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General Board / Re: The mysteries of Roadmaps ... ?
« on: Today at 07:02:23 am »
Whilst it is possible to create roadmaps in Sparx EA its labour intensive as you are finding out.
The only reason I use Sparx EA to create roadmaps is that I've got to create MS word document with all the details behind. Using the document generation feature saves me time but creating the roadmaps is less than ideal.
Others in my organisation use Visio which is no better.
I did try MS Project a while back but keeping the names of work packages in synch with a MS word doc was too painful.

All these types of tools have a learning curve. Both Sparx EA and Power Designer.
I guess you've failed in the first step of that curve by asking a Sparx EA user group about Power Designer. They are two different produces produced by two different companies

Let me introduce to a fantastic search engine
Where you'll find

General Board / Re: Logical Data Modelling in SPARX
« on: Today at 06:44:36 am »
I guess you are struggling as the object oriented world and data worlds have similar concepts they are actually different. Fundamentally Sparx EA is built upon UML.

In OO world you have

In the data world you have

Generally in the OO world we don't worry about primary keys and foreign keys until mapping to a physical relational database. i.e. PDM. Why is this you ask? Well its because we could map the PIM to different PDM like Java/C#/XML/ RDMS etc and some of those don't have the concept of primary and foreign keys.

You'll notice this in the DDL transformation when the PIM is translated to a PDM for a RBMS the Key's are added.

Must admit I never like to see more than one field used as primary or foreign key as it usually means the fields are being used for more than one purpose and kind of goes against normal form.

I guess you need to read up a bit more on UML. Hope that helps.

General Board / Re: Wireframe colors for elements
« on: October 18, 2018, 12:09:19 pm »
Yeah unfortunately those wire frame shapes don't have the extra tags to show its enabled/disabled unlike those 'edit controls' in Simple User Interface and Win32 UI tool box elements. Nor do they allow you to change the colours.

So the way I see it you have a couple of alternative options
a) use a boundary instead and colour it gray (need to enable solid fill)
b) Use an edit control elements from the above mentioned toolboxes and disable it using a tag value.

I'd go for the boundary that way you don't have to flick between the toolboxes.

Bugs and Issues / Re: Printing out a big data model
« on: October 18, 2018, 08:23:38 am »
The other approach to printing large diagrams I've seen when people only have an A4 or A3 max size printer is to print out un-scaled and sellotape all the pieces together.
Find a local print shop with an A0 Plotter and get them to print it.

General Board / Re: How to put a search query on an element in a diagram?
« on: October 18, 2018, 08:14:32 am »
Create a Dashboard diagram and you get toolbox for pie charts, bar charts and model views. Drag a model view onto the diagram and the put your custom SQL into the Chart Source property.

General Board / Re: Diagrams in element compartment
« on: October 18, 2018, 07:46:01 am »
Yes you can create links from elements to diagram using links in properties of element but not seen the ability to put those links into compartments on the element within a diagram. It may be possible via shapescripts but I haven't seen it.
If you generated HTML you get to see the links.

Bit of a kludge but you could drag the diagram onto another diagram and create a hyperlink then overlay onto an element.

General Board / Re: Source code import C++ problem
« on: October 14, 2018, 06:31:18 am »
Schrödinger's cat is already 50% dead. So your curiosity can't really kill it xD

Ha Ha nice one Qwerty but its not in a state of 50% dead and 50% alive its 100% both dead and alive until an observer looks then its either dead or alive. Its got a 50/50 chance of being dead with the curiosity of the observer in the end so death is not guaranteed.  :)

General Board / Re: Source code import C++ problem
« on: October 13, 2018, 08:18:32 am »
I know curiosity killed the cat but what add-in are using?

General Board / Re: EA just won't v14, v13, v12...
« on: October 13, 2018, 08:14:29 am »
...Makes be a bit worried about installing any future EA versions......
Agree is a cause for concern. Recommend following good practices such as ensuring new versions are trialled out for a few days or weeks first on test machines first.  System restore is a wonderful safety net.

That being said to provide some level of comfort, I've not experienced many problems with installing/uninstalling Sparx EA over the last 12 years. We have to go through a rigid production testing phase before using any new versions of tools. One of the tests checks that the tools install/uninstall cleanly. Our support engineers who test this say Sparx EA is one of the better tools they tested so historically its all been good. Sounds like your experience may have been an exception. I've not heard others with this problem.


I'm not saying you are wrong, but quickly renaming a set of requirements is much easier when you do "View as List"

Absolutely or the specification view as yet another alternative.
... But its always nice to have the feature to edit in the view the user is using so the they have the option. I always like to enable users to work with tools on how it suits them rather than constraining them. But hey that might be old fashioned thinking.
The new approach seems to be make em do it our way. Let's see how that plays out.

General Board / Re: Configuring Element Label in Project Browser
« on: October 13, 2018, 07:51:39 am »
Version Control in a model has always been problematic across as many tools as I can remember.  I'm not convinced anyone has perfected a solution yet. I can remember having long discussions with consultants back in the 1990s regarding how to implement version control in a model with the complexities of elements, relationships and diagrams. We never came up with a solution that would address  all the scenarios just some of them. We ended up with similar things to Baselining and the Time Aware Modelling. Neither a perfect solution but workable.

In Sparx EA you can version control a package with all the elements and diagrams in it using version control system or baselining built into Sparx EA. The problem with that approach is you only see a snapshot of the elements.
Time Aware modelling has a different approach where it makes a clone of the elements but the problem as you say it gets messy real quick. You need to be really disciplined in how to structure the model to use that feature.

Thoughts on how to achieve your goal? Well here are some; As the project browser only shows name and stereotype for the elements as far as I can tell the only kludges I can come up with are to either
a) hijack the stereotype field and put version in it. But that won't work if you are using anything other than standard UML without stereotypes as the other notations use stereotype to define the element types.
b) Annotate the name with the version either as a prefix or postfix.

You could use time aware modelling to clone the new versions followed by some script to update and append the versions or maybe a custom transformation script to automatically add version the stereotype or name.

Both sound painful and labour intensive but if thats what you want to do there you go.

Of cause this is not a show stopper, but it was there, and I love it, and it is MS-Windows standard somehow.
UI Standards seem to have gone out of the window now with every UI designer seeming to think they can do whatever they want. Kind of makes life a little more difficult for the user with an inconsistent experience loosing the whole spirit of what a Graphical User Interface was design for in the first place.
Think we've slipped into an alternative universe where chaos is the way to go.

General Board / Re: Auto creation of a composition with ArchiMate
« on: October 13, 2018, 07:20:21 am »
Good points Geert - I agree.

Honestly never heard of anyone being silly enough to have one root process - that is just plain stupid. What would they call it anyway? "Just Do It"?

Just to provide some clarity, I group the enterprise processes using packages, ArchiMate and BPMN elements following the APQC structure. Generally Something like this ;
Package <Category>
   Package <Group>
       Process <ArchiMate Process>
          Activity <BPMN Activity>

There will be diagrams under each level. Highlevel views using ArchiMate and low level ones using BPMN. Occasionally I'll group processes within processes using ArchiMate to deal with some really complex processes but generally I avoid this by using those other grouping mechanisms.
It seems to work okay for my organisation without the need to use composition. But appreciate others model differently and will have a need for composition.

General Board / Re: Auto creation of a composition with ArchiMate
« on: October 12, 2018, 06:49:48 pm »
... just keep in mind that this only applies to elements in the same package and has no equivalent for elements in different packages.
Elements in a different package aye? Shouldn't that be an aggregation relationship you want not composition?

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