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General Board / Re: Bruce Eckle's Comment on Ea
« on: March 13, 2004, 05:19:51 am »
His name is Eckel and the report is at Thanks for the note.

General Board / GUID of diagram
« on: January 07, 2004, 03:00:28 am »
I'd like to know the DiagramGUID of a diagram from within the GUI.

For a class GUID I look in the 'Properties' window.

Programatically I would access the Diagram.DiagramGUID property.

But unfortunately I don't know how to find out the DigramGUID property.

Thanks, Matthias

General Board / Re: PutDiagramImageToFile Formats
« on: December 23, 2003, 07:28:26 am »
I have the same problem. The only thing I've found out so far, is that 0 for the file formats means a bitmap export.

Couldn't find anything neither in the documentation nor with google. >:(

Anyone can help?

General Board / Re: Using Both EA and NDoc documentation in .NET
« on: December 15, 2003, 08:06:40 am »
I export the class diagrams into a 'png' file. The html generated from NDoc references that file. When compiling the html to chm, the images are inlcuded into the chm file. Not too elegant I know, however...

The details:
1. Save the diagrams as images into a subfolder 'images' of your NDoc's html files. (I think Ndoc sometimes deletes all files in a directory, no subdirectories though). Filenames could follow a scheme like NS1.NS2.NS3.png

2. In the source code, I add per namespace a class with name NamespaceDoc, which is used from NDoc to document a namespace;-)

3. The compiler exports xml, even when it doesn't know the tags. So I add an 'img' tag in the documentation of the class.

namespace  NS1.NS2.NS3{
 /// <summary>Description of this namespace
 /// <img src="images/NS1.NS2.NS3.png" /></summary>
 public class NamespaceDoc{

4. Recompile the solution

5.1 In the NDoc Project (Documentation Type: MSDN), set the OutputTarget property to 'HtmlHelpAndWeb'

5.2  set the 'UseNameSpaceDocSummaries' to true.

6. Build the NDoc project and you should be able to see the images in both the html pages and the chm file.

If you know of any more elegant way, let me know.


General Board / Re: Visio-importing and exporting
« on: November 14, 2003, 12:12:51 am »
I cannot give you step-by-step guide. Nevertheless some hints:
I guess you are talking about Visio UML solution. If you follow  this article you will be able to export your Visio UML model as XMI

You might then import it into EA. I haven't  that way though myself.

ASFAIK there is no solution to import XMI files into Visio.

Package has a hidden method GenerateSourceCode

So does that mean that I cannot access code generation programmatically?
What's the reason for that?

Why don't you use 4.50  ?

I work in an organisation and cannot just change it on my own. Anyway: How would it be done in 4.50? I need to bring forward arguments for upgrading...


I would like to generate the code for a class / interface programmatically (Ctrl + G in the User Interface). However I cannot find the method in the automation interface. I can only see GenerateXSD, ExportPackageXMI.

I'm using EA 3.60.

Thanks, Matthias

I've tried unsuccessfully to figure out how to do this and have run up against a brick wall . Any assistance is appreciated.

Can you describe how far you have come? We then maybe
can continue together.


Well, since the rush to answer this one was so ovewhelming,  :'(
I soldiered on and got it working by myself! ;D
The only problem I am still left with is the fact that I cannot get the application to load with out showing in a window....

The parameters are somehow documented in this forum at;action=display;num=1015237306

I have tried to export the diagrams as gif (2) images, which works as expected. However I have not been able to export png (3?) images. The dialog looks like this:

  • the combobox for the image type is set to PNG, but is disabled
  • the check flag in front of "Generate Image Diagrams" is not set, although I only changed the parameter for the image type in the method call

I'm disappointed that I can not export the diagrams to png images by automation :-(

Thanks for any help


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