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Uml Process / Componenet package?
« on: May 07, 2008, 05:27:39 pm »
I have a little conflict I need help with:
We have crated a packages tree  which reflects our components tree.
In each package we keep the detailed design of the specific component ( interfaces, UI, Data model, classes, sequences, business logic etc.). Each of this packages was stereotyped as 'component'.
The problem is that when we want to use component diagrams we need to have a copy of the tree for them created with component elements, and I don't want it. If something is referring to the component it should refer to the package (which actually holds the component  interiors).
I also can't hole the interior of the component under a component element, since it is complicated and holds sub packages.
I was shown in Rational $W modeler you can keep  a package under a component and I was told this is because in UML2.1 there is a concept of "component package" or something like this.
I wasn't able to confirm it, but this would solve many problems for me.
Does any one else know something about it?


Uml Process / Re: UP example
« on: December 18, 2004, 10:29:31 pm »

Uml Process / UP example
« on: December 09, 2004, 06:40:57 am »
does any budy has a good UP example or tutorial for EA (or some casetool similar to EA)?

I'm planning on mapping UP to EA in a standard way for my organisation.
I'm the main process/design consultant here and the others are mainly developers/programers so I would really have to give them the processes step-by-step.

I will be happy to hear any ides about it.

No, my model it just about 400MB. but this is a good remark you made now - if it si not UML compliant it won't be exported...interesting...

No, the model really is huge - our products are developed by hundreds of developers and customized by even more - no way to do it smaller...

We are moving a huge DB, so XMI will be a PITA. We can't transfer since we had added some PKs for replication and it creates error.

It OK, we managed to do it.  I didn't want to work through
API because  it is critical for as to keep the same GUIDs.
We managed to copy it now though.

Also: how problematic will it be to just delete the relationships.

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Populating EAP files with DB data
« on: December 31, 2008, 05:57:33 pm »
I need to populate automatically EAP files with a repository in DB.\
I can not give the connections strings to the users that will populate the files, I also wouldn't want them to mess with connecting to DB.
We also have a problem that we use a different DB creation SQL so we can replicate the DB.
We tried copying rows from DB to the EAP, but it seems the constrains\relations\keys are sometimes different (am I wrong?).
Also we tried to populate t_object but failed because of the relationships.
I could try moving entity by entity through EA API, but I fear we might forget to move part of the data (reference date, connectors ends and such). Also it will be very slow.

Is there any way you can advice us to solve this problem? Do you maybe have a list of things we need to move if we do it through API to avoid forgetting something?

We have a very large repository with the "released" design, but part of the groups need also a working copy.
Lets say development group A is working on a released design in the central DB for iteration 1. Meanwhile design group B is creating the changes on the design for iteration 2. Once group B finishes it needs to overrun the design of iteration 1 with the one for iteration 2.
We were thinking of creating a plug in which will enable users to choose the packages they need to change for the next iteration from the central repository, move them to a working copy repository with all their dependencies and when the iteration is done replace the packages in the central repository with the packages from the working copy repository.
This will enable different design groups to have a working copy of the design and a release copy and be able through automation to update both and overrun one with the other.
Of course don't mean to use merging right now, only one copy counts.
What do you think about developing such a plug in? is it a good way to solve the problem? should we be working else way?


Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Shapescripts for objects
« on: May 04, 2008, 04:24:00 pm »
Hi a couple of questions about shapescripts and objects:
1) How can I add in profile/UML settings a shape script for an instance of an element (e.g.: an instance of a UI control) which doesn't have stereotype.
2) How can I override EA native shapes. I tried creating a shape script for object with stereotype screen, but EA overrides it with its own shape... my mistake, i menaged ot do it.


Ok, the answer is devided to several parts:
1) Check if CC has SCC client, EA comunicates with SCC. If not you can always work manualy, export the packages to XMI and checkthem in in CC.
2) Regarding colavoration of larg projects: we use DB for colaborating, having all the system in and all users with access to the DB. Even though we still use configuration control (VSS in our case) for versioning.
3) Regarding the breaking up we devide the work the actual technical componenet of our software, so when we checkin\out XMIs each groups works on its own part.


It happens to me also when I do it from inside our company network, from out side it works fine

Hi to all,
I posted in in general forum, but since I see many people downloaded it I better do it here too.
I'm using EA corporate edition and in our process after I move the design to the developers (I dont actualy move it, just aprove , we use the same DB) and they develop it, they have to update all requirements to status implemented.
they asked for some central place to do it so I created this little application with shows all requirements per module and allows to change their statuses.
The app is connected to the DB and you can navigate through the pakcages marking the requirements and updating the statuses.
The code can be easaly changed to aprove al objects in project, not just requirements.
here is a link to d/l it:

the zip contains the VS2005 project (so you can freely change it to your needs) and some scripts (for MSSQL2000/2005) to update necesary views and procedures (just a few) in DB.


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