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When users work on different EA repositories with the OpenID authentication enabled in EA security, switching from a repository to another without closing EA requires to go through the Login with OpenID popup each time.
This can be annoying since the browser is opened before going back to EA. Furthermore the browser is closed down automatically when using EA 15.1.

Could an EA process keep the user OpenID session alive to bypass the login when closing a project, to open another one ?


I'm testing EA16.1 (1623) on an environment using the Pro Cloud Server 5.1.121 (64 bit) and a Postgres DB.

We found an error when running a Copy/paste a diagram and selecting the option Deep to create new elements.
The error occurs when it duplicates the links for a specific diagram i.e. it works with other class diagrams.

Sparx Systems Database API [0x0001086]
Native Update FAILED with error:
22001 ERROR: value too long for type character varying(50)

Looking at the DBError.txt file, the associated query is: GetLongVal( "Connector_ID" )

I suspected this to be a PCS bug but there's nothing in the PCS logs.
I found a similar issue on this forum thread:,47238.msg275536.html#msg275536

I ran some tests on my PC with a local PCS and Postgres DB and I don't have any error. It also works fine if the same process if carried with EA 15.1.
I also carried the following test: I did a copy/paste of the diagram using the Shallow option first, and then duplicated it using the Deep option and it worked. It seems to have something to do with diagramlinks. I haven't tried yet to run an integrity check which could be a solution.

I noticed also in EA16 that one has to run Copy Diagram twice before the Paste diagram menu is available in the target package.

PCS Bugs and Issues / Re: Performance issues after upgrade to PCS 5.1.121
« on: January 18, 2023, 08:44:22 pm »

I'm having the same issue; a client is testing EA 16.1 and we found out that it requires the latest PCS 5.1
They're using SQL Server DB and a number of users are still using EA 15.1/15.2. Once connected, they often get the error below.

Pro Cloud Server: Http Status Code: 411 Length Required

I initially set up a system ODBC DSN on the PCS to the SQL Server DB. I then ran a new test using the PCS Native Connection and it fixed the issue.
Having upgraded from 4.2, I had to change all existing DB configuration from the ODBC system ODBC to the native connection.

Thank you for the replies. I'll submit a feature request.


I'm using the Package.Clone method to duplicate a class moved in a temp package. When I run the script, the Export to XMI popup is visible whilst running.
Is there a way via the API to hide this popup ?

Hi Ian,

Isn't it related with the following instead of EA 16 ?
When you create a BPMN activity, you can change the "activityType" tagged value from Task to Sub-Process which leads to render the task node with a +, yet this is not a composite element (set with the right click > new child diagram ..)
In BPMN a sub process task and a composite element task are both rendered the same way i.e. with the "+"

On PCS 5 (not 5.1), we have not experienced the behaviour you mention above. The biggest issues we found during the upgrade had to do with the PCS floating license server client not accepting a fully qualified server name when installed side-by-side with PCS (it does not happen if the client is installed on a different machine), and PCS enforcing a whitelist - i.e., restoring the default whitelist each time the configuration manager or webconfig was run.

Hi Modesto,

I just came across this issue with the FLSClient (403 forbidden - white list error). Did you find a solution ? I attempted to connect to the server using its name (not the fully qualified) but it didn't work.
It only works if I connect to the localhost ...

Bugs and Issues / EA 16.1 1622 rendering issue with Text elements
« on: December 14, 2022, 01:53:59 am »

I'm running tests with EA 16.1 on the same EA DB that I use with EA 15.
I noticed a rendering issue with diagram Text elements ; they have a transparent background in EA15, but in EA 16.1 they appear with a black or white border + orange/brown background colour.

Has anyone come across this issue ?

Bugs and Issues / EA16.1 (1622) bug with a model branch copy/paste
« on: December 13, 2022, 08:13:30 pm »

I have a package with a project template i.e. a predefined package structure with diagrams.
If I duplicate this package branch (Copy Full Structure for duplication, and  Paste to a target package), I get a very weird result: all packages are empty and the tree structure is lost i.e. all packages are within the selected target package.
Note that this happens with packages that in a readonly mode (set via the API with Package.SetReadOnly) on a database via the Pro Cloud Server. (v4.1.44). It works if I remove the readonly mode or with a direct connection to Postgres.

This happens with EA16.1 (it works with EA 15.1) + PCS 4.1.44 and also with 4.2.66.

Update: I tested EA 16.1 with the PCS 5.1 and it worked ok. It should be consistent with the following PCS 5.0 release notes: "The /pbstructure/ and /pbstructure/descendanthierarchy/ calls for Packages now specifies if each descendant package has nested packages"

Bugs and Issues / EA16.1 (1622) Cannot create a customized Workspace
« on: December 09, 2022, 07:23:08 pm »

EA 16.1 Start > Workspaces button only gives access to the list of workspaces to load. Contrary to the manage_workspace_layout help page, I don't have the menu to open the workspace layout popup with the management of My Workspaces.
Is it a bug, or have I missed something out ?

Bugs and Issues / Re: V1605 copy /paste note size bug
« on: December 09, 2022, 02:22:02 am »
I agree, however this remains an issue when I need to copy/paste to an email for instance.
I hope it'll be fixed in a future build

Bugs and Issues / Re: V1605 copy /paste note size bug
« on: December 08, 2022, 06:35:26 pm »
Unfortunately not this bug: select a note and use Ctrl + C -> it is resized.
If you press Ctrl+C without anything selected, all notes height are increased.

Thank you for your feedback  :)


When I have a boolean tagged value to add to an MDG stereotype, I create a predefined tagged value with the Boolean type.
As a result the tagged value is rendered with a drop down list to select between True and False.

I noticed from an older MDG that it is also possible to define a boolean tagged value by applying the boolean data type on the stereotype Class' attribute (as explained on qwerty site here:
The difference is that the values are lowercase i.e. true, false.

Are these just 2 alternatives with a different result (True/False vs true/false) ?


General Board / Change the browser for EA OpenID (Azure AD) auth
« on: December 02, 2022, 10:08:51 pm »

I have an EA repository configured with OpenID (Azure AD) to authenticate users (see
When users click on Login with OpenID, it opens their default browser which can either be Edge or Chrome.

We found that Chrome has an issue as the session is lost when the browser is closed, so users must use Edge. Is there a way to force OpenID to open Edge when clicked from EA ?
Has anyone come across the issue?

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