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General Board / Re: Component interfaces?
« on: May 22, 2002, 08:17:27 am »
Hi Geoff,

I will check out the 490 build later-on. According to your comments, this will enable one of the two UML techniques.

I personally favor the other drawing technique for analysis purposes (less clutter on a diagram). This actualy involves the creation of an interface ("classes", not the operations) under a component (using the project browser), which results in a lollypop directly on the component on a diagram.

I'll wait and see if that comes in some future build.

Thanks and greetings,

General Board / Re: Component interfaces?
« on: May 22, 2002, 01:18:50 am »
Hi again,

The above post has not been answered by anyone. Maybe it needs some more comments:

In the first stage of modeling it is common to include one or more interfaces in a component. This can be drawn on diagrams (according to UML specs) in two ways: using the lollypops or as a separate class (with a realisation link). I would like the first option.

Then in the next stages, the interfaces are designed and operations and attributes are added.

E.g. A car component has a dashboard interface and then the dashboard interface includes a speedmeter operation.

Can this be added to EA? That would make EA more usefull for my modeling tasks  :).


General Board / Component interfaces?
« on: April 25, 2002, 01:39:43 am »

I am trying to model interfaces for a component, but as far as I can see I'm only able to include operations in a component.

I looked for the UML specs and found that it should be possible to include interfaces (with underlying attributes and operations) in a component.

Is this possible with EA?

If not, I would really like this option to enable more leveling / abstraction levels.


General Board / Re: Heading style in RTF
« on: May 22, 2002, 01:28:21 am »
Hi Jara,

I assume you not selected the "No heading styles" for the heading style selection in the RTF report dialog.

The format of the styles is fixed with the RTF generation of EA and does not depend on any style definitions of your

There are two (probably more) possibilities to have the styles changed to your own template:
- use a master-slave document structure in Word
- use text links in a template Word document

to include your generated RTF documentation into a Word document. Before I give you all the details, please try and find out if this resolves anything for you.


General Board / Re: Loss of data
« on: May 02, 2002, 08:56:02 am »
Hi chana,

I did not experience the problems you describe. I think you have another problem. Hope it can be solved for you.


General Board / Loss of data
« on: May 02, 2002, 07:34:14 am »

1) We have had a number of occasions where we lost data that we entered in a model. E.g. when we

  • enter a note in the properties (dockable) window, then doubleclick on the same item and change its name. The name will be saved but the new note is not saved.
  • open a model, enter a new note in the properties (dockable) window, then exit and save model. When we reopen the model, the new note is not there.

2) When we doubleclick an item in the project browser to open the property dialog and dismiss this dialog (OK / cancel), the project browser still has the correct item selected, but the dockable properties window is gray.

It seems like the program is build either for use of the dockable properties window OR the popup properties dialog.

Hope this helps you to improve this great product.


General Board / Re: Feat.Req: Resolve Conflicts
« on: April 29, 2002, 12:47:01 am »
Thanks, keep up the good work!


General Board / Feat.Req: Resolve Conflicts
« on: April 23, 2002, 04:18:02 am »
Feature request:

We are working with 3 people on one model using the Design Master and Replicas. It works good, but when we have sync. conflicts it would be nice to have the following:

  • More details on the conflicts when resolving them. At this moment it is sometimes hard to see the difference due to the "one line comparison" restriction.
  • A possibility to select multiple conflicts to reject or accept.
  • An identification of the current EAP file and conflicting EAP file would be nice on the Resolve Synchr. Errors screen.
  • Is there a possibility to have the database items (table names, rowIDs) clarified (name instead of ID, EA name instead of table name)?

This enables us to synchronise replicas with more trust.

E.g. we sometimes synchronise and get a rowID and different values for the modification date, but we cannot find out what items of our model are involved. This makes it hard to tell which we want to keep.


General Board / Re: EAToolkit / EATutorial / Update
« on: April 24, 2002, 02:29:10 am »
Hi Bernd,

I ran into the same problem. It seems that the new download is a patch to the 1.0 installation (which includes the DLLs). It would be nice if Steve would include that download on his website.

