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General Board / Note editor
« on: January 14, 2003, 02:30:57 am »
Hi Geoff,

I frequently use the note editor (I guess we all do) and there are some things that irritate me:
- Ctrl-Del deletes the rest of the line, while I would expect the next word on the right would be deleted;
- Ctrl-Backspace produces a non-printable character, while I would expect the word on the left would be deleted;
- Doubleclicking a word also selects the character next to it (space, dot, etc). For a space this is OK, but not for a dot or any other character.
- Doubleclicking a word also selects characters like '(' in front of a word, don't like this.
- Would like multilevel Undo (already mentioned for every other action in EA).
- Switching "Overwrite / insert" does not work with "INS" key? Also not shown in toggleboxes right bottom (with SCRL and CAP).
- Scrollock is shown right bottom, but does not work in note boxes (I don't care about this, but maybe the SCRL box needs to be removed).

The next one is tricky, but I note it anyway:
-  Add Bold and Italic capabilities (e.g. using Ctrl shortkeys) that are translated to appropriate styles for RTF and HTML. Also show the style in the note boxes. I know that this is already sort of possible by allowing RTF tags in notes, but that makes the model much harder to read using EA.

Other things:
- When a (e.g. class) detail popup editdialog is resized, all dropdown boxes also resize. This is OK for the notes field and maybe for the name of the item, but resizing dropdown boxes becomes a bit messy.


General Board / Bugs and requests in build 3.50.586
« on: December 18, 2002, 05:18:08 am »
Hi Geoff,

Now that I've worked some more with EA, I found some more things that do not work as I expect. Sorry for this long list, but I like EA so much that I really want to shave and optimise usability.

1. Model issues window: when I select multiple issues, right click and select Delete, only the last issue is deleted.

2. Model issues window: when I select one issue and press Ctrl-Del, the dimmed (gray, "semi" selected) item in my projecttree is deleted (have conformation disabled  :-/). I would like to see that the highlighted issue is then deleted, more consistant.

3. Undo: (already mentioned by other users, but this is irritating me) I found bug 2, but, at first, didn't know what I had deleted in the projecttree, an undo is very welcom here.

4. Model Glossary: would like to be able to include this glossary as an RTF document in the resource view. I use this glossary in each of my produced documents, but now I have to all kinds of tricks to obtain this. Would like to be able to select the RTF template as well for this glossary.

5. RTF generation: if a relative location is given in the RTF document generation, it is relative to the "current" directory, while I would like to have it relative to the projectfile. If I e.g. first open Enterprise Architect and then open a project somewhere, the relative location is based on the EA executable path.

6. Update status: I would also like to be able to update the version of each child element.

7. Project root delete: if I have several project roots in one project, I'm not able to delete one of these project roots (all others have a delete in the context menu). This seems to be the first project root.

8. Project views: cannot drag and drop views.

9. Property window: when I make changes to notes using the property window and close the program, the notes are not saved.

10. Property window: the explanations of the selected item in the first tab takes to much space (i.m.o.). I would like these texts to appear in a tooltip / OnMouseOver.

11. Hierarcy view: the hierarcy view shows linked items on which I can doubleclick to get its properties. I would like to have a rightclick menu which includes "Show Usage", just like the project browser can.

12. RTF generation with resource tab: I would like to be able to auto generate all RTF documents in the list at once.

13. Boundary box font color: I cannot change the font color of a boundary box using the context menu. I now have to use the menubar.

14. Project browser: I would like to be able to include plain text elements in between diagrams, without any tags. I sometimes generate documentation that uses two diagrams in one paragraph. Text in between these diagrams makes a document more readable.

15. Auto tidy: if I move an object on a diagram, the connectors do not auto tidy. I have to slightly move each connector again to do this.

16. Custom line points: when I copy two objects with a custom line connector including an extra linepoint, that extra linepoint is not copied.

17. Stereotype icons: when I generate RTF documents with EMF embedded images, the stereotype icons become ugly (is this called grained? Too little DPI?). What image type is best for printed RTF documents?

18. Project bar: with the new bar on the top of the project browser window, I think that the project bar is more logically placed in that project browser bar.

