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I basically have 2 issues regarding use of alternate images within MDG generation.
 1) In my model template I have boundary elements with an alternate image (company logo).
 2) In my profile, I have altern images for some user-defined stereotypes.
When creating a new project with the generated MDG, the alternate images were not displayed in either case.

It looks like I might have a solution for issue #1 (alternate images in model template diagrams):
1) when selecting an alternate image, do NOT select one that was imported via MDG technology.  Use one that was added or imported via reference import.
2) When exporting the model template package to XML, select UML 2.3 (XMI 2.1) and check the option to include alternate images.

Support is looking at both issues.

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: Losing aternate image in MDG
« on: February 24, 2012, 03:42:52 am »
QWERTY: I am assuming your post is making an observation and not saying that my answer is already in another post thread.

I have been looking at the generated xml files created when saving as profile. While the stereotype attribute has tags for the color, there is no tag created that would associate it to an image, even though when Save as Profile, the checkbox for alternate image is on. This leads me to the assumptation that the at least the current Save as Profile generator does not support alternate images for stereotypes.

I have not studied the XML created when I exported my model template package (which is referenced in my .MTS file), but I am also assuming that I will find something similar for elements with alternate images (in this case attached to a boundary to provide a company logo on diagrams.).

Hopefully someone can show me otherwise.


Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Losing aternate image in MDG
« on: February 23, 2012, 06:09:31 am »
Having a problem with images in a diagram from a user defined MDG technology.

When I create a new project via the user defined MDG technology, any elements with alternate images are not displaying the images, even though the images are in the new project's image manager.

We are running EA 9.2. I searched forum topics within the last year and there is one thread that was similar, but apparently is slightly different.

Here is my scenario:
The user MDG Tech file is generated from 3 saved xml profiles whose source are 3 packages within an EAP profile project. The 3 packages are:
- profile (defines 2 stereotypes for requirements with tagged values and an alternate image)
- toolbox (creates a toolbox which includes the new requirement stereotypes)
- diagram (defines a requirements diagram that uses the new toolbox)
This profile EAP file also includes custom images in its image manager that are selected to be included when generating the MDG file as well as RTF document template. I use an MTS control file.

I also have another EAP project that provides the company's model template for its project management process (PMP). The model defines the PMP's 6 phases as packages under a parent package. Each phase includes a documentation diagram which includes a company logo image inserted as an alternate image to a boundary element. The parent package is then exported as an XML file and is then referenced in the generated MTS file as a model template.

The MDG generation appears to be working OK. For example when a new project is created with the user MDG technology plus it has the entire PMP package and associated model diagrams. I can also see the MDG images in the image manager and the RTF templates under Resources.

Problem is that any elements in the diagrams which were defined with alternate images are no longer associated to the image, that is, the corporate logo in the boundary element is now blank and the requirements stereotype is back to the default image. In the case of the boundary element, I am able to re-establish an alternate image, but for the requirements stereotype, it is not an option.

What am I doing wrong that is causing the MDG technology to lose the alternate image linkage?


I corrected one mistake...
The >>Toolbox>>attribute for in the <<metaclass>> element was set to the MDG Technology Profile Package. It now is set to Toolbox Profile Package.  
Unfortunately I still have the original problem.

I have created an MDG technology guided for our requirements collections/tracking. I am having difficulty in creating a custom diagram. I think I am following the directions as documented in "Create Custom Diagram Profiles", but I must be missing something.

In the MDG profile I have defined two stereotypes that extends a Requirements <<metaclass>> element. One is for user requirements and the other for functional requiremetns. Each have defined company-specific attributes.

In the Toolbox profile, I have one metaclass for a toolbox, named "ToolBoxPage" and then one stereotype extended that includes attribute that link to the two custom requirement stereotypes in the MDG profile.

When I generate the MDG Technology file, using an MTS control file. The technology and toolbox are being created sucessfully.

I am now trying to create an associated Custom Diagram for requirements which would use my customized toolset. The "customized" diagram is being generated in the MDG Technology and is selectable in the "Add Diagram" dialog under my technology. Problem is that when added as a new diagram, it is a normal class diagram with the "Profile" toolbox.  

So far, I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. Here are the steps I did:
Step 1) Created a diagram profile name. Profile name, Package and diagram all have the same name as the MDG profile name, package and diagram, which is the value used as ID when creating the MDG technology.
Step 2) the <<stereotype>> class element, has no attributes. Not sure if this is required, but the Name of the elelment = the same value as used in the <<meteclass>> attribute, DiagramID (see step 3)
Step 3) the <<metaclass>> class element has a name of "Diagram_Custom" with attributes:
  Alias :string="Company User Requirements"
  DiagramID :string="CompUserReqmtDiagram"
  Toolbox :string=the value of the MDG Techmology ID
       (same as diagram profile name, package and diagram name).
Step 7: Saved the diagram as a profile and generated the MDG XML.

Not sure, I think I am getting something wrong when making the association to the built-in diagram type.

During step 3, I used a name = "Diagram_Custom" for requirements (based upon "Built-In Diagram Types" help. Since that did not seem to work, I tried using a name based upon the built-in types as documented in "Defining Child Diagram Types, that is, "Extended::Requirements". That did not appear to work either, so I tried to add an attribute:
_defaultDiagramType :string=Extended::Requirements
that did no work either.  
So I am out of ideas.

Any suggestions?


Are there two different sets of built-in diagram types? or is the documentation wrong in either "Built-in Diagram Types" or "Defining Child Diagram Types"?

Thanks. You confirmed I was on the right track. Hate to admit it, but what I was doing wrong was that I was not generating a new MDG xml file from the updated MTS file. Makes perfect sense why the model template attribute was not in the generated xml file. Seems to work fine now.


I imported an MDG model (used the TigerTeam XML for this test). While the model is displayed under Settings--> MDG Technologies and its associated toolbox in the Toolbox-->More Tools, I do not see it as a choice when initially creating a new project or when adding a new model via wizard. I tried multiple methods of importing the MDG XML file, that is used  Tools --> MDG Technology Import and tried adding path to file in Settings--> MDG Technologies --> Advance). Both methods deployed the technology under Manage Technologies, but not in the model wizard.

How do I have an MDG model/diagrams included in the model wizard's selection of technologies?

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