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Uml Process / Simple activity CVS export from BPMN flow diagram.
« on: September 15, 2015, 10:19:50 pm »
I've been struggling to get just a simple CVS export from activities and events from a BPMN flow diagram. It is actually a list of the steps in the process, but should be in the appropriate order !
So my question is: how is the order of the export determined by default?
How could I easily influence the order of the export?
Why is it not just simply in line with the relationships already made in the diagram and/or project browser?

Now it seems you can get 4 different sequences out of EA:
- order in the diagram - diagram view (order by connecting activities etc)
- order in the diagram - list view (order influenced by filtering in columns but no clue how to manage such that it is the flow of the activities...)
- order in the project browser (order by using the arrows up/down)
- order in the export file (cannot influence and no relation with any of the ordering mechanisms above [smiley=sad.gif] )

Thanks for your expert advices  :D

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