General Board / Bugs in build 586
« on: December 12, 2002, 04:31:20 am »
Hi Geoff,

I just started using build 586 in a new project after a long periode of using the 3.1 version in my previous project. I noticed a couple of changes / bug.

Change / bug: in 3.1 I was able to include elements in a system boundary box which moved when the box was moved on a diagram. I cannot seem to find this behaviour anymore (tried changing z-order). Is this intended.

Bug: when I shallow copy a diagram that includes associations between two nodes, my newly created diagram includes two similar associations for each association of the source diagram.

Bug: when I converted an old project to the new EA DB version, the RTF generation toggle "embed diagram in document" was not set anymore in the converted project.

?: When I generate RTF documentation, the diagram views are traversed, but it now shows a kind of snow instead of the contents. Is this meant to happen, functionally everything works.

From 3.1 onwards, a lot of my requests have been processed into EA. So EA still rocks.


General Board / Sequence diagrams: new / delete
« on: October 29, 2002, 02:29:17 am »
Hi Geoff,

I have the following issues on sequence diagrams (build 3.10.504):

  • When I new an object in a sequence diagram, make one call to that object and continue with other objects, the newed object is automatically destroyed (object lifeline is ended with the little cross). This doesn't seem to be correct: when I new an object, it only needs to be destroyed when I explicitly make a delete call.
  • When I make a delete call to an object, I'm not able to call any other object methods in the scope of the delete call because the diagram then starts a new object lifeline after the object has been deleted. But I would like to be able to make some calls to other objects within the object's destructor (which I mark as a delete call).
  • It would be nice if a call to a constructor or destructor would default set the call as a new / delete call.


General Board / RTF generation
« on: October 22, 2002, 02:45:41 am »

I recently received a message from Mike (sorry I overlooked the message for quite some time  :)). He asked me how successfull I am with the customisation of the RTF documentation generation. I can change the RTF rather well, but there are some drawbacks. Here are some of these drawbacks and some tips:

  • Changing the "Basic Style" doesn't change the output, the default styling is still used. This is annoying, because this field is used as the first set of RTF tags in the generated document, including fonts, predefined styles, headers, page formatting, etc.
  • I am able to change some of the document styling using the "Heading 1" style. This style is only used once, namely to format the root package name. This enables me to include many of the "Basic Style" tags in the "Heading 1" style and thereby overriding (some) of the default "Basic Style" tags.
  • Changed the "Heading 1" style to show it as a title page.
  • Changed the "Heading 1" style to create headers and footers for all of the document.
  • Experiment changing the header styles and outlining in all the "Heading x" styles to get your desired leveling of the chapters. I do not have figured out all the RTF generation rules that EA uses, so I cannot give you any specifics here. The only one is this, leaving the "Heading:" field empty in the generation dialog shifts all your packages one up in the outline levels.
  • The include tags (e.g. #TEXT#) are used to put any model specific data from the model into the RTF. However, the HTML and RTF tags are different and the RTF tag expanding is less flexible (e.g. the #TEXT# for the "Attribute Line Item" style includes all the details of one attribute). This is, at least for me, a major drawback.

I hope that Sparx will upgrade the RTF generation with the same features and procedures as the HTML now supports. Because as far as I can see, it looks great.

Some more information on RTF tags can be found at the following link: More (usefull) links are welcome.

I hope we all can work out more details on the current use of the templates and introduce a "wanted list" for the RTF / document generation.

If I remembered it well, Sparx is already working on a generic generation framework (the XSL stylesheets are one good step that I haven't used yet). This framework would be used for code generation, but maybe that same framework can be used for documentation as well?

Good luck to you all and, for Sparx, keep up the good work.

Ps. Sparx: I'm already working on the introduction of EA in more than one company, but therefore I need a good view on your future plans. Could you update the forum "Future plans" section?

General Board / RTF generation bug
« on: October 07, 2002, 01:55:47 am »
Hi Sparx,

I am customizing the RTF template to produce the proper output for our project. But when I try to change the "Basic Style", the changes are not reflected in my document. The default "Basic Style" is still used. I have changed other styles successfully, so I guess this is a bug.


