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Thanks for the info Geert.

Since this method was introduced in build 1305, I added a condition where FindElementInDiagram is run if Repository.LibraryVersion > 1304, otherwise I run something like  selectedDiagram.SelectedObjects.AddNew(elt.ElementID.ToString(), "") ...

The latter option does not have the diagram focus updated.

Excellent, EA.Diagram.FindElementInDiagram is exactly what I've recently been looking for.
I tested it and confirm that it selects the element in the diagram and focuses onto it.

When used in an add-in, will it work with any version of EA or only with versions where the API supports this method?

Feature request sent to Sparx.

Hi Helmut,

I looked at the hoTools code and found you managed to integrate the suggested feature from the Sparx Community article.
Since then, have you noticed or been reported any issue or bug linked to global keys?

I also found a package available here for C# projects:

My concern with having each add-in implementing its own global keys management is the difficulty in preventing conflicts over assigned keys and potentially crash EA. Hence I think that EA should handle global keys assignments for add-in extensions, e.g. where each add-in dev team would provide the name of the menu to run accordingly, and enter on a config popup by the user.
Any thoughts from Sparx?

General Board / EA 14 beta comments & feedback
« on: March 08, 2018, 12:39:56 am »

Starting a thread on posting feedback about EA 14 beta if that's ok.
I used BPMN and noticed that the "Convert to..." option is no longer available: I created BPMN Service tasks and would like to change the type e.g. to User.
With previous versions, using the toolbox and adding the same type of element onto an existing one prompted to either create or change the type. This was a rather nice hint for users.

Can it be maintained in EA14?

I found a glitch on the quicklinker: I cannot create a Data Object from a BPMN task via a data association.

I take that the diagram focus is still not supported via the API?


Is it possible to let a user assign keyboard shortcuts (e.g. F1, Maj+F1...) with an installed add-in menu/feature?


Uml Process / Re: data format in component with tracability
« on: February 28, 2018, 02:17:37 am »
Interfaces don't support attributes/data - they are intended to define the "contract" i.e. services to be provided or used by each component hence you should only define operations.
You can try using information flows between Components ; this feature lets you select one or several UML classs from a "data model" that goes from a component to another.


The attribute is probably associated via the "Link to element feature". To find this attribute, you need to look at the StyleEx value of the connector (best is to query the t_connector table).

I'll submit a feature request to Sparx.

No, my intent is to trigger the script when running the "Synchronize Structural Elements" from a SysML Internal Block Diagram.
This feature creates new SysML parts elements according to the BDD definition i.e. Blocks associated via a composite or aggregation link to the main Block (e.g. our system).

So I have a feeling that despite the Sync Struct. Element creates elements in the model, it does not broadcast the OnPostNewElement event (only the OnPreNew).

Hi Arshad,

Thank you for your reply. I missed the return value from Sparx API doc.
Please note that I'm using ea-matic.

To see the caught events, I started adding the following to the ea-matic function. I tried to return true in the PreNewElement but that didn't work (I also tried with Set EA_OnPreNewElement = true).

function EA_OnPostNewElement(Info)
   Repository.WriteOutput "Script", now() & " EA_OnPostNewElement " ,0   
end function

function EA_OnPostNewDiagramObject(Info)
   Repository.WriteOutput "Script", now() & " EA_OnPostNewDiagramObject  " ,0   
end function

function EA_OnPreNewDiagramObject(Info)
   Repository.WriteOutput "Script", now() & " EA_OnPreNewDiagramObject  "  ,0   
end function

function EA_OnPreNewElement(Info)
   Repository.WriteOutput "Script", now() & " EA_OnPreNewElement  " ,0   
   EA_OnPreNewElement = true
end function

That's not available with the EA_OnPreNewElement event (since the element is not created at this stage), hence my issue of not being able to catch OnPostNewElement or OnPostNewDiagramObject.


I'm trying to apply auto updates on a SysML IBD diagram when running the Synchronize Structural Elements, where EA creates new parts according to the BDD definition.
The only broadcast event I catch is EA_OnPreNewElement. However I need the Element ID to update via the OnPostNewElement or OnPostNewDiagramObject event.

Any reason why I'm not getting these events?

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