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Bugs and Issues / 7.5 Beta 2 first startup - registry warnings
« on: February 26, 2009, 12:48:00 am »
See the note later in this post.

[edit]And see Michael's reply. Makes sense, once it has been explained.[/edit]

On startup I got a permission dialog for the registry. EA needed permission to load a .reg file.

I allowed this, and received a second permission dialog, also to load the registry and also with a .reg file. I also allowed this.

Note that there are two .reg files in the application directory, but I cannot confirm that they are the same two that the permission dialogs noted. [I did not write them down, and they seemed the same to me when I read the details of the dialogs. The actual file names are very similar, so they probably correspond the the dialogs.]

Once I permitted the second dialog EA started successfully.

NOTE: The workspace settings for EA were not propagated to the new installation. In particular, the toolbox and layout panels were missing.

The first time I started EA 7.5 after installing beta 2 (build 841) I opened a model created earlier (and last used with EA 7.5 beta 1). After noting the layout issue above I closed the model without making changes.

I then opened EA without opening a model. The layout and toolbox were small undocked windows this time, in default positions. [They were stacked, with the toolbox underneath and completely hidden by the layout pane, near the upper left of the EA surface.] I can confirm that they were not visible when I opened the model earlier, as they would have obscured some obvious components on the default window of that model.]

I was able to dock the layout window and toolbox. Both was set to some (individual) width setting (I docked them to the sides of the EA surface), rather than taking on the width I had previously set (I had changed the width of each of these windows earlier).

After closing EA and restarting the program, the new window positions were remembered. This was also true when starting EA a prior model (i.e. the model opened with the windows set to the new widths mentioned above, but with both windows visible and docked).

HTH, David

[edit]Bug reported, with (an indirect) link to this thread.[/edit]

Bugs and Issues / Tree lines consume diagram space
« on: January 13, 2009, 01:32:23 am »
This has been tested using EA Build 834. I have not checked earlier builds.

During the test the default link style was set to Direct, and the default generalization style was set to Tree.

When creating a hierarchy with tree links (e.g. an inheritance hierarchy), the tree lines are drawn strangely. The 'shoulder' point of the forked tree lines tends to be at a fixed offset below the parent rather than a fixed offset above the children.

This is particularly noticeable when the children are aligned horizontally. If the row of children is moved lower on the diagram (perhaps to leave room for other classes above) the lower segments of the tree lines are extended, with the horizontal segment remaining where it was. The end result is to fill the newly opened space (where the children used to be) with a set of vertical lines. The diagram becomes cluttered, and the newly opened space is wasted.


Bugs and Issues / Custom tree links offset from center
« on: January 13, 2009, 01:03:24 am »
This was tested using EA Build 834. I have not checked earlier builds for this behavior.

When the default link style is set to Custom, if you create a tree link (e.g. a generalization) EA seems to offset the lower (as in diagram position) endpoint slightly to the left of center. This can create a disconcerting 'zig' in the resulting link. When drawing a symmetrical 'fork' with an odd number of children (e.g. an inheritance hierarchy) this becomes very noticeable.


Bugs and Issues / Build 833 HTML help may be out of date
« on: November 22, 2008, 11:36:47 pm »
The compiled HTML (CHM) file for Build 833 shows a perplexing compile date. My copy shows a file date of 2008-10-22 (which is probably when I downloaded it to my system), but the index tells me it was compiled on 2008-08-08. This would seem like an earlier build, sometime around 831. The Windows file properties dialog gives a file creation date of 2008-09-14.

The file may be out of date, or the compiled date might not have been changed.

This applies to the stand-alone help file from the Registered Users download page. Note that I have not checked whether the same issue applies to the help file delivered as part of the full install kit. [I do not want to get my configuration straddling two versions if there is a problem.]

I have reported this issue to Sparx.

Bugs and Issues / Use Rectangle Notation indicator missing
« on: February 08, 2008, 04:22:54 am »
Several element types provide an alternate rectangle notation, as allowed by UML. This is set by right-clicking the element, and from the context menu choosing Advanced | Use Rectangle Notation.

In rectangle notation elements may provide a glyph or show a stereotype to indicate their 'true' nature.

However, the context menu itself does not provide any visual cue to the current notation of the element. If you go through the same sequence you once again see Use Rectangle Notation as an option, but choosing this option reverts back to the original notation.

There should be either: different menu item text when the element is already in rectangle notation, or an indicator (check mark) to the left of the menu option to show that rectangle notation is active.


PS: This has been raised before, in an earlier release of EA. Since the problem has now made it into a new version of EA I am raising it again, and filing a new bug report.

Bugs and Issues / BUG: Metatype attributes not respected
« on: January 04, 2008, 09:22:52 am »
When creating a profile, you can set several metatype attributes to control settings in the Set Feature Visibility dialog. These include such attributes as _Tag, where a value of 1 should show the Tags compartment.

See Supported Attributes in EA help for more information.

When the profile is generated and imported, and an element with such a tag is added to a diagram, there is no visible difference. In the example, the Tags compartment is not visible.

If you open the Set Feature Visibility dialog, the appropriate boxes will be checked, reflecting the intended behavior, but not what is shown.

If you click OK to exit the Set Feature Visibility dialog is changed, the display is updated to reflect the settings from the profile. In the example the Tags compartment would now be visible (unless the change was to clear that setting, of course). The display update occurs even if there were no changes made in the Set Feature Visibility dialog.

Clicking Cancel to exit the Set Feature Visibility dialog does not update the display. In the example, the Tags compartment would not be visible, even though it continues to be set to display.


Most of us read all the forum sections. Please remove your other copy of this thread, and you'll likely find an answer here.

Thanks much,

Anyone have insights on how to handle - thorough the automation interface - the relationship between a boundary (the enclosure, not the UP Boundary Element) and those elements it encloses.

I'm looking to do things like:
  • add a boundary to a diagram, then add elements to the boundary
  • query a boundary to enumerate the elements it encloses
  • create a hierarchy of nested boundaries

It's easy to identify or add a boundary, but from there I'm lost.


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