General Board / Summary of topics
« on: July 09, 2002, 02:45:10 am »
Hi Geoff and others,

During the last month I've been working with EA and I think it does a very good job for our project. To be able to optimally use EA I'd like to (re-) post many questions / remarks. I hope this post enables you guys to improve the tool even more.

UML modelling
There are two topics I want to discuss, drawing and modelling consistancy. First drawing:
  • The iteration box in sequence diagrams locks access to the items under it, have to move the block away to get access.
  • System boundary (toolbar) and boundary (from Use Case explorer bar) behave different. Last one is inconsistant in use (try selecting items within boundary).

Then consistancy:
  • I would like to be able to use multiple interface classes (with their methods) within a component, not only directly methods.
  • Default con- and destructors are not generated as methods in the model, but are when code generating. Please include these methods directly with the creation of a class.
  • Relations do not result in member attributes in the classes. I prefer the creation of (visible) attributes for such relations.
  • When assigning roles to relations, the attributes are not actually related to the roles. Selecting an attribute for a role, still allows me to change the role settings without affecting the attribute (so the role could be public, while the attribute is private). Seems inconsistant to me.
  • I can only assign one attribute for source or target role. While e.g. reverse engineering generates more roles. Then, only one role be edited properly.

I do not trust using replicas with EA. We had a couple of moments where we lost requirements after synchronising. If other users have the same problem, please help EA and locate the exact problem context. I, for the moment, do not have the time to look into this.
Furthermore, if there are conflicts when syncing, it is hard to tell what goes wrong and what the available resolving decisions result in. Would like the following:
  • When telling user that sync is completed, report whether or not there are conflicts.
  • More details on the conflicts when resolving them. At this moment it is sometimes hard to see the difference due to the "one line comparison" restriction.
  • A possibility to select multiple conflicts to reject or accept.
  • An identification of the current EAP file and conflicting EAP file would be nice on the Resolve Synchr. Errors screen.
  • Is there a possibility to have the database items (table names, rowIDs) clarified (name instead of ID, EA name instead of table name)?

RTF generation
  • Would be nice if the relationship matrix could be exported to an RTF table / document (insert as an RTF item in resources).
  • Add "generate all" for "RTF documents" in resources.
  • Embed image in document option results in picture over text (wrong layout).

Code generation
I personally think that C++ (haven't used others yet) code generation is still inmature in EA.
  • It is possible to assign initial values to attributes, but this information is not used in e.g. the constructor. Would like that option.
  • As others have indicated, the relations are not always generated correctly (see also my comment on UML modelling).
  • Would like an additional tab on the class details dialog for additional .h code and additional .cpp file code (now only available in code generation dialog).
  • Would like an additional tab on the method details dialog for code (next to behaviour).

Comment generation
See "Roundtrip engineering of C++ comments" thread in forum.

Framework / spelling:

  • Locate object icon is different for the right-click menu in project browser and the Projectbar toolbar. Also, the hints are not quite clear (propose: objectname / detail search).
  • How can I change the language used for spell-checking?
  • Are words added in a user dictionary language depending?
  • The cancel button in the "correct phrase" window does not pause or stop spell-checking. When more spelling errors occur, it is therefore not (easily) possible to stop the spelling checker (by pressing the cancel in the main spelling checker window). Can you make the spelling checker pause after a cancel in the "correct phrase" window?

So far my summary  ::). If you need additional info, please email me.


General Board / Generated pictures (EMF)
« on: May 03, 2002, 04:27:15 am »

I noticed that the pictures (EMF) included in the automatically generated (rtf) documention where not correctly displayed in Word.

The generated pictures are sometimes cropped incorrectly, I miss say half a centimer on the left and right. If we manually adjust the crop of the picture to a negative value, the pictures come out OK.

I don't know how it works, but this happens with, e.g. the interface extensions on the left side of an interface class (the lollypops) and with the conditions in state-transitions.

It seems to me that EA crops the pictures to "main objects", say states, classes, etc. and ignore the positions of extension (lollypops) and all the texts (e.g. messages, conditions, etc).

