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Thanks. I added it to my MDG and it works!

(Adding model views to MDG was easier than expected :) )


I have made a model view with a customized search (sql-search). I want my colleagues to be able to see this search too.

They can see the model view, but the search doesn't give a result because EA can't find my custom search.

How can I deploy 'my searches' to all my colleagues?? Is there a way to make the searches visible for everyone??


Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Linked documents content
« on: January 15, 2014, 02:47:04 am »
A simple question: in which database table is the linked document content stored?

Thanks for the additional info!


Problem solved: I had to use a method "package.GetName()" instead of a variable "package.Name".

I guess I'm using an old user guide or the user guide isn't up-to-date...


I'm trying to get a package-object from the repository (get by id) and get the package name.

Here's a code snippet:

Code: [Select]
org.sparx.Package oPackage = null;
oPackage = repo.GetPackageByID(Integer.parseInt(packageID));
String sName = oPackage.Name;

When I run my script, I get the following compile error

Code: [Select] error: cannot find symbol
                String sName = oPackage.Name;
  symbol:   variable Name
  location: variable oPackage of type Package
1 error

What am I doing wrong???

I've thought a little bit more about the problem and I think I know the difference between the events and the activities in the toolbox.

In BPMN toolbox, the events are a toolboxpage which combines 2 event-stereotypes (stand alone (event) and edge mounted (objectnode)).

So, my problem has shifted towards the next question: Is there another way to synchronise stereotypes (so not via toolbox, because I cannot select my events in the toolbox).

An elaborate workaround could be that I add all the events stereotypes to the toolbox separately when I want to synchronise them and afterwards delete them from the toolbox again. But I'm hoping for a better solution :)

Simon M, I have sent a bug report yesterday ;)

Ok, will do. If I get an answer, I'll post it in this topic.

I use EA 10.

But the stereotypes aren't synchronised automatically... I've added a tagged value to the events and the old events don't have the tagged value (TV).

When I add a TV for another element (e.g. an activity), I just do "synchronise stereotype" and all the existing activities are updated with the new TV.

But unfortunately, the events don't have this option.

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Synchronize stereotype for events
« on: December 07, 2013, 03:20:13 am »

I can't find a way to synchronize stereotypes for events. For all other types of objects, it's easy via right click in toolbox, but events don't show the option "synchronize stereotype".

Is this a bug or is this option left out for a reason?? Is there a workaround to synchronize events??


I created the events from the BPMN 2.0 toolbox (and some from my own MDG).

I tried the SELECT Object_Type, * (like KP suggested), but the value is still the same.

EDIT: I executed an sql via an external script, so I could look at the raw data in the xml. It seems that EA messes up the object_type query result. The actual value is "Event" (no matter if it's start/intermediate/end), it's the stereotype column which logically specifies what kind of event it is.

Why does EA changes the values of query results???


When I query an object and show all columns of t_object, the object_type column seems to be filled with a normal text value (eg. StartEvent).

However when I try to query based on the object_type column, EA returns an empty recordset (but previously it showed many records with an object_type = 'StartEvent' so I'm sure they exist)

Code: [Select]
FROM t_object
WHERE object_type = 'StartEvent'

When I query with object_type LIKE '%Event%' I can see all events (IntermediateEvent, StartEvent, EndEvent), but with object_type LIKE '%Event%' I get an empty recordset again.

Could somebody explain what's "special" about this column? If I try the same with the stereotype column, it works fine...

Indeed, I should have mentioned, but I tried the "hide stereotypes" and it failed :)

I'll report the bug...

EDIT: this is no bug. The "hide stereotypes" works for class operations and attributes. So hopefully they will use this logic on package elements too...


Is it possible to select which stereotypes are shown in the package element (I dragged a package on a diagram)?



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