And Steve, the versions mentioned do not match. The site says version 1.1 is out, while the download says 1.0. But the software tells me its version 1.01. Might be wise to sync all of these. This also happens to your documentation (you now have two 1.1 versions of AppDevEA.pdf).


General Board / Custom RTF tags option?
« on: April 23, 2002, 06:06:10 am »

Another question: What does the "Local Options/General/Allow custom RTF tags in documentation" option actually do? Does it enable me to include RTF tags ({tag}text{/tag}) in e.g. notes?

This subject seems not to be documented in the help or discussed in the forum.


General Board / Spell check
« on: April 23, 2002, 06:00:37 am »

I have the following questions concerning Spell checks:

  • How can I change the language used for spell-checking?
  • Are words added in a user dictionary language depending?
  • The cancel button in the "correct phrase" window does not pause or stop spell-checking. When more spelling errors occur, it is therefore not (easily) possible to stop the spelling checker (by pressing the cancel in the main spelling checker window). Can you make the spelling checker pause after a cancel in the "correct phrase" window?

I see American and British english spelling files (*.tlx/*.clx), but I cannot find a way to select a default language (seems to be American).


General Board / Re: RTF in database
« on: April 11, 2002, 08:20:43 am »
Hi Paul,

Thank you for your answer, it covers most topics of my question. I still hope that you insert some more flexibility in the RTF documentation, but we all want to do everything with one tool  :).

I know that there are numerous methods to get the Enterprise Architect data in the right format in Word (macro's, VBA, direct database queries via Word, etc, XML/XSLT), but they involve to many steps for now. This makes my current  process of document generation harder to reproduce.

But nevertheless, I am already highly satisfied with the possibilities of EA. And the exact format of the output is not a critical issue, but a nice to have.

Thanks and continue the good work,

General Board / RTF in database
« on: April 09, 2002, 12:40:24 am »
First of all, I'm a satisfied (short-time) user of Enterprise Architect, it fits most of my needs. But now I want to customise the RTF output.

I couldn't find this specific topic, so here is my question:

The MS database includes RTF tags (in the RTF table), but they do not seem to relate to the generated output (documentation/Rich Text documentation...). Are there any plans to give the user access (at least via MS Access) to change the RTF template?

I want to be able to:
- Bookmark pictures,
- Change outline levels (1->0, 2->1, etc),
- Change blank line insertion (e.g. between requirement header and text),
- Change fonts / styles,
- Remove type tags (e.g. "Functional: " before a requirement text).

I need this to fit in the generated and dynamically linked (in a Word document) documentation within my (strict) documentation standard, without using any additional macros or styling.

Also, a feature request:
I would like to be able to directly use the relationship matrix in the generated documentation (as a picture or a (RTF) table).


Uml Process / Re: Hierarchical Decomposition of Use Cases
« on: June 04, 2003, 12:17:32 am »
Hi Tom,

Thanks for the elaboration on the subject! It is always good to have the proper backgrounds when having a discussion  ;).


Uml Process / Re: Hierarchical Decomposition of Use Cases
« on: March 28, 2003, 12:25:46 am »
Hi Phil,

Great, discussion and agreement! By the way, are you known with the J-Std-016 / Mil-Std-498 standard? That standard helps you in ordering and packaging requirements. It has toplevel documentation:

  • System / subsystem specifications (SSS): functional & non-functional system / subsystem requirements. Non-functional requirements range from packaging, design / implementation and hardware / software context requirements (e.g. OS, PC).
  • System / subsystem design description (SSDD): design decisions, resulting in "design" requirements for software units contained in the (sub)system.
  • Interface requirements specifications (IRS): interface related requirements (content, bandwidth, sequence, etc.).
  • Software Requirements Specifications (SRS): functional & non-functional component (or other software unit) requirements.

The mentioned standard is very keen on traceability from toplevel requirements (and as we discussed, Use Cases) all the way down to actual implementation and testing. Working with a tool (e.g. EA) makes this easier, but still needs discipline along the complete line of development.

I also agree on being agile. Standards keep faces in the same direction and improve communication, but selection of the proper elements to be used from a standard (UML, J-Std-016, or whatever) is still an issue to be agreed on when starting a project.

And Paul, I hope you have found an answer to your question  :)! Otherwise, please join in again.


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