Could this be fixed? It looks messy.


General Board / Component interfaces?
« on: April 25, 2002, 01:39:43 am »

I am trying to model interfaces for a component, but as far as I can see I'm only able to include operations in a component.

I looked for the UML specs and found that it should be possible to include interfaces (with underlying attributes and operations) in a component.

Is this possible with EA?

If not, I would really like this option to enable more leveling / abstraction levels.


General Board / Loss of data
« on: May 02, 2002, 07:34:14 am »

1) We have had a number of occasions where we lost data that we entered in a model. E.g. when we

  • enter a note in the properties (dockable) window, then doubleclick on the same item and change its name. The name will be saved but the new note is not saved.
  • open a model, enter a new note in the properties (dockable) window, then exit and save model. When we reopen the model, the new note is not there.

2) When we doubleclick an item in the project browser to open the property dialog and dismiss this dialog (OK / cancel), the project browser still has the correct item selected, but the dockable properties window is gray.

It seems like the program is build either for use of the dockable properties window OR the popup properties dialog.

Hope this helps you to improve this great product.


General Board / Feat.Req: Resolve Conflicts
« on: April 23, 2002, 04:18:02 am »
Feature request:

We are working with 3 people on one model using the Design Master and Replicas. It works good, but when we have sync. conflicts it would be nice to have the following:

  • More details on the conflicts when resolving them. At this moment it is sometimes hard to see the difference due to the "one line comparison" restriction.
  • A possibility to select multiple conflicts to reject or accept.
  • An identification of the current EAP file and conflicting EAP file would be nice on the Resolve Synchr. Errors screen.
  • Is there a possibility to have the database items (table names, rowIDs) clarified (name instead of ID, EA name instead of table name)?

This enables us to synchronise replicas with more trust.

E.g. we sometimes synchronise and get a rowID and different values for the modification date, but we cannot find out what items of our model are involved. This makes it hard to tell which we want to keep.


General Board / Custom RTF tags option?
« on: April 23, 2002, 06:06:10 am »

Another question: What does the "Local Options/General/Allow custom RTF tags in documentation" option actually do? Does it enable me to include RTF tags ({tag}text{/tag}) in e.g. notes?

This subject seems not to be documented in the help or discussed in the forum.


General Board / Spell check
« on: April 23, 2002, 06:00:37 am »

I have the following questions concerning Spell checks:

  • How can I change the language used for spell-checking?
  • Are words added in a user dictionary language depending?
  • The cancel button in the "correct phrase" window does not pause or stop spell-checking. When more spelling errors occur, it is therefore not (easily) possible to stop the spelling checker (by pressing the cancel in the main spelling checker window). Can you make the spelling checker pause after a cancel in the "correct phrase" window?

I see American and British english spelling files (*.tlx/*.clx), but I cannot find a way to select a default language (seems to be American).


General Board / RTF in database
« on: April 09, 2002, 12:40:24 am »
First of all, I'm a satisfied (short-time) user of Enterprise Architect, it fits most of my needs. But now I want to customise the RTF output.

I couldn't find this specific topic, so here is my question:

The MS database includes RTF tags (in the RTF table), but they do not seem to relate to the generated output (documentation/Rich Text documentation...). Are there any plans to give the user access (at least via MS Access) to change the RTF template?

I want to be able to:
- Bookmark pictures,
- Change outline levels (1->0, 2->1, etc),
- Change blank line insertion (e.g. between requirement header and text),
- Change fonts / styles,
- Remove type tags (e.g. "Functional: " before a requirement text).

I need this to fit in the generated and dynamically linked (in a Word document) documentation within my (strict) documentation standard, without using any additional macros or styling.

Also, a feature request:
I would like to be able to directly use the relationship matrix in the generated documentation (as a picture or a (RTF) table).


Uml Process / Re: Focus of Control and Recursion
« on: May 30, 2003, 06:06:04 am »
Hi Eric,

That's OK, but you might wanna delete your own postings here (I will delete mine afterwards). Login and select the thread and see the delete option appear next to your own messages.


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