclipse into EA digram window in Eclipse.
Today, I am trying to do the same drag-and-drop again, but the EA does not allow to drag-and-drop from Eclipse Navigator anymore - Eclipse shows the round 'no-dropping here' sign.

This must be something silly - but I can't figure out what's wrong..
Any suggestions from the community?


I have a software product written in a programming language not supported by EA.. and want to model the product and view source code by F12.

Is there a way to associate source code with an element without use of EA reverse or forward engineering:
- from EA application UI?
- with automation interface?

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