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General Board / How to import/ex the profile relationship matrix
« on: August 31, 2010, 01:57:17 am »
We are working with EA and Dbms integration but when transfer the EA to DB the profiles associated with relationship matrix after transfer disapppear.

How can we restore that relationship matrix through export from original EA and import to EA DB model?

Any ideas or other solutions to this problem?


We have a model from other provider made on Websphere Modeler 7 (WM 7) and we need to import it to EA.

In order to do it the WM 7 only allow a few propietary export formats, the more one is XPDL.

We need to import from XPDL (valid document) the definitions of business process in order to represent them in EA.

Any ideas?



when we use EA + SVN the check in operations over packages that includes images does not reflect the images included in other EA client that gets the lastest version of the package.

In the same way there is information about relationship matrix that seems is stored in the EAP but the EAP file is not versioned at all with that modifications?

Please we need to check that this and

Hi, I'm using the trial version of EA 8 integrated with the lastest version of visual svn.

First we guess that only need to do the basic configuration of SVN client with EA but every package have to be configured in order to use the version control.

And when any of the team testing group try to checkout or checkin the operation is really slow (5m - 10m) over a LAN of 100Mpbs.

The testing is in order to select an enterprise architect tool to make the basis of enterprise continuum.

We are testing too Visual Paradigm and Telelogic.

Please give us a response about how to avoid the slow operations and excesive configuration in every package.


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